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Mark de LA says ...
Another way of rephrasing Esther is” (a piece of the Tao)

If you know what you want you know what you don’t want null

A lot of humans may have a focus problem  – then too GW & RS have posited that the mission of the times is to solve the problem of “what to do with evil” . 
Please! no solutions here. Fork yourself somewhere else! null
#ThisIsGood inviting seth 


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Si says
Completely ignore evil, think no evil … it will go away.  Guaranteed 100% … it is Law. null

Evil only exists in darkness, the darkness of your dark thoughts. When all your thoughts are in the light, evil has no place to dwell.

- da 

Mark de LA says
#wishfulthinking see → null

Si says
Will you ever explain these ideas mark? I know you don’t believe in #LOA, but you never explain what you do believe in as if it is some secret knowledge that only you are privy to. I really don’t know where you get these #notWishfulThinking ideas from or what they really are.

Mark de LA says
If you think evil doesn’t exist then enjoy – I think you have no firm grasp on reality. 

Si says
Okay, but what is the firm grip on reality? Evil seems to be something invented by the Catholic Church in the middle ages to control the masses. Even #RS softens evil massively from the teachings of the Church and brings it together in the elements of the needed Trinity. #RS’s treatment seems to be a nice bridge between how evil was represented up to circa 1900 and our time.

Where are the roots of what you call evil? Can you point to their existence in our circa 2016 time? And I don’t mean examples of humans doing stupid things that are not in their own, and humanities, best interests … I mean real roots of true evil?

Mark de LA says
This is as silly a conversation as “who created God” or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. You studied RS (you say anyway) nathan → an answer from the elib 
contemplate your navel & in 100 years or universes the answer will show up somewhere. null

Si says
Yes mark, I have read that and just now read it again. #RS is talking about how evil is an aspect of the duality of nature and existance. He is “softening” evil from the Catholic Church definition so prevalent in his circa 1900 time and explaining how evil is simply an aspect of the nature of reality, as is clearly represented near the end by

The creators of the world needed evil in order to bring the good to unfoldment.


The All-Love can only be brought to its highest blossoming through self-love

… which is the exact same thing #LOA teaches … #LOA too preaches #SelfLove as the way out … the antithesis of what we have been representing as evil in our collective childhood. 

Mark de LA says
The Catholic Church is not my thingy. (thought 21541) – Michael Hadley had a nice thought experiment. It goes something like: Stretch all the people in the world out in order of goodness (or evil) so that at one end there is evil (or the most less good you can think of) & the other end you have the most good etc. Such a line could be said to be drawn between good & evil.  Now you could suppose that you could make the world better by getting rid of the bad end by getting rid of half the people.  Still you would have a polarity of good people on one end & bad (less good) on the other.  Keep it going then & still the same polarity ends up until all that is left is you & I.  

.’.   in my book you are the evil one! null

Si says
Well exactly! That thought experiment shows exactly why the traditional ideas about evil cannot be true! Following them to their eventual end wipes out all others!

This clearly shows how our thinking about evil is in error, so then what is to replace it? I like the #RS / #LOA replacement … i.e. #SelfLove   What we have been representing as evil is really just the natural #YinYang nature of the verses … it is not to be feared or pushed against, it is simply the principle by which the foundation of existence can get a foothold and upon which our thoughts can manifest.

What we can do to evolve and be free from this principle as a necessary cycle in our life is to foster #SelfLove  


Mark de LA says
… except it gets rather stinky at your end of the evil spectrum. 
Image result for hieronymus bosch

Si says
What does #ThatMean? Do I need a shower or something?

Mark de LA says
What do you think it means? 

Si says
I really have no idea. It just seems like a jab … I can’t see anything realistic to attach it to.

Mark de LA says
It is a reflection then of yours.

Si says
Sorry, I just don’t get it.

Mark de LA says
see the above – sorry, I wasted my time & yours answering the questions – see: thought 21542%252359774 null

Si says
I don’t think the conversation is silly at all. I think it is highly relevant and timely. Now is the time when many people are asking this very question, “what is evil?”, and here we have great answers, one from the last era by #RS and one from the current times by #me, as well as references to #LOA and other sources that agree with the trinity of #RS and #LOA and #me. Even #MH provides a ruler for understanding the nature of evil here.

