Questions about group tag clouds ...

#SeriTD, nathan

Why is group about-fastblogit not forming a tag cloud of all the thoughts just in that  group?  … rather than a tag cloud of the entire domain.


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Si says
Because you have “show all domain tags in cloud” checked in your room settings.

Wizard says
i did … but if i take off that option, then it does not show all tags in all thought in that group … go take a look now, please.

Si says
It is showing all mentographic tags. There were too many complaints about “inaccurate group representation” when group rooms where showing conversation tags too … because the group author has no control over the conversation tags. “group focus” is simply the metographic tags.

Seth says
#hmmm so because mark complains that the hashtagging in his group, which is what it is, does not adequately represent his thinking,  we cannot have the #hasthtags  that are thunk in group about-fastblogit be adequately reflected in its cloud?  #guck 

Si says
Oh, I suppose I could just make it a group option  

But he does have a point. Someone could just put #shit and #cunt in comments all over your group and if it always showed both kinds of tags, you would be at the the mercy of the #ShittyCunt people … because all you could do with those is delete or hide all those comments. You couldn’t prune just the tags like you can with mentographic tags.  

Seth says
what about if only the tags and hashtags in the thought bodies themselves form the cloud in that group … and/or maybe exclude comments by others.

Seth says
… so in a curated group, like group about-fastblogit,  the curator would have control of what taggings got reflected in the cloud as the curator curates the comments.

Si says
Anything is possible, but I suspect that no matter what is decided, someone will want it a different way. Though your suggestion seems reasonable for group focus … almost, if you are going that far with conversation tags, why not do the same with mentographic tags and say it is “just the group owners tags only?

Seth says

Seth says
… and only front room.

Si says
Curator creates the comments? Where does that come from. Always and forever, anyone signed in can create comments, and you even want the guest comment feature to work again. All we ever do is limit who can create thoughts.

Seth says
i didnt say “creates” … i said “curate”.   So in a narrowly focused room if the curator doesnt think a comment is on target, they would hide it and it would not get reflected in the cloud.

Si says
Okay, if you actually keep on top of that. Seems like tags by the owner of the group are the best way to go for now. I will see about that.

Seth says
whatever works the best if fine with me … i would like to keep it just as very open and free as possible. 

and in the case of group about-fastblogit i have no problem with paying attention there.

Si says
Okay. Group focus tag cloud is now all tags where the tag owner is also the thought owner. This not only makes the query easier to write, but more importantly, it is the same effect for solo owned groups but for joint owned groups, or free thinking groups, it gives the control to all thought makers, not just the owner of the group. It shifts the group focus to the tags by the owners of the thoughts in the group … making the thought owners responsible for the tags seen in the focus cloud.

Seth says

Seth says

Si says
#hmmm I was thinking that perhaps this would allow Mark to put his tag cloud back on his group, thinking that maybe it was Seth who put most of the Obama tags there, but no, of the 92 Obama tags, 81 were put there by Mark. He bared his ass to Obama all on his own.  

Seth says
yes in that regard i mostly affixed my obama bashing tag.

Seth says

Seth says
the #TagCloud on group about-fastblogit now truly reflects what this domain is currently all about … er or so #MeThinks null … and it only has just 3 thoughts in it.

Seth says
#btw #SeriTD guests should loose the obnoxious yellow background on commentary.

Si says

Si says
Noted. But this yellow is a creamy yellow only different enough from the regular gray for new comments to be noticeable. It is not obnoxious like the stark yellow was in FBI1.

Seth says
i’m taking about its usage for guests.   it highlights just fine if it means something to you because you are following changes here.   but if you are not, as eg an guest could not, then is is just useless and me thinks obnoxous. 

Si says
Yes. I said “Noted” for the first part of that reason. I just don’t think it is anything close to obnoxious. Perhaps quizzical, they would wonder what it is for. But the colors are so well harmonized it’s just a notable thing, not anything close to be obnoxious anymore.

Seth says
#OMG  yes these things in context are so very #subjective

Seth says
mark … how does the #TagCloud look on your group mark now ?

Si says
#btw seth, mark will not see this in his news because he is not subscribed here. i.e. he has not liked or commented here at all. Thus to get his attention in the news, you would have to tag his name in the thought, not just in a comment.

Once he is subscribed here, then he will get comment name tagging notifications as well.

Seth says
i thought tagging a person in a comment would have gotten their attention too

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