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How do #hashtags work ?

Navigator says ...
No, it is a table, the same old tagging table in fact. There is no way to create an index in SQL without a table column to do it on.

Standard rules for hash tags, as can be seen at the below link, except that we also exclude dashes and underscores for the same reason they discourage them. Otherwise the same. 


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Seth says
hmmm … i wonder how #shitass will show up in the #taggingtable

Seth says
hmmm …. how does this #taggingtable work … or do i mane #taggingtable work … just testing ...

Seth says
so the #hashtags appear in the data column of the stream table, and not in the “same old tagging table” as i originally thought based upon what you said above, Navigator …. right?

Seth says
here is one that i should be able to move but cannot because
when i paste the comment i get this error →

Si says
I think that happened because you were using the dropdown menu on the bottom of the thought instead of the one on the top. That should be fixed now to work with either.

Seth says

Si says
Actually, several of the buttons on the bottom are in the wrong context. I may have to remove the bottom menu until a full review can be done.

Si says
Nope. Hash-tags are only in the taggings table. The stream is just the stream, and anything created can appear there, but it is not used for indexing or storage, just as the stream sent out to all the browsers to synchronize changes.

Seth says
hmmm …. i could find no hashtags in the tagging table … do they not have a time stamp?

Si says
Yes, they are normal tags. This query will show them.

SELECT * FROM taggings WHERE type = 2

Right now there are a bunch of hex colors that got indexed too there, like #ff0000, but those will be removed later. I already fixed the indexer to avoid those in the future.

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