Ming for Congrex - Waw Derivation

THis is how the names of the S.’.S.’.S.’. and other ming words were created with the aid of yon fer 
Sun            wee
Salt            wawyi
Quicksilver wingtsawyingtee
Sulphur      waychingtsiennawyikmingtunggee
Note the character he uses for waw is the same as used in pg. 143 BC2 as aumha & is not in the ming translator.


  1. hmmm


Seth says

your cite the  tag “yon fer” in the body of this though.  but when that room is clicked upon, this particular thought does not appear in that context. 

i guess that you did not want this thought to appear in that context. 

Mark de LA says
fixed it already. please remove your comment.

Si says
#hmmm, I would not have expected “yon fer” to point back to this thought seth. I don’t mentograph things like that. Rather, that is something I would do in a conversation.  One of the difference between conversations and tag graphs.

Seth says

Seth says
yes, like i said, it was entirely up to mark’s intention.  Had i have written this thought i would have wanted it to appear in the context given by yon fer .  

it looks to me that this thought sheds light on what those books are about.  this thought seems to me to be an example of the use of those books … and hence it belongs in their context.    is that not so, mark ?

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