TagClouds on HomeRooms

← obviously this currently does not represent my room


  1. my room
  2. actuallyThere
  3. LOA
  4. hashtags
  5. asshole
  6. currentBuzz
  7. ThoughtTag
  8. hashtag
  9. hastag
  10. randomChitChat
  11. unConscious
  12. coin
  13. tags
  14. hmmm
  15. mycontent
  16. trolls
  17. graffiti
  18. hashtrolls
  19. offputting
  20. FoHammer
  21. Whoosh
  22. tilt
  23. shit
  24. ThoughtTags


Si says
But that is the point. It does represent very accurately what is #actuallyThere, the actual conversations people are having with you. It is only your personal point of view about what you want represented there that is in conflict with what is #actuallyThere.  

Seth says
currently it does not!    it might if thought tags and hashtags were completely integrated.  currently this tag cloud makes it look like i am all just about … er, well just read it … you should see the problem. 

Si says
Maybe this will have an effect on what people say … people could become more deliberate and a better match to what they authentically feel about a topic by seeing how all their real flippant side-thoughts can grow and overwhelm a conversation. The conversation cloud is actually showing to some degree, by weight, what is really being attracted through #LOA … and just like in life, it is not always what you think or want.

Si says
I doubt the #ThoughtTags will have much effect. They are much fewer than the #hashtags and tend to be idealistic, not in full authentic context. At best they will only expose the intentions of the author to a small degree.

Seth says
you are wrong about #ThoughtTags much having much effect …. they have a big effect upon my usage here … that you don’t really use them, means that you do not see it.   Do not depreciate my #ThoughtTags, #asshole !  rather make them work just as well as #hashtags … they are the same thing. 

Si says
Another thing going on with conversation clouds is that they are very dynamic. They only show what is happening on the page you are looking at in that moment … and they are new so they only show what we have been talking about for the last few days. They are the #currentBuzz, a simple taking of the pulse of the moment. Adding the #ThoughtTags will have little effect on that except for on older thoughts … but very little effect going forward.

Seth says

Si says
I am not talking about your use. I am talking about how they will show up in the conversation cloud by their very nature. #ThoughtTag’s are few and mundane … they will be there, but mostly small and ignorable compared to the rest of the tags which prolifically appear now in all the comments … those will dominate the conversations (and they really do … and they really attract that way as well).

These conversation clouds are showing the true meaning of what is written, not the desired meaning as #ThoughtTags would if they were only shown.

Seth says
i totally agree …

but we just stareted using #hashtags a day or so ago.   Currently their value in snaying stuff together here and representing value here is almost negligable compared to what you call #ThoughtTags  .   Please note i am talking here about what is currently #actuallyThere.

Si says

Si says
You have almost caught up to where I was before.   

Seth says
well if they dominate, they dominate … that is not the issue … a thought tag tags the though … and is just as very important as any other tag (#hashtag)  in a conversation or in the thought itself.   In fact all of the thought-tags should be converted to #hashtag’s or made to have the same identical effect. 

Note, that is what G+ does … just put a #hastag anyplace in the thought and it taggs it … most people put them at the bottom, but they dont’s have to be there.

in fact it might be a good idea to give more weight to a #hashtag in the though itself rather than in the comments.   After all the conversation on a thought is supposed to be about that thought.  Otherwise it is just #randomChitChat

incidentally you saying “thought tags are few and mundane” is you being #unConscious.

Si says
Same here. How many times do you want me to say I plan to add them in? I am also telling you what adding them in will do … and if you don’t get what I am saying, you may be disappointed.

Keeping them separate does have the advantage that the possibliity of only running with #ThoughtTag’s would be available … which means clouds that show only the intentions of the curators … might be useful in some situations.

Seth says

Seth says
thing is, it is quite a matter of what happens … different people and different groups, are going to tag differently … i don’t think it is for us to depreciate one usage over another.  i like that tags in conversations can dominate … and will become effective just to the degree that people #coin their #tags well … what will dominate will dominate just according to what people do with each other … which is great and the way it should be. 

Seth says
#hmmm …

might want to consider then their relationship to a room. 

Seth says
↑ also more evidence of you being #unConscious null

Mark de LA says
  • my labels (#tags ) are best for #mycontent
  • your labels are yours - subject to your prejudice & point of view & may just be the touchstones that ran through your mind as you read missing the authors’ points entirely
  • #hashtags are subject to #trolls & mischief
  • #hashtags are also #graffiti & can burden #mycontent with more words & visual sidetracks similar to excessive use of emoteys
Image result for trolls#hashtrolls ??? null – see also trolls.

Si says

Si says
Your idea that your content is the only content that matters Mark de LA is #offputting. You have been calling graffiti anything that doesn’t match what you want to see and hear. 

And you don’t seem to have any concept of a conversation. It’s always “your way” or I will punch you, shit on you, or #FoHammer you.

Mark de LA says
Notice Seth how Navigator threatens & curses on your posts null . I guess that is all he has left if he follows his emotions & throws thinking & reason out the open window of his mind.  #Whoosh in his howling mind:

Si says
How in anyone’s verse do you read “threat” into anything I said? That makes no sense at all in any language.

Mark de LA says
I will punch you, shit on you, or#FoHammer you. –



… Navigator

Si says
Those are not threats by me. Those are the things “you do” Mark de LA. You have done every single one of those repeatedly for 11 years. I don’t do any of them and never said I would. I said that’s what you do when things don’t go “your way”. You might try reading before you follow the jerk in your knee sometimes. i.e. have a conversation instead of a one-sided bullying arrangement with others. You might even enjoy it.

Seth says
is it just me, or have i just witnessed a confusion between what a person is to themselves,  and what others are to them when they are speaking.   i think i saw that happen at least twice in the last few hours. ← hopefully i have described the situation correctly and my  sentence is understandable … it is not your normal thing to say in English.  There are words for it, but i don’t want to use them here.

Mark de LA says
So Navigator doesn’t mind lying about me saying I said threatening things I didn’t say .  Bad Dog.!null He ought to join the Hillary campaign for president. null

Si says
Huh? What I said is still there. Read it or not. No lying needed. It’s about you, not what I do.

Mark de LA says
Too bad I can’t flush this – the toilet is overflowing with Navigator

Mark de LA says

Si says
Yesterday this shit is exactly what you said you like. Simply spoon feeding you what you directly asked for.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Listen to the wind howl .null

Seth says
i’m tending to go with Mark de LA on this one Navigator.   When it comes to the tag cloud on top of my room, it should be me projecting my thoughts into the world … so only my taggings should be showed.   My blog is what *I* am saying to the world … not what somebody else is saying to me.   This is a variation of me on Facebook not allowing others to post directly to my wall. 

The fact was when  i actually read my own tag cloud, i did a big #tilt … that was not me … in fact it felt like a lie …. yet there it was right on my face.

So too the tags in group fbi shold be just the tagging of the members of that group.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
How come #shit like this continue to persist at the top of the news even though I clear it? 20 hours later & sometimes it seems as if it is days later .

Si says
If it says at the top of the news item that you were tagged in it, then you must click through it to clear it off the top and let it bubble normally. Clicking through it let’s SeriTD know you saw it. She refuses to only clear it for you by tracking your eyes with your webcam.

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