Is nothing by an oobey feeling of death

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or in other terms, an #aug

Mark de LA says ...
Above perfect example of abstractness signifying nothing … see Shakespeare:

 Move your membrane #dude !


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Mark de LA says
#RWGbyTagging = new meme here. null Look in the mirror Bozo see previous post – T nailed it thought 21490%252359024 null

Seth says
hmmm … you refer to …

no matter which way you shove it you always end up with your heads up your same old asses.  May present a problem if you want to look in the mirror at the same time. 
One possibility not discussed is that the more abstract your words & descriptions get the less shareable they are since they point to anything & nothing in reality. 


Seth says
well fact is Mark de LA, i do not look on death like that … rather I try to move my egoo membrane accordingly  … and am even quite amazed by what i am experiencing and making up and sensing outside of myself.  Shakespher’s  #pettypace is in fact just an #aug he concocted out of his own soul.  Hopefully you have not caught the virus. 

But you are right … the more abstract the words, the less shareable.   They point inside.  If that is nothing, then your conclusion also follows.   Notice that which we share externally does not have the same problem … it is specificity …. which is why i anchor my life in what i can share with others … i look for amazement and magic there … and find plenty enough for the likes of me.

and yes, T might be on to something … looking in the mirror at the same time you are looking through the mirror … probably ends you up with your head up your ass. 

Si says
The only thing I find lacking in your #inside and #outside pointers Seth, is that both are “inside you”. It is a different direction of looking inside yourself. You are either looking toward the information coming in the mirror to your senses of your story #outside, or you are looking at the place in you where you are generating your story #inside. Your entire experience, all that is you incarnated, is represented there … and that is your reality. Each of us has our own.

I often think you talk about #outside as if you can jump into someone else’s experience somehow, as if all that you experience is not just the different aspects of you and the story you create … and I don’t know how that can be done.

It’s like once there was a tree, but now it is chopped into separate sticks of wood. Each piece of wood has an inside, and an outside … but never again in physical form will any two pieces of wood experience inside and outside as being the same thing, now that they have their own individualism, their own reality.

Seth says
what your model does not consider is the nature of representations, representation -or- representation  that is how a pointer can be all inside you,  just as you say it is, and still it point to something outside of you which you can never actually behold. 

specifically see Representation and Representing

i think your model of persons synching up to share with each other works to a point.  It is in that process where the arrows, the pointers, the representations will sync up and start to work.  Sure i make up the pointers in me …. and you make up the pointers in you … both are representations.  Synching them up is what this dance is all about.  This dance is what makes you recognize that i am conscious … and you recognize that i am conscious.  It is what is making our consciousness .

These pointers ...these representations are just like hyperlinks.  Which is why they work so well … and why the web works so well.  And also why words in language work so well … given half a chance.

Si says
The tree is all there is … it is the one, the all. So each stick of the tree is a complete representation of all that is, has everything needed for a complete reality, and to know, understand, and model anything there is. As above, so below. We are created in God’s image … yada yada yada.

What we model is determined by our software, which is essentially our operating system (#beliefs) and running program (#thoughts). We download information about the story happening with other sticks, and we have all the same hardware and software available, so we can fully model it, or not, as our current rule base (#personality) allows. Don’t see the problem?

Like the hyperlink pointer idea though. Just don’t see how it relates to each of us being our own complete reality.

Seth says
remember i did not say there was a problem for you to hold your beliefs.   and it is not my business to change them.  nor your business to change mine.  just please remember that when you preach your LOA at me on your #highHorse.  parts of it i null … and parts of how you use it go #tilt over here.

And #hellyes …. representing things of one context in an entirely different one is sooo increadibly kewl null … like with hyperlinks …  it is almost as if we had been doing that since like ages and ages ago and now it is starting to take off and explode nullnull into consciousness

Si says

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