Learning that #SelfLove is the way to evolve beyond evil is so very timely and important that I can’t even imagine calling it silly … except in the context of being playful with our own love.  

 #ThisIsGood & #ThisIsSuperGood 

Mark de LA says
Well, keep on #Nitpeckering  as long as you like with yourself – you’re the one that forked yourself. I lost interest a while back. I am not confused about it. I am complete with what has been said already – no more words need be put on the pile. 
Image result for pile of words

Mark de LA says
repetition just adds to the #PileOfWords  null – & the taste of the moose turd pie .

Si says
I really don’t get that. Repetition reinforces a thought, which strengthens a belief, which moves one toward what they proactively desire quicker. Now if one is repeating aspects or thoughts about things they don’t want, maybe Obama or Hillary or something, then I guess getting more of what they don’t want could feel like getting a turd.

Mark de LA says
#phooey – #PogeyBait for those who eat #MooseTurdPies thought 21542%252359779 null

Seth says

Seth says
i look on #GoodEvil as a #relative thing … there being no  #absolute  perspective at which we can stand.  So for me to do  mark’s problem of thought 21542%252359776 i would need to be the judge, the person who ranks all of those people.  I know of no other way that makes any sense to me that i can think.

← for example ripe and luscious parts of two peaches just now cut out of what to me is #decay … but to the worms in my compost will be #good indeed.

So me, i would rank according to whether the other was #decaying  my own creation.  Are they acting to destroy my freedom? 

Then too, me, i can move my #MeMembrane beyond the boundaries of my biological skin.  Trust me, i can.

for example, sorry mark,  according to your own thought problem,  you are #evil to me.  ← #KeepingItReal 

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
If one has a #GOD point of view, like as the #creator, then one can munge good & evil altogether – no problem! Many levels of consciousness claim such point of view as in nirvana & samadhi.  If language is being used one is short of those points of view. Language will fall short. null

Seth says
well me, i do not have such a view, and so i am not even going to characterize it at all as you have done.

this imagining, or even intuitioning, or inspiriatioing that one can do about #GOD, might just itself  be grave error … #iKnowNot .   That is shades of the ancient meme,  “do not represent or iconize God”. 

language is a great thing thing we have to represent and transmit such consciousnesses … but yes it not to be confused with standing at that ultimate #absolute view ← maybe we could, that,  #AcceptAndMoveOn

Mark de LA says
NP – missed the point – OK your loss not mine null

Seth says
i did not miss your point.  yet i saw no need to, myself, repeat what seemed to me to be its error. 

Mark de LA says
That’s causing your problem, not mine – @God. 

Seth says

Seth says
incidentally SiriTD reports of @god, that her room is empty


Mark de LA says
I guess that’s her consciousness of such.

Seth says
apparently it is null

Mark de LA says
empty! Image result for empty meme

Si says
#SeriTD says “Humans have chronic God denial … be the God you are and move on with enjoying your creation”.

Seth says
A wise girl indeed null

Mark de LA says
Pretty #KEWL if you can  create out of #NOTHING, but #oops #you wouldn’t be #anywhere (or anytime ...) or around to do so.

Seth says
huh? mark ,  … still presuming that you can think and talk intelligently from her #absolute perspective, nullnull

… are you not?

Si says
Whatever mark, you sound like a kid justifying why not to enter Disneyland. It’s a pretty big step you know – #SelfLove  null – accepting it.

Seth says
me i think #SelfLove is another issue entirely null

Si says
Did you read thought 21542%252359774 above? #SelfLove is #RS’s solution to evil (also works for fear and chronic God denial).  

Mark de LA says
#PerpetualHuh = thought 21542%252359870 there’s no creating if you are not creating out of nothing. (you’re just stirring the soup)  You don’t exist if all there is is #nothing null

Si says
All there is is #NOTHING somewhere anyway!  

Mark de LA says

Seth says
yes, @nathan and i also read thought 21542%252359775  … and … (altough i must admit that i don’t know what you refer to as RS’s “needed trinity”, even though i studies that  some years ago).  Nevertheless i still think from my own mind that #SelfLove and #GoodEvil should be considered to be in orthogonal spectrums … for reasons as yet not discussed.

