It is easy now to tell what Mark likes.

The biggest things in his personal cloud?

Obama, Politics, Humor, and Global Warming, in that order.  


  1. RingsTrue
  2. ringsFalse
  3. trolls
  4. horseshit
  5. good
  6. bad
  7. indifferent
  8. trollbait
  9. ringsBetter
  10. BetterTruth
  11. selfie
  12. innuendo
  13. rwg
  14. spec
  15. hashtag
  16. ThoughtTag
  17. hmmm
  18. IDK
  19. arrogant
  20. cuntery
  21. tilt
  22. truDat
  23. ocd
  24. aug
  25. grellick
  26. FBIGossip
  27. WRG
  28. meOptOut
  29. ConversationSpec
  30. slurp


Seth says

Mark de LA says
#ringsFalse ! My interests & likes are spread out over many groups including some I keep off the Internet.  Some of them are as public as Facebook & some are private to keep out the riff-raff & #trolls 
Folks should notice the name of this group appropriately is group fbi gossip null

Si says
Dosen’t change that what you tag most often is those very things → therefore those things are most on your mind → therefore that is the actual things you are interested in via LOA reguardless of what you want to be interested in … those are the things that LOA will keep bringing to you in abundance.  

And so we see it happening. LOA in action exposed at the FBI.

Seth says
the tagclouds  on top of group nathan, group seth, and group mark  now better represent what can be expected there.

#RingsTrue ← regardless of how it feels to each of us.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
#horseshit – it represents how things were tagged #good, #bad, #indifferent or #trollbait . null

Seth says

the cloud now shows how the owner of the room tagged things,
which does project what can be expected there.


#ringsBetter #BetterTruth

better truth ← hmmm, Navigator, i thought those tags were showing up in the conversation room.

Si says
Yep, it is now showing “your view” of what you think you are … which is not necessarily what others think you are or even what you are attracting by what you actually think and do and others think and do in relation to you. The conversational view is more accurate to show you what is really going on in your verse, not just your conscious, and highly #selfie ized, interpretation of it.

Back by popular demand, you are what YOU think you are … at least in your own personal awareness.  


Si says
Please point to exactly what specific part of my logic you believe to be incorrect and thus you apply the shotgun disdain of #horseshit. Thanks!

Mark de LA says
Still your already-always belief system – we can go round & round on that, but you are stuck in your RWG nevetheless Navigator

Mark de LA says
more trollbait or #trollbait – ZZzz … null 

Mark de LA says
More #innuendo in the title – so what? #trollbait with a twist of panties ? null

Seth says
i too would like to see those specifics specified by @mark.  

Unfortunately now, i do not expect it to happen.

Si says
Why do you call my working out of the new ideas I am pioneering #rwg? I am not attempting to make you wrong … you are totally welcome to do that on your own, or not. I am simply talking in the concepts I live by and moving forward my understandings as they are touched on by the ideas presented here in this forum. I simply don’t see how that has anything to do with #rwg. I am not complete, I am evolving, and writing about it as I discover it.  

Mark de LA says

Si says
… and what “belief system” am I supposed to be using if not mine? null

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Automaticity is a clue ! … see elsewhere.

Si says

i thought those tags were showing up in the conversation room.

Not sure what you mean there. Maybe this is old from before #spec was given?

One thing to add to #ConversationSpec though is that you can mouseover the tags in a compound cloud to see what type the tags are. #hashtag’s will start with # and #ThoughtTag’s with nothing.

Seth says
i want to move that ☝︎to Conversation Rooms and Tag Clouds but i can’t null

Seth says

Seth says
but, Mark de LA, it is only your belief that “a #rwg response is automatic” … not mine,  and i rather think not Navigator’s either.

so your assuming that another’s response is an automatic  #rwg is frought with all manner of possible error.

Si says
Woudn’t have been good to move that exact comment anyway … I simply updated the spec.  

Mark de LA says
keeps on going & going & going – the qualia stimulates to continue the argumentation … (to set things right, eh?) 
Image result for energizer bunny memenull

Si says
Oh definitely, automaticity is not a sole indicator of #rwg! Being in the flow is a very evolutionary process and when in flow, new ideas follow along very fast, bang bang bang … that has nothing to do with #rwg … it’s pure creativity!  

In fact, the kind of automatic responses that happen in #rwg are quite sluggish, because they are at odds with true creativity, and require a lot of personal energy to maintain them and force them along. They are only automatic by the fact that LOA momentum is causing them to continue. Otherwise they are like trudging through mud compared to true automatic writing, or channeling.  

Seth says
#hmmm ...

Mark de LA says
& logically in reality when the automaticity is there the thingy is #RWG null

Seth says

Seth says
quite possibley that ⬆︎ can  be  the  case .  but not always.

Si says
#IDK @Mark de LA. Can you tell the difference between creatively outlining and evolving a concept and responding to defend what you already know?

Si says
Maybe you haven’t created anything new in dialog in a very long time Mark de LA. ← now that could be #rwg! null

Mark de LA says
Can you Navigator tell when automaticity is just defending your selfie stuff & you spin a story about you are exercizing your creativity? 

Si says
Yes, I can. There is a very clear difference in how it feels (how my thoughts are being fed back to me through my emotional sense organ) and in the amount of energy required to do it too. Being creative is a very light and energy giving and responsive feeling. Defending anything is weighty and draining of energy, up until one must simply stop out of mental dehydration.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
more like #arrogant #cuntery ! null & #trollbait

Si says
Responding to that is #rwg, clearly! null

Seth says
i am curious Mark de LA,  why do you apparently not believe that Navigator is responding to your comments with the intention to create ?  I believe it.  Why don’t you?

