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Contemplating Conscience Exercise
  1. Conscience is associated with integrity – personal standards of behavior – keeping one’s word etc. Is there something more esoteric?
  2. Conscience is associated with guilt &/or violating golden rule – actual organ?
  3. Played with it this AM trying to figure out whether to get blood tests today. I ultimately did!
  4. Conscience reminded me of what kind of an excuse I was making up to not go today. 
  5. Is not the HGA experience brushing teeth at Carl St. (Laughing at the inner voice & who it might be null)
  6. Apotheosis of : Liber S (VI.) Deliberate surrender of the Will to a higher Will is not an abdication of the former’s legitimate throne, but is rather its Apotheosis! 
  7. & end of ¶ X : 
  8. Etymology: conscience (n.) 
    early 13c., from Old French conscience "conscience, innermost thoughts, desires, intentions; feelings" (12c.), from Latin conscientia "knowledge within oneself, sense of right, a moral sense," from conscientem (nominative consciens), present participle of conscire "be (mutually) aware," from com- "with," or "thoroughly" (see com-) + scire "to know" (see science). 

    Probably a loan-translation of Greek syneidesis, literally "with-knowledge." Sometimes nativized in Old English/Middle English as inwit. Russian also uses a loan-translation, so-vest, "conscience," literally "with-knowledge."
  9. My “standards” & my shoulds are my “true will” after it’s apotheosis – NOW would be a good time for such.
  10. How can I put something into the conscience intentionally?
  11. “Practical power to do the great work” – grace & LP .
  12. Consciously enter sleep.
  13. More on where does the conscience get stuff & rules to do/ refrain from
    • Love  – other petals on the Anahata Chakra 
    • The Body – 


Mark de LA says
Haggle not; use the first Rule of Art!    # 29 line 1
Of eggs without haggling bought!    # 6 thwan 2
Formally frugal, haggling -not within!    # 27 line 5

the above etc from concordance
P.1579 is null P.1655 ← procrastination = haggling

Mark de LA says
Lookup “conscience” at 

Mark de LA says ← RS on the Birth of conscience

& more at lectures 6 & 7m

Mark de LA says
More stuff to come as I contemplate the conscience !
As i sit in front of my computer & contemplate as in the first paragraph I get:
  • conscience is about what I am about to do & doing it
  • something shows up without words telling me that conscience is invoked as I consider doing something else rather than contemplate , like I am through already
  • a conversation with an HGA?