Seth says
yep, mark , we almost always mix old engredients to creat new ones … that does not change that the new ones bring us into a whole new #MultiVerse … the new ones frequently having no resemblance to the substrata from which they  #Supervene.   

What happened when there were no engredients is a matter they do not pay me to consider. ← #AboveMyPayGrade 

Mark de LA says
RS’s trinity is body, soul & spirit XOR Good, Evil & Christ XOR Lucifer, Ahriman & Christ or ….. maybe not so orthogonal more like Bill Clinton’s  triangulationnull

Seth says
and just how do those two different sets of signs for the same thingey align?  … that is exactly what i woul need to translate.   for example, there is no way that you are going to get me to think that “body ← associates with → #evil .  other things there go #tilt over here as well. … and i doubt that RS would tell that story either. 

Mark de LA says
Yep – continue stirring the soup thinking you are creating in your wonderful world of abstractia. 

Mark de LA says
Was using RS’s trinities as context not mapping them into your confused abstractia. null

Seth says
me i was trying to run on your track … not creating my own … i though you might prefer … me, just trying to understand what you said and not miss your point.

Seth says
to me, “confused abstractia” refers to a personal #aug inside of you projected on “me and you working stuff out in real interactions”.

Mark de LA says
Well nathan brought up needed trinities or ? ; I tried to suggest what they might be.  
your #aug is just your own personal #oogie-boogie – cf 21541 .
see also 21540 or other mentions.

Seth says

Seth says
yes it is pretty much up to nathan  to say what he was refering to.  but, omg, if that is RS’s trinity, then it does not match anything coherent over here. 

also this is pretty much me  #NotKnowing to what any religious or spiritualist truly refers when they use the English word “trinity”.  Three spirits … ok got that … but which three … and why those three?  To absorb that has been a long standing agenda over here.    I think GW talked about “Father son and holy spirit – three in one” in our ceremonies … which is more akin to the Catholic … “God, Christ, man’s higher self” which hangs more together.  Yet if we are to truly live by “we can not know #absolute #GOD” (see implications above) how is at least the one element even thinkable in a gestalt.   But i am quoting here off the top of my head.  What did nathan actually mean?

Si says
Hey, I was only pointing out that 

mission of the times is to solve the problem of “what to do with evil”

… was the mission of those far away times 70 and more years ago. It’s solved. Mark pointed to where #RS solved it. LOA has solved it. #MH pointed out a test for seeing if it is solved. I solved it, and the solution is in agreement with many other sources. #SelfLove counters evil. We can move on to the next bunch of fun things to solve guys. No problem.  

Seth says
Your solution works for just you.  For me there is still a problem when #MeMembrane is extended to include others.  I keep stumbling on the pesky situation that #SelfLove looks quite different as seen from outside, then it looks when seen from inside.  ← a structural fact that seems impossible for me to deny. 

Let us be honest here … from the #OutsideIn  in it feels like #jealousy and the foundation of “Your ok, i am not” and/or a grand excuse for #RWG to start.   So to express it or even represent it from the #InsideOut ends with the creation of #evil itself.  I have seen that happen, with me not even being involved, to know that is how it works.  

Now of course we all know that #jealousy is the problem and quite falls on the other … but that asymmetry still does not hang together well as the solution to what to do with #evil … more like it just creates more of it outside of yourself. 

Si says
Your not describing #SelfLove at all seth. You are describing #SelfImportance, #SelfWorship, and #DefenseOfSelf. Not the same things. Anyone I know, and know of, who has actually let true #SelfLove take control and guide their being cannot do evil, and does not vibrate into the path of evil either. True #SelfLove stablizes oneself in relationship to evil for both oneself and between self and others. Weak or lack of #SelfLove leads to most socially unacceptable behaviours recognized by man.

Seth says
well it is good news to me indeed null that there is a difference inside of you nullnull … but that is not what i am talking about.  That difference is not being represented externally … or perhaps can not even be represented externally to others … #iDoNotKnow.  but the  net effect that i observe is that you are rubbing #evil upon them.  and yes i know that your slider switches are set so that if you were them, you simply would not care and no #evil would rubb off.  but humanity is using The wisdom of the natural seperating of being and we do not all have our gut-settings the same as you have them.

