Be forewarned. FoHammer sighting at the FBI

Anti-self-love gone amok. Stay clear!


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Mark de LA says
#assholes ignore warning & continue the #AdHominem   & #TrumpShit – item put to rest. null

Si says
#assholes make threats and call them warnings when their rainbow panties are in a twist about people not playing by their rules in their game. They are also called bullies.

Seth says
#SeeAlso “My Reaction” ← my instant qualia caused me to laugh out loud … denise even asked what was so funny.

Si says

Mark de LA says
You are a fucking bully – look in the mirror.thumbs down

Seth says

Si says
Would that be the mirror you are staring in over there, full of #SelfHate?

Seth says
what is interesting is that mark either does not realize what he does to others when the wields his privacy right … or he does not care what #qualia he provokes in them. 

Mark de LA says
Conversely seth & nathan do not realize or just don’t give a fuck when they graffiti my thoughts or use ad hominem insults or muddy the waters – sometimes they even keep going regardless of warnings – seems like they bully & …. & take the thoughts somewhere unrelated while missing my points.  I warned the last time I hid an item that it was coming. Even Facebook & G+ have rules. Enjoy your #RWG . The juice is  #BellyBelly good.  

Seth says

Seth says
the question is why what we did feel  that way to you.  now bear in mind that i am not questioning that it did feel #bad to you … or even that you had a perfect right to feel any way about it that you wanted.  my questio is rather why it felt bad?  why did what we were doing even have anything to do with you at all?  … because if it didn’t have anything to do with you, why did it make you feel bad?

eg #FYI  #KeepingItReal:   nathan and seth were working some stuff out together that had started elsewhere … er at least that was how what i did was feeling to me.  It happened on a thought that you had started.  I think #SeriTD might look on that as you being a host of a happening.  In what we were doing there was no “ad hominem, insults, muddy waters” and there was no “#bullying” … at least none that i perceived.   #OkOkay you felt some regardless  and it was your right, the way thinking domains work right now, to stop it in a thought that you hosted.  I do not dispute that in the least. 

It just  brings to my mind this question ...

what is the relationship of the thought body to the threads of discussion which it provokes?

does the owner of the thought, own those discussions as well?

… it is a practical question. 
the toothless foodie mixing something up with you

Mark de LA says
It doesn’t matter why.  If I can’t count on being able to maintain a digital thought here without getting it ruined by you folk’s collaboration I will eventually choose a different platform.  If you talk to other people & they continue to deride your statements, counteract them, insult you or whatever … do you think you would be friends with them very long?  Conversely If you did the same to others do you think the other people would want to hang out with you very often?  See the 4th law I suggested this AM.

Seth says

Mark de LA says

Seth says
#btw mark, had you edited your #hashtag #FourthLaw into the comment “Be forewarned. FoHammer sighting at the FBI (comment 60389)”, then it would have shown up better in the correspoinding #ConversationRooms ← #justsaying

Mark de LA says
I put it where I wanted it.  I consider #FoHammer derogatory – like those who use it are #FoHoles & #FauxPeople still trying to answer GW’s age old question choosing the #LickOption  while their heads choose the #InsideOption 

Q: If my asshole were a circus would you go inside?
A: Hell no! You would probably lick around the outside!

Further elaboration on this comment shows you probably are choosing the #LickOption

Seth says
… er, i explicitidly was talking about the hashtag named “FourthLaw” not the derogotory one named “FoHammer”.  

i have “further elaborated” here because it is quite clear that you misunderstood to which hashtag  i referred.

Mark de LA says
I added it to the forking on the 3 laws which was my solution. null

Seth says
#btw my comment “Be forewarned. FoHammer sighting at the FBI (comment 60397)” was addressed to my recognition that …

using #hashtags as embedded words in sentences  make our conversation rooms better pop out connections. 


eg ⬆︎

Mark de LA says
I think you can always add stuff & comment tags into the mix – go for it. eh? Be forewarned. FoHammer sighting at the FBI (comment 60403) #hash-tug #LickOption

Seth says
mark, i have no idea what you mean by saying that ⬆︎

Mark de LA says
Quite simply , you can comment a #hashtag anywhere & the tag room should associate.  Don’t see your problem at all.  THe rest is simply that the derrogatory title of this item carried the reference into the example about tagging in comments & I tagged it appropriately. 

Seth says
but the conversation room shows quite differently if you use the tag in a sentence than if you append it to an somewhat extraneous comment.   Look at the actual conversation room now,  then put that tag in the sentence to which it actually aplied, then look at the room again … i am almost sure that you will see the difference instantly.  

When you say “if put anywhere, the tag room should associate” you are aking more intelligence of our girl here than #MeThinks she currently has.

Mark de LA says
Some tags are not instant.

Mark de LA says
Anyway I am snoozing & a #singularity of finishedness null later... 

Si says
I have no idea what #FauxPeople or #FoHoles are? Almost forgotten terms from another age?

The term #FoHammer is from J.R.R Tolken’s Lord of the Rings, as I stated clearly in the the gossip group definitions (Urban Dictionary of the FBI). It is the name of a highly revered and powerful weapon crafted by the ancient Dwarfs that can strike a devistating blow and completely wipe out opposition.

That’s what happens when one is having a great conversation and the #FoHammer strikes. The conversation completely disappears and one is left with an infinite loop pop-up that keeps cycling over and over “this thought is private”. It is a very good term from a well know current source nicely describing what it feels like to be on the receiving end of it. Are you not a Loard of the Rings fan?

Si says
“Some tags are not instant.” ~ mark

Not sure what that means. Once you submit content with a tag in it, it is instantly available to all others, even if they have not refreshed their page. The tag lists come from the server at all times.

Also, the tag cloud at the top of pages refreshes when content changes on someone else’s computer. It is all part of the live atomized stream. Everything pretty much is “instant” these days.

Mark de LA says
keyword is submit

Si says
also mark, there is almost no graffiti here at the FBI … see definition on Urban Dictionary of the FBI

Seth says

Seth says

Si says
Well I could easily submit the tag at the moment you finish typing it in the editor (when it changes color), that would be trivial to do … what is it you are wanting that level of instant for?

Seth says
⬆︎which is not a good idea for those of us with shakey fingers which must always be corrected.

Si says

Si says
Yep. Not as bad as it sounds though. #SeriTD is not a fan of a messy database. She cleans up all old tags on content when you submit, or re-submit any content. So even if I did make tags instantly available, they would still get cleaned up when the content was submitted if someone else didn’t pick up and use them in the mean time.

I just don’t know why mark wants that level of instant, that’s all.

Mark de LA says
Be forewarned. FoHammer sighting at the FBI (comment 60411) –  was the context for instant tags 

Si says
Yes, but I seem to be missing the core idea that makes the “instant” part necessary? How would you have been helped if tags were truly instant when finished typing?

Seth says

Mark de LA says
IDK – I’m out you folks keep choosing the #LickOption but I’m done.  I lost the thread & don’t want it either. seth has the complaint.

Seth says

Seth says

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