A fun little feature!

I know, I know, the  is bouncing around so fast seth cannot keep up with it all, and mark never really has an interest in anything new except his own wallabys … but here is a new one in any case, even if it gets lost in the shuffle of seth trying to understand his new site curation pointers … and talk about reality (his real passion, curating his site pointers is something he does only because I force him to)!

If you double-click on a word in a document (or drag select over a word or words) slight further movement of the mouse over the selected area will pop up a filter gadget. If you click on it, you will filter that room to only those thoughts having those word(s) in them!  

obviously this will only happen in rooms that have a content filter gadget in the page bar
SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality ?


  1. MultiVerse
  2. Awsome
  3. awesome
  4. OMG


Si says
An example. Go to the #MultiVerse conversation room. You will see 20 (or more) thoughts in the room. Now find the word “story” in any thought. Double click on it then click on the filter gadget. You will now only see (about) 6 thoughts in the room with the word “story” highlighted everywhere.  

… and if you do this again, the new word gets ADDED to the filter … focus focus focus!  

Si says
p.s. seth and mark, this will keep being resurfaced until it is read and responded to. Otherwise it is wasted effort to make any new feature. Thanks!

Mark de LA says
Your ad hominem side comments don’t entice! null I’ll get to it a bit later.

Seth says

Si says
Get used to it and stop bashing it. It’s what I do. It is me, and it is a thrill if you let it be!  

Mark de LA says
Seems to work.  Sort of like the F3 function key in Chrome for any web page – which also works cross websites.

Seth says
might be #Awsome … i’ll need to play with it a bit to see just how very much. 

Si says

Si says

Si says
Don’t think it is quite worth an #awesome rating … but it is yet another way to easily focus in here. This is the first of it’s kind (it being things that you can do with words in pages). If it holds up well, there may be more!

Mark de LA says
Thrill is personal to you, Mr. Positivity attracting what? null

Seth says
and #OMG yes, the is jumping around this morning null … much faster than i can keep up with.

Si says

Si says
As Tony Robbins says, anything can be modeled. A thrill sounds like something possibly worth modeling to me … if found in another. null

Si says
Yes, but F3 is a windows thing, not a mac thing. It is one of the very few things I do miss from windows. This feature helps fill the gap and still is a little different too!

Mark de LA says
Try the volcano test & let me know how it goes! null

Si says
You first. I want pictures. Can’t take them myself, the iPhone would melt!

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