Selling our Produce at the Farmers Market 9/13/2016

So this happened …

some highlights …

I think it was Sarah who discovered #Gertrude …  we took a selfie. 

This lady got her engredients for a luscious salsa verde … tomateos, onions, tomatoes while we were serinaded. 

Keri gave us an superb location … right near the corner where you first come into the market.  OMG, location, location, location null

The produce got cleaned, bundled, and priced. 

Most of it was gone by the end of the market. 

The rest will end up on the menu at the Red-House

Even the produce from #RussellFarm sold easily.

bundle of fresh bay leaves → $3

cherry tomatoes  → $3 for a small carton
Lemon’ (65 days, heirloom,
Lemon’ (65 days, heirloom,cucumbers → $1 for 2

heirloom lemon cucumbers
→ 2 for $1

It all started in the fields of the Sustainable Renton Farm.   Thanks to all the hard work of the farmers … escecially Lara, Scott and many more.   

All the Jerselem Cucumbers  went at $1 each …

and the Heirloom tomatoes trying to hide in the fields.

The Economics

Cash Sales 84.50
Wicks Bucks 13.00
total sales 97.50
Market Fee <40.00>
Profit 57.50
½ to Sustainable Renton Farm 28.75
½  to Renton Food CoOp 28.75

event posted on facebook

and a little of time traveling spass null


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Seth says

Seth says

I found #Gertrude and gave her a bath.

I wonder what will be her fate. 

Seth says
sent today in private email to participants and #CoOp

Seth says
I would like to personally thank everyone that came together to make the farm stand happen.

It may be something that continues next year and it would be great to have a clue group of folks that would be willing to step up and make that happen.

I love when a community comes together. That is the intention with the community farm.
Thanks again for ensuring all of you did. It is very much appreciated.

RE: next year at the market

Yes it worked and was a lot of fun … even though it was the very first time we did it.  I propose we do it every Tuesday next year.  We could greatly expand our offerings and combine them with a real functional and convenient buying club for our community. 

What is the market fee for a normal week … is it just the $40 … or is it $150 as rumor has it?

i added the people we met at the market who showed an interest in this happening to the list.
Take a look at the pictures posted on my blog ... and if there are more feel free to add to the list in comments or send them to me and i will post them.


Seth says
My suggestion is that if Renton Food Co-Op is seriously wanting to run a farm stand next year then they (we) need to organize not just with Sustainable Renton Community Farm, but with many other local farms in the area. Healthy Horizons Family Farm, Russell Farms, perhaps Bonnie Poole, Ira and other local foodies to provide produce for a robust farm stand. That will require a lot of coordination but is also reflective of what Renton Food Co-Op would like to ultimately do, represent local food growers.

to Kay, Rebecca, ira, Scott, Elizabeth, Sarah-gardener, shannon, Mike, nitia715, mindy, heatherwashere., me

Seth says
Absolutely !
There is no way the current fields and available farm labor will be able to practically stock our offerings at the market all year.   We will definitely need to greatly expand our production.  

I think we have talked about being a producer’s cooperative.  Well this is our chance.
There might be a market rule which goes  something like,  "You can only sell produce from your own  farm".  I talked briefly about this with Keri on the last market.  It would be great if we could get her to come to our meeting ... i am sure that there is a way we can make this work.

I think i will bring the proceeds of our last day at the market to the Sustainable Renton meeting this coming Thursday.  Perhaps if the rest of you all and others who might be interested come as well, we can really do this.


the #toothlessfoodie
Talking products:

Seth says
silly stuff null

Seth says
i talked to Lena this weekend at her woodworking fair and she is excited about this … so there is this other local “farm” in addition to the #SustainableRenton farm onboard with a producers CoOp … i need to call lara about this today.

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