Put the river in fastblogit

#SeriTD said “put the river in fastblogit instead of fastblogit in the river”. And that is all she would say.

So seth, I did my best to make that happen.

Sticky thoughts in group fastblogit will appear at the top as usual (like this one and the normal one). The #TagCloud is the same as the river. All the rest of the fastblogit thoughts are now in the backroom. The rest of the front room is the same as the river.

Be careful, a new thought must be either in the backroom or sticky (best to start out sticky) or it will be in limbo and only found via search or tagging or news.

This basically gives you a customizable river with header thoughts to guide new people along. Use it well. Make it a value based home.  

I am sure it will become apparent why to put the river in fastblogit as time moves along. null

You can delete this thought or move it to the back room or elsewhere when you are done with it.


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Mark de LA says
FB has a river without tags.  So does G+.  The header here has a stream supposedly of new thoughts.  Now everything is a title room or a tag room ?

Seth says

it seems now, at least for the domain fastblogit.com  we have two where one would do.

but this will want to vary from domain to domain … and even perhaps change as a domain grows.  for example at  http://td.rentonfoodcoop.com/ i intended to have people land on the forum  http://td.rentonfoodcoop.com/forum … i had very specific need for that to happen with no extra clicks involved where people could get lost and not know what to do.   i remember that you chose to do something different in one of your domains  as well.   The point here is that which gadgets appear in the title … what they are named …. and … which one the splash page goes to when the big “Enter” is clicked, should be domain options left to the person in charge of the domain.

ok nathan ?

Si says
What does everything is a title or tag room mean? It is not the case, but I don’t know why you would say that either. In actuality, the room types are growing.  

Mark de LA says
Well this one seems to be a About: Abstractia - comment 59923 yet I did not get to it by searching for a title.  Sometimes when I get to something I can’t edit it I need another click to get to the editable version even though it looks like a regular item.  

Si says
Okay. You could mean too many things for me to guess at that. Sometimes you are in a room where editing is not appropriate, and that is usually an actual tag room where there are many mixed types, comments mixed with thoughts etc. Simply going to the thought allows you to edit whatever it is.

Most room types are not tag rooms. I really don’t know what you are talking about with titles … you seem to be talking about the title live reference, not a room.

Mark de LA says
My map of the hexes as accessed in the new items list in the header (the world gadget) shows up as a title – why ?

Si says
I don’t know what you mean, the tag cloud? Could you take a snapshot of it?

Mark de LA says
  • go to group choy
  • first thing in that group is a sticky thought which has no apparent designator until I click on the title and then it comes up as title 21578  
  • strange how the links in the Map of the Hexes links also pick up stuff outside of the group choy 
  • strange how (private thought) apparently has no title 

Si says
  • first thing in that group is a sticky thought which has no apparent designator until I click on the title and then it comes up as title 21578  
Yes, that is a sticky thought. They have never had bottom bars since their day one. A sticky thought is intended to be a group header thought, thus does not need a bottom bar … if anyone wants to comment on it they can go to the thought itself … if you don’t provide a title, there is no way for them to get to the thought itself … this is also by design … it allows you to create simplistic group headers that people cannot interact with … a really nice thing to be able to create. Most of my group headers are this simple kind of sticky thought that looks really clean … makes a nice group header.
  • strange how the links in the Map of the Hexes links also pick up stuff outside of the group choy 
Don’t really understand what “picking up stuff outside of group choy” means. Why wouldn’t a link in group choy be able to go outside of it?
  Seems to have the title Hex #41 Line 2 when I follow that link and look at it … what do you see? No title at all? Can you take a full window snapshot of it having no title so I can see the whole context?


Mark de LA says
Link in the map i ends up with something from seth – apparently they are global tags.
Hex #41 Line 2 was one I set my location to.  When I follow to that location the link from the title is neutral & links to nothing.  When I follow it from the hsu in the map it does have a title link.

Si says
Yes. Tag references have always been globally scoped. And now the global scope just got a lot bigger because it includes #hashtags and plurals and alternative space and dash versions. I have been asking seth for a way to create group scoped tags since a long time ago. He never replies.

But you could use title references instead of tag references, then they would go directly to the thoughts instead of a tag room. If you want a group scoped live tag reference, we don’t have one at this time … no consensus on what a syntax for one would be.

That’s also the difference in (private thought). In the first case, you are on the thought itself. The title does not loop to itself, as it would if it were a link, when viewing the thought itself … you would have an infinite link to the same thing. In the second case, you are viewing the thought in a room, specifically a tag room, so the title has a link to follow out of the room to the thought itself.

And #btw, just this morning single thought views got milk chocolate brown backgrounds. Now we have blue backgrounds for global scopes, green backgrounds for group scopes, and brown backgrounds for single item scopes.  Not that you should be learning this to tell where you are, there are lots of other more reliable indicators, but it’s a nice additional visual clue for people who see colors.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21579

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21580

Seth says
this way that #SeriTD gets in an infinite loop on an #UnavailableThought and a person needs to kill the whole browser to continue their train of thinking #sucks .   Not only that but it prevents people  looking from thought to thought in sequence that the thought were created … which ability is needed for all kinds of reasearch  #BozomicFactoring being a case in point.  #MeThinks she should land on a virtual image of just the thought number and say nothing about it except that she is there and will not discolse anything else. 

Seth says
her brown background for a thought does not pop from the green background of a group.

just saying … i know that is just me … #AugIfYoWant. 

Si says
The only time left that I have seen that happen lately is when someone #FoHammer’s a thought. Then, the thought to return to is also the same private thought.

And you don’t have to kill the whole browser, you can simply put in a url to something else, like the river, or a known thought or group, that’s all.

Seth says
well it happens to me a whole lot.  i can just open a new tab …  but clicking on any gadget will not get me out of the loop.

Si says
Yes, well trying to choose colors that work well for you often ends up with really garish colors and is a lot of work. Sorry about that but the chosen colors pop massivly here and are part of a trinity of different colors with similar shades so they harmonize nicely … they look good. But if you can do the work to figure out colors that pop for you and still harmonize well with each other, then I would be happy to change them.

Seth says

Seth says
its fine … i was just saying.  

The bold bold header at the top distinguish it for me quite well indeed thumbs upnull

Si says
You don’t even have to open a new tab, you can just put in a url to some other place, even /seth 

Seth says
null maybe but it still #sucks … the whole point of comming there was to navigate from there.

Si says
… and I am not saying anything about not fixing it … it will be fixed when it is exciting, when the right fix pops and cleanly comes in. It is only a minor annoyance right now because you can just put in a new url. If you see any other time since the new url parser came in (2 days ago) that it happens than a #FoHammer, let me know.

Seth says

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