Self Love observed from the outside appears to be something quite different than it feels from the inside.

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Navigator says ...
That, is where you always run into that door. But for now, we will leave it. Another day we will address the door and what it is.   

#hmmm … i wonder … do you realize that feels quite different to hear, than to say?  Ask yourself what assumptions it projects? 

You seem quite oblivious to the  asymetricality of your #SelfLove.  I am talking about effect not theory. 

If i were mark i would say, #FuckYou go peddle your wares elsewhere.  But, me,  i am curious about this door you #wave at me for your own #SelfLove. 


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Si says

Si says
For one, I am not practicing any kind of self love here … not in our contract. For another, yes, I explored several ideas about how you would take that … and arrived, as usual, at the most direct giving of information in our case. I mostly predicted your reaction … but allowing you to have these reactions is part of our communication … it has the most exciting signature … it is what is in the contract so to speak. You handle it much more gracefully in these times than you did once upon a time.  

Si says
The time has not arrived for more on this subject quite yet, but keep this thought here, it is a good place to delve deeper … and safely nestled in your space so that you have control over it.  

Seth says

Seth says
well yes #timing is #king !

Mark de LA says
Might be the golden rule working up & down the tree of life as well as within where you are traveling &/or/also the Augoeides . However false self-love is Lucifer’s juice .

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