#BozomicFactoring ←=→  #BozomicDecomposition … i mean: decomposition sounds just so negative and what we have been doing is factoring a number (er decomposing) into components … so i #renamed null.

null the cloud on individual thoughts is really starting to express it null

re “About: Integrate BEING with DOING - comment 60217
#prime11 – maybe triangulated, #IDoNotKnow
#prime37 – unknown
#prime57 – unknown

3  component  #prime’s  all  #SomeWhat  #specific 

and there is something about this #door that is also somewhat specific
re Writing Voice
3^2  → trancending
7^4  quit a bit of spiritual depth
must be about the comments as well as the thought


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Si says
LOL … next you are going to want a “boz room”. A collection of boz related thoughts. Good thing the system is slowly moving in the direction of plugin-level configurable virtual rooms eh?

Seth says
#IDoNotKnow … i am thinking that the #ConversationRooms themselves will be all that i would need … eg, #prime11 .  of course that is a virtual room null

Seth says
anyway i am not so very sure how deep i want to go  into this inquiry for vaious reasons #SomeWhat undiscussed and undiscussable.  it creates an alignment between a #RealWorld and a #IdealWorld … and to the degree i do it,  it becomes a #habit , an #obsession .  Do i want that #obsession … am i excited about doing that ? … #IDoNotKnow … i kind of don’t want some #IdealWorld restraining  my real one … i love my organic freedom more instead.  but i guess it is innocent enough as long as i do it after the fact null

Si says
It’s your creation, design it how you want it to feel. Then relate to it in the way that excites you. That’s living at it’s best!  

… and #Er, if you want to think about it as uncovering something, then do that, it’s your experience however you want it to proceed.  

Seth says

Seth says
mark who has already gone deep … far deeper than i … into this space has been notably silent.  Of course he will wipe what i do here into some kind of arrogant #bozoshit … yet  if he looked at it objectively, sans personality interactions with me, i do not understand why he would not see it as just about the same thing as his #YiKing .

Si says

Si says
Maybe he won’t do that. What are circumstances anyway except the marbles on your game board? Sometimes someone tilts the board differently … watch where the marbles roll now, no matter where you are accustomed to seeing the roll.  

Seth says

Seth says
re Growing Thinking Domains

5 has always been human
3 is  transcend
3 * 5^3 is clearly “trancend human”
i’m going to triangulate 59 as being unique to current aspects of thinking domains specifically.
so lets’s do some bozomic math … calculate what we should get for leasing and facilities management of a thinking domain …

3 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 59 / 100 = $221.25  which seems a good target for the monthly value of Wizzarding a thinking domain.   However it won’t start out selling at that value.  Perhaps some give-back credits could be constructed. 

Si says

Seth says

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