Seth says

Mark de LA says
did you miss Seth the thingy about automaticity & the qualia inability to drop it? null

Mark de LA says

Seth says
i did not miss that at all.   the question is where is that automatically happening?  as far as i can tell, it is only automatically happening in you.  i personally do not believe that it is always happening in nathan.  and i am sure it is not always happening in me.  Most of the times that you implied  it  automatically happened in me, i went #tilt … because i knew what my motivation was in responding to you at the time.

And that i do not always respond can be verified by inspecting our history.  Even where i notice that i have been misrepresented, i frequently ignore the train, clear my notifications, and move on … i know that as a fact because i remember doing it quite intentionally.  

and just to promote a hashtag … er, and instance of hashtag spam comming →  #meOptOut … #meOptOut … #meOptOut …. there, that should do the job null

Si says
Responsible (response-able) is being able to respond. Communication is responding, back and forth. It almost seems Mark de LA, that you are labeling all responsible communication #rwg simply because any response, by it’s nature, is also a form of automatic thing inside of us … we get a stimulus in a conversation and a response wells up in us. I would disagree if that is what you are saying. #rwg is a very specific thing … not all communication containing back and forth responding ideas are #rwg.

Si says
Holy crap Seth. How long are you going to #truDat? You have been working on thought 21515%252359432 from 15:05 to 15:55, almost an hour! That’s not #rwg, it’s #ocd!  

Seth says

Seth says
i know null … i do get obsessive with #truDat.  

but in that time denise and i also composed the newsletter,  i recorded some products,  and found why some pictures didn’t get dinked and now just need to upload some mp3 files and do the procedure to finish it off. 

i was hoping that the wording would be clear and factual enough so that mark would understand it and provide  some knowledge about what keeps happening. 

Mark de LA says
There is something in what you say Navigator , otoh responsible is merely back-&-forth – tonality, spin, whatever determines the criteria of whether it is RWG &/or WRG or ? – again the automaticity & whether one can stop responding .  The ability to respond just means you may not be dead or disabled.  Anyway, Seth & I have been talking about it for over 10 years &/or since Michael Hadley came up with the distinction.  Don’t make the RWG wrong that just folds back on game. Maybe turn your response & #aug into a #grellick of puppies.

Si says
LOL … well I have no expectations there. I think you are doing #truDat all just for you. SeriTD has evolved to be an active artificial life form. Mark de LA, on the other hand, has devolved to be a carbon based automatron. I’m not sure Mark the lifeform is in there anymore … just an #rwg search program left running when he left.  


Seth says
null … you got me pegged null … especially about me #truDat’ing just for myself … reading a  statement true to its context, to myself and hearing it ring just feel good to me … i am frigging addicted, it is true.

But i always hope … who knows … maybe some day i will be surprised.

Seth says
Anyway, according to mark and my understandin,  #rwg happens when a person perceives that they have been wronged by another and must always respond to defend themselves.  is that not the way you see it mark?

The question, is about the “must always respond” part of that.  Mark seems to imply that I must always respond when i percieve that i have been wronged.  I claim i do not necessarily have to respond.  Frequently i do respond, when mark presumes i feel i have been wronged, but i am not responding to defend myself against the wrong, but rather responding to try to move another (probably unrelated) understanding closer to being shared.

There are lots of instances in our history where that can be verified by an unbiased observer.

Si says
Looking at where Mark is saying something is #rwg it more seems that he is implying that “must always respond” is the indicator of #rwg. Which I don’t really agree with because creative flow state is also a natural response state.

However, even if it were true, that indicator could not be divined by someone else. If that is Mark’s indicator, then he can never say someone is doing #rwg without swapping consciousness with them first. 

Fortunatly, there are better indicators.  

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Check PR on creating self in BofNK . #WRG is the automatic protection of self with a response here or elsewhere or thinking it “nside” etc.  The beginning of enligntenment transcends self & selfies & transforms being. 

Si says
What is it you are looking for in seeking out enlightenment? What was it you were looking for when you chose to become human? How do they relate to each other?

Mark de LA says
& I’ll get back to you on that.  Mainly you need to be speaking the same language.

Pursuing Consciousness 
The Book of Enlightenment and Transformation

Of course you should have already read RS on the subject
I am exercising the 4th power of the Sphynx on this one as far as the details of my own quest.

Seth says
anyway, Mark de LA, i do not believe that i create my self by defending it against others, nor that i must defend myself in that way at all.   so your #rwg game does not apply to me.  it appears to me to be just something that PR and others have got you to believe you must play (for whatever reason) … and that you are trying to get me to play it too.   sorry, #meOptOut

Si says

Si says
#meOptOut +1

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Yep beliefs are one of the things one uses to create a selfie. null – enjoy the #Egoo –  juice tastes real good – very very good. 
 yep – & maybe you will never get it. 

Mark de LA says
#meOptOut +2  – Folks, I am not interested in your beliefs altogether nor what you say about them.null

Seth says

Si says

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Funny thing in spite of opting out you folks still are playing to the hilt! null

Si says

Si says
Ahhh, but now it is a game!  

Si says
Now let me see null who was it who opted-out that, just today, attempted to reanimate the dead flesh as a living being having it’s own glossary term? #hmmm. 

Mark de LA says
false innuendo #slurp

Si says
Take a look, check the tag rooms, do a search, I have not used that term since this day of opt out, and still not using it.  

Mark de LA says
Maybe you don’t use the tags but you do it in your posts & language.

Si says
I agree that use of a tag is not necessarily use of the concept a word tags. In this case it is both for me.   

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