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Seth says ...
Well “Can two individuals have the same thing at the same time”  points to a mathematical problem in the field of “identity”.   And yes we are talking here of the topology of our philosophies.  Fun stuff me thinks.  But then you never liked music …. er, i mean math … did ya!

This relates directly to Navigator’s  apparent firm assumption or belief that “LOA, Zen, etc., etc. all say the outside is just a mirror of what is inside already anyway. Makes total sense to me that you can set the mirror up anywhere you want”. 

#delveIfYouDare  or go nowhere with the usual #rwg if that is what floats your boat.
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Si says
Notice how easy my belief makes things. That boundary you talk about and how it can be moved. It’s an aspect of where you place the mirror. #endOfStory  Now I can move on to the next juicy tidbit of experience in my reality. Don’t have to #stillCarryingHer anymore.

Seth says
well at least we agree that the membrane can be moved … you think it is a mirror … i do not. 

and yes, easier for you  … just like it is easier to masterbate yourself than to truly make love to a woman.  much easier.  works every time.  sorry, i realize that is a low blow, but i know you will turn it around anyway … so i guess it wasn’t all that low  null.

then too maybe yours IS a mirror … would explain a lot of why you are always missing so much of me that i adequately express.  

Si says
I did not say the membrane was the mirror. I guess you assumed that.

Seth says
sure you did … “It’s an aspect of where you place the mirror.” …. in other words where you place the membrane is where you place the mirror (in your case).  

In my case, it is a input/output channel … a sensing channel …. a channel in which what is inside me interacts with others outside me …. not a mirror at all.  

How else can i interpert what you say?

Si says
You can also interpret that the placement of the mirror determines where you will see the membrane at … also how much of it you see, it’s angle to you, etc. The mirror is just out there … the mirror is your story being fed into your senses as input … it is the interface between the materialization of your story and your outer experience. The mirror is nothing else … it is not the membrane you speak of.

Seth says
fine, that does happen … but not always.   my point is to see what is truly outside, what is not me, my own story can not loom so large in my experience.  Then i see what is new comming in through my senses.  You always talk as if your own story is all that is happening …. that is your 100% assumption … you got your slider switch all the way to the left … when set there your own story gets played into your senses. 

null and the funny part is where you generalize yourself and apply it to me.  then, you know what i do … i tell you to #shoveItUpYourAss

Mark de LA says
Metaphors of mirrors traveling on the surface of a klein bottle … T summarized it beautifully this AM when I got back from the farmers market : no matter which way you shove it you always end up with your heads up your same old asses.  May present a problem if you want to look in the mirror at the same time. 
One possibility not discussed is that the more abstract your words & descriptions get the less shareable they are since they point to anything & nothing in reality. 

Seth says
hmmm ...

Si says
My story is everything I experience, including my experience of you, and it all appears to me by feeding my story into my mirror. You are the same. You experience your story of me in your sensory mirror. We have knowledge of each others stories and use that knowledge to sync up our stories of each other … but that does not change that in everything that I finally, and actually, experience I simply #MakeShitUp and experience it.  

The exploration of otherness you crave, desire, want, is not coming to you through your senses. It does exist, but you will never directly experience it, only sync up with it in whatever way you do in your story … and then experience what you created in the mirror your senses provide.

The one reason this distinction is so important, because otherwise there would be no difference in what is experienced, is because in this model, what you experience is not bound to circumstances, except to the degree you bind it yourself with your beliefs. If you want to be a #wizard and #doMagic, that distinction is very important. If you just want to experience #whatComesYourWay … it doesn’t matter at all.  

Si says
Or maybe the more shareable they actually are because then they can more easily point to what you created in your reality.  

Mark de LA says
XOR maybe none of that. null

Si says
Bandler and Grinder discovered that more general language smoothes communication and understanding. Abraham teaches us how more general thoughts smooth our experience. It’s trying to get more specific about realities that are actually completely different that gets #rainbowPaintiesInATwist.

Not that one should never get specific, getting realities synced up is one of the most joyful experiences to be had, in thought, spirit, or body. But one should stay with the understanding that those realities are only in sync do to the effort to make them so … and when panties start getting tight, go general, with words, with ideas, with thoughts, and you will be back in flow with the experience.  

Si says
Most #rwg happens simply due to a lack of using general enough terms for the other to be able to find a match in their reality. #ThisIsGood

Mark de LA says
Above perfect example of abstractness signifying nothing … see Shakespeare:


Seth says
well #hellyes of course …. the difference is in which direction a person is pointing …. inside or outside.  to go deep inside, it is all #MakeShitUp  … to go deep outside I am bound to  circumstances of that which I am not.   i did not say there is a right or a wrong way to face … (like it seems you are doing) …. just that there is a balance in the world …. Navigator goes deep inside … @seth goes outside … we swing back and forth just as we dance. 

bozomic decompostion pretty much proves that to me … i can make up an interpretation on any occurance here and it like totally matches, i just need to go deep enough.   i #love to #doMagic ... see glass bead game … and i have a knack for it too … i am Magister Ludi.   But i do also so #love otherness (but not your version of it) … and i do not #aug #whatComesYourWay ← this #hashtag did not materialize.

Si says
Try it, test it, prove it either way. Next time you find yourself in an experience you feel is #rwg, simply go more general, in whatever modality you are dominate in at that moment. My conjecture is that you will instantly reduce the feeling of the #rwg experience.   

Of course, this would mean you actually have to #dosomething and not just talk about or teach something … that old issue Bandler and Grinder ran into when they were getting students to go out and do #NLP things all over campus and were told by the administration that “this institution is for learning about things, not doing things”. It applies to life too! Are you a dooer or an academic Mark de LA?

Si says
… appears that a #hashtag followed immediatly by a space and a #hashtag in some contexts does not materialize. Regex needs a little tweaking.  

Mark de LA says

Seth says
the more general, the more inside …. the more specificity  the more outside. 


Mark de LA says
ibid thought 21490%252359031

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21491

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21506

Seth says
what do you mean by saying your “ibid” to the Shakesphere quote ↑  Mark de LA ? … the only way i can interpret it is you expressing some #aug about the drift of the conversation.   if that is all that it was, then fine, #funnyShit null … but, i am just so very curious if i missed something deep you have to say  about …

inside/outside 丄 specific/general

Seth says

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21510

Mark de LA says
Macbeth soliloquy is about “nothing” – tempest in a teapot – lots of words 
When I have to dig a thought out of a pile of words & find out it is merely a #sleevejob I too get an #aug
Thesis in the body of the item seemed good though

Seth says
well i do not take …
Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
Shakesphere’s MacBeth
as being about “nothing – tempest in a teapot – lots of words” … but rather an #aug about life and it’s death.

But anyway, ok, i see my initial interpretation was accurate,  you’re #aug was about the drift of the conversation …. like i said fine,  #funnyShit null

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