Sometimes SeriTD gets Starry Eyed

sometimes #SeriTD gets  #StarryEyed


where do you go girl?


  1. SeriTD
  2. StarryEyed
  3. OMG
  4. SiriTD
  5. btw
  6. Ahhh
  7. IDoNotKnow
  8. hmmm
  9. chat


Mark de LA says
Yeah I notice that a lot on startup. I always have to recycle the tab & wait then it goes away if I select the news & am lucky. laughing

Si says
She is reloading the entire news stream do to a major change on something by someone that she doesn’t have an atomic event defined to handle in an atomized way. As more atomic events get defined she will need to do this less.

Si says
It will always do that on first browser instance but should fill in less than 60 seconds. Reloading 200 news items does take a bit of server work.

Seth says
Once she spaced out, I have never known her coming back … One needs to go away to the 2.0 news … Usually eventually she wakes up.
the toothless foodie mixing something up with you

Si says

Seth says
Then too I guess she never comes into phones.

Seth says
#OMG there she is null

sent from iPhone
the toothless foodie mixing something up with you

Mark de LA says
THen too I wait & wait & wait …. clicking on a link 
BUt I can recycle the page & it comes up in seconds. 

Seth says

Seth says
but what you imply above nathan that it is just a matter of waiting “60 seconds” is not so.   i left one sit there for hours last night … once she spaces out, the client needs to go somwhere that causes a reload … then hope that somtime later she will wake up.

Si says
Still? Or are you drinking day old coffee.  

Seth says
well she is awake right now.  and i was reporting what happened last night.   and i am making a fresh pot of coffee right now, the dregs of yesterday have been recycled to a jar, maybe i will get to those if we drink too much coffee today.  

Seth says
hi #SiriTD …. hope you had a nice space out null

#btw, girl … er, str.replace is not a function … i thought you knew that.

Si says
#btw #chat is offline on purpose … getting revised.

Seth says

Seth says

#Ahhh … fresh coffee ...

Si says

Seth says
oh bb … wherefore art thou #SeriTD  … come back … come back ...

Si says
Next time, right click on anything in the page and choose “inspect element”. Then go to the console tab and see if there are any errors. Copy them here. Thanks!

Seth says

Seth says

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Si says
Okay. No errors. Just odd … the only time I get those is when the internet goes down here and nothing works, which does happen a few times an hour or so this deep in the woods.  

Seth says
and yet she spaced out quite long enought for me to take a picture

Seth says

Si says
Okay. No new info in it, so you don’t need to keep showing that one.  
Also, how about removing the width on the images so they display bigger? Thanks.

Seth says
ok, maybe i need to go to a different tab in the debugger #IDoNotKnow

Seth says

Mark de LA says

Si says
No, it’s just not happening due to an exception, that’s all. That is important to know now. Thanks.

Seth says

Seth says
well i caught her waking up

Seth says

Si says
Okay already. You don’t need to keep filling up our preciously depleting server harddrive space with pictures of the same console output. I get it. The reason is not showing up in the console.  

Seth says
well there is a warning message there that was not there before  just saying

Si says
Oh that is just a new message Firefox always puts up, because our user logins are over http instead of https. If you wanna spring for a SSL certificate, we can get rid of that.  Otherwise, it will always be there.

Seth says
just now she remains spaced out in FF … but in Chrome she came right back

Si says
Okay. Well at least everything I am doing is having some effect somewhere! That’s progress.

Si says
#SeriTD is monitoring your first news. So far everyone, including you, are getting their first news back in an average of 5.6 seconds with only a .8 second variance. That is way to long IMHO, but nothing like #StarryEyed … so we will keep monitoring and collecting clues.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
back to waiting for Godot.

Seth says
yes she is spaced in FF with
and with same password warning

but comes up in seconds in Chrome and with no password warning

Seth says
#hmmm … mayb have caught her in the act …

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