munging -V- haggling and abstraction

The title implies cramming a bunch of stuff together maybe to avoid distinctions versus mismatching & continuing to do so to avoid an obvious answer to a question.
Then too there is abstraction which looks to be shape without substance:

 &/OR no shape at all null


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Mark de LA says
see also the #law-of-abstraction & #abstractia #IntellectualSleevejob

Mark de LA says
nathan – is there a full matrix of all your #HashPuppies / #hashtags ?

Si says

Seth says

Creation involves both distinguishing and combining. 


Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
You say it does. I say cramming is a different art than combining or engineering. Basically I distinguish munging as happening when someone uses language to avoid making/understanding distinctions (theirs or someone else’s) .

Si says
The taggings table in the database. It has all information for all tags including #hashtags, what they tag, when they were made, who owns them, etc. It is a very full and thorough matrix of all tags.  

Si says
The only place that commonly happens is Politics and M$M. In normal everyday life it doesn’t hardly happen at all, also rarely here at the FBI … unless I suppose one’s normal everyday life is to immerse themselves in Politics and the M$M.  

Seth says
And also it must be said that  your use of  this #munging  word  also involves your presumption  that a person using language did not totally “understand the distinctions” and merely made new ones and combined them in ways in which you were not familiar.

Mark de LA says
XOR tried for the sake of argument to avoid the another’s conclusions. null (like a #nitpecker)

Seth says
i love conclusions when they obtain parts of a pattern  … omg … omg … show me some thumbs up

Mark de LA says
huh? ← my turn to say null – I say you are haggling or nitpeckering

Seth says
⬆︎  #EasyForYouToSay

incidentally do you really doubt that i love to see where conclusions can fill in the un-observed instances of a pattern that has been perceived?   i certainly do not doubt that you yourself love to see those instances obtain.  Why would you think that i would want to “avoid” them ?   How could you honestly think such a negative thought of me?

Mark de LA says
#WhatAPileOfWords ! huh^2 – please look at the pictures in the body of the item!null

Seth says
Okay i did.   How do the two diagrams of ways to represent distinctions shed any light on understanding the meaning of a composition of words?

Mark de LA says

Then too there is abstraction which looks to be shape without substance

not all compositions of words points to anything of value; maybe by virtue of the structure called sentence they point to empty structure. ← the substance of the abstract world of #abstractia.  Sometimes they are just #wordsalad null

Seth says
well that certainly can be true …

but to actually say something yourself about this subject, you will need to introduce who is interpreting the words.  Without an interpreter all sequences of letters are just meaningless marks in whatever media they occur. 

Mark de LA says
→ #sleevejob trending to #wordsalad (too many null pointers & pointers to #abstractia ) 

Mark de LA says

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