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Mark de LA says ...
This is that oxymoronic dilemma – neither of us is a #FairWitness to that event.  Furthermore all we can do is speculate about M$M reports.  Furthermore ^2 we can only witness the particular thought stream on this particular item & comment – this fastblog event – not the news item here –  see how the ontology works here. 
I am done here.
going to the farmers market now.


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Mark de LA says
So Bozo proved himself an oxymoron

Seth says
i was investigating the possibility of creating a #FairWitness process in this group.

Incidentally geographic proximity in clock time and space of the observer to an observed … should not necessarily be part of the the #FairWitness  process.  Everything that can be talked about is observed at some degree of separation from actual events that happen.   There is no absolute place to draw the line.

Mark de LA says
Munging & haggling is what #unfairwitness do . No truth, no absolutes, always . 

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