Nate's Still Playing Poker with his Mouth

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Si says
OooooWeeee! Now that’s livin … thats the true grit some of us signed up for when we checked our our verse building kit from the quartermaster! Yeeee Dog!

Hey, did you notice he said:

#CommonLogic says your gonna win one sooner or later

… love how you tied that in with me! I am the master of amazing attraction!  

Mark de LA says
Pretty much #CuntMouth !

Si says
After watching this, I’ll wear that with Pride~ … thanks!   
SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality ?

Si says
Well mark, you have managed to loose every hand you have bet your stake on tonight, and quite fairly too. No underhanded dealings or tricks up peoples sleeves. Might be a good day to go home and lick your wounds. Come back another day and try to be “Bill” again. Today, you are just the #CuntMouth … and you probably won’t wear that with pride like I do. Probably all that thinking about it … good old attracting gave you exactly what you requested with your vibration. You can’t wish it away or escape it no matter how hard you try. What you think about most will become. It is The Law.   

Si says
Better step up your game mark, if you want to be Bill tonight. So far your leaning in the direction of another #CuntMouth night. But you never know, suck it in and focus and you could be Bill yet!  

Si says

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