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Navigator says … [bold emphasis and only mine]
Bandler and Grinder discovered that more general language smoothes communication and understanding. Abraham teaches us how more general thoughts smooth our experience. It’s trying to get more specific about realities that are actually completely different that gets #rainbowPaintiesInATwist.

Not that one should never get specific, getting realities synced up is one of the most joyful experiences to be had, in thought, spirit, or body. But one should stay with the understanding that those realities are only in sync do to the effort to make them so … and when panties start getting tight, go general, with words, with ideas, with thoughts, and you will be back in flow with the experience.  
Which is what we do in #makingHuman!   It is a fine effort indeed null


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Seth says

Seth says
#right Navigator ?

Seth says
incidentally it is mathematically true that the more general the terms the more likely individuals will sync with them.   For example,  it is more likely that “We are both American” than “We are both Californian”.  Notice the former is more general than the latter. 


Mark de LA says
#noMathInIt – null NLP just used the general/specific language style models (Milton Model/Meta Model) & as a tool to get patients out of fixations about their problems.

Seth says
okay, fine …  so at least we agree that “the more general the terms the more likely individuals will sync with them” … right?

It just really being easier … after all it is a bitch to delve down into the specifics … because there you must deal with all those pesky restrictions that #Ahriman places on the firmament.  ← now that is one that may or may not go #tilt over there … but consider before you kneejerk respond that what makes it go tilt is just exactly what i am saying to you. 

Mark de LA says
– Everything is either > or =  or < to Everything else or not! null unless maybe it is nothing which has no properties (or not) . 

Seth says
sorry, can’t parse that one … grammar too innovative for the likes of even me.   maybe consider some more standard notation or punctuation … i don’t know … i don’t know what it means to you.

Mark de LA says
I will spell it out for the non mathematical:

“ Everything is either greater than or equal or less than in relationship to Everything else (or not) unless it is nothing which has no properties at all  (or not)”  

← a truly empty or obvious & most general statement.  It is also a great pile of words “signifying nothing” a la Macbeth. 

Seth says
… and also, i might add quite false.  There are many relationships between things that are not the few ones you mention.

Mark de LA says
name one!

Seth says
I am your brother.  Jason is my son.   The Sun is hotter than the moon.  Your armpits stink.   Apples fall to the ground. …. there is no end to these examples ...

Mark de LA says
Those are sentences which demonstrate what?  Read all the times I use the word OR, dude & the words (or NOT). null anything can fit in it. It says evrything & hence nothing. ← zen thought.

Seth says
so don’t do that !  ← zen thought

incidentally it should have been clear that each of my sentences were the examples you asked for when you said,  “name one”.   Specifically … now mentographing …. {I brotherOf You; Jason sonOf Seth; Sun hotterThan Moon; MarkArmpits smell bad;  Apples fallTo Ground; …. }.

Mark de LA says
Seems as you got caught up the #nitpeckering creek without a paddle  16178 arguing for #aug-sake . Any of your sentences will fit in the truth of mine. null

Si says

Si says
That may be what you believe Mark de LA … but it is not the only belief system available. It does match what you actually do though … but not what many people I know do. Your world is binary, like a computer, very Arimanic if you ask me.

Mark de LA says
You are just #runningyourmouth in generalizations Navigator … enjoy the jaw muscle & finger muscle exercises.

Mark de LA says
Does SeriTD force you to reply on things where one is bloviating  like Navigator just to get it off the news?  Seems like his much dreaded #bullying to me. 

Seth says
no, all you need to do to get it off the top of your news is to click through from the news.  you do not need to respond.

Mark de LA says
Well, I’ll check it out next time.  I swear I knew that & it still kept bubbling up. null

Seth says

Si says
Every time Seth #truesUp something, by re-editing it, that puts the new version back on top. He does that quite a lot you know, sometimes even again the next day. But that is “new news” because he changed it … so it is rightful at the top.  You can tell if that happens just by mousing over the date and viewing the modified time.

Si says
One more thought occurred on this Mark de LA and Seth. The click throughs are currently stored in the browser database. If someone has their browser security set to clear the cookies and browsing data at some time, like when shutting down the browser, or the computer, then all of that information will go away and every name tagging will go back to the top of the list.

Statistics show that very few people have security settings changed from the default. Less than .01% of all people change them or use malware interference software that mucks with those settings. But if you do Mark de LA, then all kinds of annoyances will happen when you shut down your browser or trigger a browsing data wipe. Including things like chat windows will all pop back up and all kinds of nasties.

I never shut down my browser or computer except to install updates. No one I know does that either.

Seth says
what about switching computers or browsers on the same computer?  when we do that, will these notifications not still be on top?

Mark de LA says
I shut mine down every night & sleep it when I am not going to use it for > 1 hour. 

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