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Basically, being a medium for non-incarnated  invisible entities is a chance to invite skepticism into the room when you communicate to those of us who are incarnated mostly humans who understand language .
RS has lecture here: 
Just analyzing the transaction process :


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Seth says
don’t you have the same problems when talking of any deeply #spiritual matter?

Mark de LA says
Nope! I hold direct experience in intensive consciousness to be the opposite of stage magic & channeling. Clear headedness is essential unless you are into communicating pellick. Some stuff can’t be communicated. Some ways to access that which can’t be communicated can be communicated. The Way (the Tao) is still only a path – to travel on it brings about enlightment of sorts.

Seth says
well i was pointing to the problems of talking about spiritual matters or of talking about channeling.   In other words i am dealing only with the aspect that  “stuff that can’t be communicated”.   It just seems to me that you have the same problems with talking about things that cannot be talked about, regardless of what things they are that cannot be talked about null

Mark de LA says
Well I don’t do stupid things like “talking about things that can’t be talked about” – some just like to pile more words on a pile & think they have achieved something in the way of communicating. 
For example no amount of language is going to communicate your “I” to another person. It will all be “about” or philosophy, psychology etc. 

Seth says
right … agreed null  ... so why is channeling any different?

Mark de LA says
Channeling is about the source  – even if real – like one would not go to Hillary Clinton posing  in drag to find out the truth about Donald Trump.  I am talking about the methodology not the communication afterwards. 

Seth says
oh … okay … so you are not talking about all cases of “being a medium for non-incarnated  invisible entities” but rather only those cases where fakery and stage magic is being used instead of doing it for real. 


Mark de LA says
I am talking about all cases being suspect.  If you think there is valid stuff there & it rings your bell I invite you to go get your ontology from:
(lot more fun)thumbs upnull

Seth says
well i agree … all such cases are suspect null

All i am suggesting is that all such cases of talking about spiritual matters are suspect in the very same way.

Mark de LA says
munge away dear bro – PR talks about being & ontology in clear waking consciousness & does a fine job. You are trying to munge where I have a distinction.  Enjoy the flow.

Seth says
well the variation is in your beliefs … and in your beliefs only.  you believe what PR is saying about consciousness, and you don’t believe what @nathan is saying about channeling.  I have no problem with that distinction that is in your mind. 

Si says
I completely covered this whole subject in another very similar conversation a month ago. I am surprised you have totally forgotten the good now-time reasons for doing such things. I really don’t want to repeat myself though, perhaps I will look up the conversation for you.

Si says
Here is an excellent response.  

Esoteric Cosmology (comment 58510)

Si says
mark, I have no intention of not channeling, quantum jumping, and gaining information from and having interactions with beings in other dimensions and planes of existence and non-existence. Neither do a very fast growing group of other people in this verse. So if you are staying around for a while yet, I suggest you either get used to it being more and more part of everyday conversations or hole up somewhere and shut it all out. Thanks!  

Mark de LA says
Mischaracterization to the max. null PR over & over says don’t believe – follow the methods. RS & GW as well say so.  RS says channeling is not good also & taught other methods. I understand channeling as simply another way to pretend you have an authority by transferring authority (of what you are saying) to another entity which can’t be talked to directly & is assumed to be a superior being. One called Seth was used by Esther before she went to LOA.  If it rings your bell …. etc …
For me: Music - Black Horse & The Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall

Mark de LA says
nathan – I already said my piece above! So …. take your own advice! null

Si says
You’re mostly talking about what dead people say (except #PR). What do you say? Why do you only quote what people figured out a very long time ago when things were quite different? Go inside and find these things out for yourself and then say that … it would be far more useful.  

… and I agree with a lot #PR says … he is well tuned in a lot of ways … but some of what he is saying now is also out of date … he is getting old and not keeping up with the times well … and some of what you say about what he says is highly modified to your perspective … not how I would interpret what #PR says.

Basically, say what you believe, not what others believe or have believed, then we can talk better. Thanks!

Mark de LA says
Better dead than imaginary null!  – why waste words which are already just fine & in the media. Just because something was said a long time ago does not mean it is not still true.  Or as JC said quite ago: Luke V – nullnull – sometimes the test of time is better than the knee-jerks null

36And he spoke also a parable unto them; No man puts a piece torn from a new garment upon an old; otherwise, then both the new makes a tear, and the piece that was taken out of the new does not match the old.

37And no man puts new wine into old wineskins; else the new wine will burst the wineskins, and be spilled, and the wineskins shall be destroyed.

38But new wine must be put into new wineskins; and both are preserved.

39No man also having drunk old wine immediately desires new: for he says, The old is better.

Seth says
i don’t understand why you say i made a “Mischaracterization”.   The only factual thing that i characterized was your beliefs … and i actually used your own words to do it.  

My point is that the only difference between what PR’s  says about you, and what nathan says to you about channeling is that you believe PR and you don’t believe nathan.  And i am going just a bit beyond that to imply that is an essential nature of anybody talking about any spiritual matters whatsoever.  I can cite as many examples as you may require. 