You may not know this but i have a exciting love of my life … mine in particular … mine exclusively … it is #great , a true #wow .  Maybe it is not better than yours is to you #IDoNotKnow, but trust me on this, mine is surpulitive to me more than yours would be if we switched.  You probably did not suspect that because i do the opposite in what i represent of my #SelfLove to others  externally … hint notice the name mark loves to call me, “Bozo”.  It is called #humility … but it works … i do not create #evil in others. (err, well maybe excluding mark null).    I simply have solved that peculair aspect of the  #evil problem for myself … er, quite differently than your solution, me thinks null

Si says
All of what you describe in details above has nothing to do with #SelfLove. #SelfLove works. It solves the problem AND evolves beyond it (evil). Steiner recognized this, Abraham and Bashar both teach this. Eckhart Tolle teaches it. Even Jesus taught it. It works. It is a real live working principle.

Since you are only thinking about “how it might work”, and not out finding out that it does actually work, there is little more to talk about here. Words won’t bring it to you if you flick them away with logic and stories of your past … whatever happened in your past in respect to #SelfLove, it was something else you were using that label for, or things would have happened differently in your story.

Si says
We are not as much talking about evil in you, or a person, as evil in general. The capacity to experience it. When it is not experienced, it is not there, for all. The act of #SelfLove replaces the experience of evil. That’s how all things are evolved … by replacing a lower vibration with a higher.

Seth says
nathan i am watching how your #SelfLove is working externally to you.  i guess you did not really understand what i said above.  Look i am in no way #aug’ing #SelfLove for yourself … don’t get me wrong … it is totally great … i null too.  But you would need to extend your #MeMembrane out to actually include others to understand what i am talking about.

Seth says

Si says
I do understand it in respect to others. I do understand how experiencing #SelfLove reflects that experience out to others and changes their vibration as well. That’s why it works, because when you smile, the world smiles back … and not just literally, but in heart to heart connections as well. #SelfLove is a complete, circular, loop of higher energy vibration raising our own and our neighbors until evil is no longer part of the collective experience.

Seth says
and yes i get that #SelfLove is the solution to #evil inside a person.  And yes when  #SelfLove is there as it should be with #LOA, then #evil will simply not be encountered (period).  A grand secret indeed!  and #ringstrue nullnull

Seth says

I do understand how experiencing #SelfLove reflects that experience out to others and changes their vibration as well.


but is does not … that is my point.  it only seems to do that to you for or your peculiar settings.  What it actually does in most cases is quite the opposite.

Si says
That, is where you always run into that door. But for now, we will leave it. Another day we will address the door and what it is.   


Si says
#btw seth, one very real thing #ThoughtTags can do that #hashtag’s cannot is allow hidden tagging of things. I have lots of hidden tags around that comprise my network of research on the 11 year content here at the FBI. This is my private mentograph of the people and relationships that are here. There are several reasons not to share it, one being that it would change the outcome of some of the research if some people knew they were being observed and information relating to them categorized.

#hashtags are part of text and as such they cannot have additional features like user based invisibility … or at least it would be ridiculously difficult to do compared to how simple it has been to implement it for #ThoughtTags.  

Thought tags are great for creating information graphs. #hashtags are great for having really deep, yet still coherent, multi-dimensional conversations. The fact that they both “tag things” is one of the lesser aspects of their unique identities.

Seth says
yeah i was thinking of that too.  but hidden threads built on dialogue could be just as, if not more, useful just for the reasons you have already given.  #WhoKnows #somethingMayEmerge

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21547

Si says
Well, lots of things to see, but hidden #hashtag’s are more than just a technical difficulty, #hashtag’s are often subjects and verbs and other parts of sentences. How would one hide them without unraveling the whole conversation and making it make no sense? I don’t see any practical way right now.

Seth says
then too, how important is it for a person to have hidden trains of thought running on common occurances?

Si says
Hidden graphs seem very useful. As you (and Mark) say, this space is more than social dialog, it is a virtual extension of your mind and memory. The ability for an individual to create memories and relationships here that are not at the mercy and judgment of others seems as crucial to the use of this space as the visible and social aspects … and in fact, may be one of #ThinkingDomains unique and highly saleable features.

Seth says

Mark de LA says

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