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"Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shaped sentences. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, your heart, your soul."

Meg Rosoff



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Si says
I call 85% bullshit. Some people want that. Most people don’t. Most people are not here in this reality environment for that kind of experience. That is more the common experience in other realms. Check the news here on earth, you will see what most people ARE here for.  

Seth says
i guess Meg should have spoke for herself null.   But she spoke for me too null.

Si says

Si says
Yep. Some people really enjoy the seducing and flattering and the pleasure of well shaped sentences. Others enjoy being seduced and flattered and having the shapliness of what they create adored. 

Those, quite many people, have little interest in one’s mind heart and soul … those things are boring! Didn’t need to go all the way though the process of getting born and growing up in this environment just for that stuff … that stuff is intrinsic to the cosmos!

Seth says
naahh null.   its about making my outsides look like my insides so they match.  keeping them different is a lie.  lieing is just too much stress for the likes of me.   and i have found that the i can perceive and act in my nexus when i am honest … lieing breaks me out of it.  other people seem to trip on it too … gives me a kind of glow #DontYaKnow 

Si says
Just don’t go around thinking everyone is here for that. Everyone can identify with your ideal and say with starry eyes “oh yea, that sounds really nice, people should do that”, but most will go back to fighting with their mate, having seductive sex, reading sultry pulp fiction, and all the other things they are really here for.  

… because it’s all those things, and the ability to lie and be lied to, and figure out which it is with your own creativity, that is the seduction of physical reality! It’s a very advanced course in the #MultiVerse!

Seth says
well it would be kind of silly for me to think that everyone is doing that โฌ†๏ธŽ, when a lot of people i meet are demonstrably not null

i can’t figure out what “it” deeply refers to in your phrase “which it is with your own creativity”. 


Si says
… and I really get tired of “that” sometimes. No one on earth I talk to or listen to or watch converse seems to have such trouble figuring out all these “it” and “that” pointers contextually as you and Mark do … it’s kind of like your guys thing to ignore context and require specific “thating”.

Seth says
well your pronouns need to be guessed … and all of my guesses make no sense to me … or are so ambiguous that i can make up whatever i want  and hence you would really be saying nothing to me at all.  but ok, if it tires you i wont ask about to-what-you-refer when you use a phrase … i can  just read you like a Bob Dylan’s song and then forget about it … i have no need to tire you into me grocking what you are truly saying.

#btw i am pretty good at listening and figuring out what something means in context … no thanks to you for not noticing.

#btw, my tirade against #UnGuessablePronons is just mine, leave mark out of it  … it is something i picked up by  watching people talk and noticing that they really were talking about different things.   I could give you specific examples, but then that would really tire you null

Si says
Okay. That sounds good. That is what reality is about anyway. Enjoying the song, not nitpicking.  

… and for whatever reason, Mark has said things about unspecified pronouns far more often than you have. You both have been doing it back and forth with each other in your conversations for years, with Mark in the clear lead IMHO!

Seth says
i started it null

and when you talk about “what reality is about”, you should talk for yourself.

and i am not #nitpicking … i am actually trying to understand what you are saying … any  presumptions to the contrary  notwistanding.

Si says

Si says
… and you are so focused here that you are missing about 3 to 10 other important things happening across the domain. Youโ€™s needs coffee! ?

… and that is one little down side to your practice of #truing … it uses up a hell of a lot of bandwidth! But you #LikeIt, I get that.  

Seth says
oh i am pretty confident that things are going well over on my “set location” … but you are right … i need my second … or is it my third cup of coffee null

Si says
Well, I generally have a multitude of set locations, not just my tent, and move around between them like greased lightning (or a bouncing ). I also use the clipboard as an easy second location, and the news as a bunch more, and tend to re-edit some things just to bump them back up onto my desktop view at the top of the news.

Have had thoughts about a way to make this all work even better, a real desktop … but right now it actually works pretty good between the tent, the clipboard, and the news.  

Wizard says
seth, when you said “i started it null” in your comment above โฌ†๏ธŽ, to what did your “it” refer? 

Si says
Yea, never mind. Your having a conversation with yourself. nullnull

Wizard says
actually i was giving you an excellant example of where you apparently misguessed to what my “it” refered.  

My “it” in that ambiguous statement refered to “my tyrade against pronouns” … it had nothing to do with you at all.  I started thatโฌ†๏ธŽ, mark did not.   Now mark may well have a different view of that, i am sure … but that would be a totally different topic. 

Wizard says

Si says
Yes, that is exactly what I thought that “it” meant … there was no other possibility once all things on the page were resolved in context. Context works like that. When you read a whole page, it is very very rare for pronouns to end up being ambiguous. It only happens when one just reads snippits and sound bytes. I always read everything before resolving … unless I am bouncing so fast I don’t really care.  

… and even then I generally have a fully resolved and indexed context map for that page in my #MindPalace to draw upon anyway.

Wizard says
… or something entirely different happened null null

Si says
If you don’t do what I do, you could call it that, yes.  ← see, there is only one “it” in the context map for this entire page, properly resolved, that that it could be referring to.

Seth says
whatever …. i have no idea what you are talking about … and i am beginning to care less.

Si says
You don’t make context maps for pages in your #MindPalace, that was my whole entire point that started this conversation. And thus you stumble upon “it”s and “that”s when you find them.

Seth says
#btw, how about the “entire page” in the sequence in which they were observed by seth … even those which may now have been deleted?

Si says

Si says
But if you saw one before it was deleted, it should still be in your internal map … or you would not even know about it to write about it, so no fowl there.  

Seth says
and do you know if it is in my internal map or not … er, i think not.

#btw, i am not even looking for “fowls” …. are you?

Si says
You wrote about something that is not there in physical. I did in fact delete something you must clearly be referring to that you did respond to so I know you saw it. Therefore that thing is still in your internal maps, and my internal maps, and is thus the only thing that would match a pronoun about deleted things said in this page.

Do you create context maps for pages in your #MindPalace? From out here, it appears you don’t, or you would not need to have us resolve them for you.  

Seth says
There is no the context map for a page.  But there is a context map in every person who observes it at any given moment. 

Si says

Si says
Close enough for the context of this conversation … it’s not #RocketScience, it’s just a conversation you know.  

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21613

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