Said differently, if you can not talk about it, then anybody is free to say (and probably will say)  anything about it, … it is entirely up to them what they say … and it is entirely up to you whether you believe them or not.  Which of course is almost a platitude, is almost necessarily so,  and should not even be disputed.  The thing is, however, i think that undeniable fact forms the very nature of spiritual matters. 

Mark de LA says
I characterize what you have just said as #nitpeckering #arguing #haggling - #pigeon-peckering
Image result for arguing with a fool

Si says
Okay. Live in the past. Don’t evolve. Don’t be conscious in every moment and evaluate things on your own.

The past is a substitute for being conscious

… I get it already.

Mark de LA says
Some want to do a wholesale destruction of the past to offer an imaginary future – Luciferic I think. Maybe with Ahriman in combination. JC said to them anyway “Get thee behind me – Kiss my ASS!”

Si says
I believe there is no substitute for consciousness in the present.

Doesn’t mean do away with the past … means be conscious about it now.

Does’t mean live in an imaginary future … means be conscious about what you are creating for the future now.

Seth says
Why do you think that understanding an essential nature of spiritual matters is #nitpeckering #arguing #haggling and or #PigeonPeckering ?

Mark de LA says
Go look up their context.  Most of the time you are just arguing like now. 

Mark de LA says
Sure I like NOW – PR focuses there first for contemplation.  Additionally the wisdom of higher beings implanted during evolution is still here. Throw it away at your own risk (even if you could null) – Change doesn’t imply #ageism – it is all good.

Seth says
oh i totally understand what those tags mean … and the context in which thare are used … that was not my question. 

My question was why did you put  “understanding an essential nature of spiritual matters” in that context?

Si says
Well sure, that’s the whole point of evolving. The wisdom of our own predicaments, the wisdom of higher beings, and the wisdom of all our parallel selves, is there, implanted, in our greater now awareness to be used. Doesn’t mean we have to re-create or re-hash it to get to it … we can simply channel it into our now consciousness. #PR does that when he is in flow state during martial arts, for instance. It’s not a mental thing, it is a thing of doing … a direct accessing of this greater pool of information.

Seth says
incidentally, just to get us back on point here.  i did not make this up … i originally heard it from RS.  I even remember when.  It was when Virgin was reading both of us a Steiner book about the #Rosicrucians.  Later is was confirmed by things that GW implied about the occult.  Now, granted, i am generalizing a bit here … which is why delving into #examples might help if you do not believe it to be an “essential nature of spiritual matters”.  

But, hey … if you don’t want to talk about it .. that is totally fine with me.  All that is necessary for that to happen is for us to stop talking about it null.

Mark de LA says
You are off in #abstactia - your heart is good but your mind is confused. I suspect that you root your consciousness contunually & exclusively to the material world imaging the spiritual as some concoction of words which emanate from the collective meaning of the words in your social media connections & some books & youtubes.  I tend to get to similar places more directly – treating concepts & ideas as my friends – as beings – as gods etc. 
Maybe resume at some other place & time. I’m tired of this one.  null ZZzz..

Mark de LA says
Yep, something about your relationship to the past seems weird – obsessive #agist . Maybe too much of the #NOWbie religious dogma. 

Seth says
Nope, i do not “root [my] consciousness contunually & exclusively to the material world imaging the spiritual as some concoction of words which emanate from the collective meaning of the words in your social media connections & some books & youtubes”.

rather i have the utmost love and respect for my spiritual experiences.   Yet #IDoNotKnow how  to talk to you about those specific experiences in a way that you could actually know anything about them.

Si says
Could just as well be that your dragging the experiences and beliefs of your life with you into the present instead of being fresh and conscious in the now. Maybe that’s what is making it seem weird. Nearly everything new is weird until one gets used to it. Doesn’t mean we should not strive for new right?  

Mark de LA says
I don’t think wisdom is constrained by time.  Some get wiser as they get older – some don’t.  New is just as much an advertising meme as anything else.  I’m more into what’s so.  Some like to munge & confuse their way out of what’s so. Some like to be present to it. 

Mark de LA says
My fault! TOO BAD. (fuck it

Si says
Okay, then it does mean not striving for new. Okay. Not my thing.

Seth says
me i nullnulltoo

Mark de LA says
#TwistyWisty - nope it means exactly what I said.  However, striving is an illusion of the rat-race .
Some of the more interesting levels of consciousness can leave that behind. Selfies need the illusion of striving to make themselves better that the others.

Si says
Okay. I’m not in love with the word striving either. Doesn’t change the idea though. The idea is to consciously surf the wave of now toward the new. That’s the direction the wave is traveling.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
I choose this : (not constrained by anyelse’s ideas of what it means) 

Si says
Seems to me you have been about that for a long time. How’s it working out for you? Just asking.  

Mark de LA says
Pnullerhaps for many incarnations – don’t know yet what else is possible. null  I have from time to time reviewed the language & added or subtracted from it – the core is kewl.

Si says

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