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Navigator says ...
Why do you think things are being made up? Why can’t things just be what they are, simple and easy? Sure, people can intentionally misrepresent something (a lie), but how often does that really happen? I don’t think it happens much. The rest is just someone’s experience, why is that not valid? #MakeShitUpImage


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Seth says
Well almost all of what happens in human lives, humans make up.  There is also a momentum of things that we have made up which works sustainably in our society for many of us.  We could call that tradition, or custom, or culture itself.  As we individually make stuff up, and it works for others, it becomes customary to keep doing it, again and again, and it becomes our custom and tradition and part of our culture.

It is hard for me to see any wisdom of railing against #MakeShitUp.  It is what we do, if we are human.

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