What is Enlightenment ? - comment 60984

Seth says ...

the pesky thing about  the  #absolute is that it IS everything together

…  and to know it you must BE everything together. 

bozo faust


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Si says
All right. Technically. But not to know of it, to talk about it. Anyone can do that … and each will be talking about their own version. So I guess, maybe that is true!

Seth says
and i don’t care what you say Bozo, that is sum null

Seth says

Seth says
yes exactly null … what #RingTrue to everyone is #relative to them.

Seth says
… which might be a scary thought to some … but to others is a #Freedom rush. 

Seth says
mark, deleting a thought in a group that we share, eg “[thought 21629]”, is to be #UnConscious within that group.

Si says
You do realize that mark may never see this because he is not subscribed to this thought? (no comments or likes here)

If you want to force subscribe him, you must tag his name in the thought body itself. Putting a name tag in a comment only gets to people who are subscribed to a thought. Thanks!  

Seth says
i think a person should be notified about any live reference about them.

Si says
Well I don’t. I want to subscribe to the things I am interested in myself. And I want the ability of others to “force subscribe me” to be a very clear and deliberate action, not just a mention in a comment.

I even want the ability to unsubscribe, which currently does not exist yet.

This will be super critical when there are many people.

I don’t want to be pulled by force to everywhere someone happens to think of me.

Seth says
i said they should be #notifiโ€™ed  … which #MeThinks should not imply that they are  #subscribed. 

Seth says

Si says
Well, right now they are the same thing. But I am still not sure I want even being notified just because someone thought of me. People here use name-tags a lot. I like only having to deal with that in contexts I am personally interested in. If you really want me there, you (the thought author only) can name tag me in the thought. Seems like a reasonable thing to me. Keeps others from spamming my attention all over the Fโ€™ing place.  

Seth says
then it might be a personal preference, i certainly want to know when people are talking to me, or even if they are just talking about me.   don’t forget, you can always ignore them

Si says
Yes, I see how that would work for you. Not many people vi for your attention. Someone like Natalie has the opposite problem however. She has had to suspend her Facebook often just because so many people want her attention, and input, and advice, and love, that she was getting many hundreds of “taggings” in her Facebook feed every day making her notifications useless. There needs to be ways to prevent that.

Seth says
yep, different people are different and should be able to change and mask just as they please.

Si says
So here we are exploring a natural compromise that requires no special settings. If you want someone here, name-tag them in the thought. Maybe that will change as ideas evolve, but realize that it is that way right now and Mark will not be notified of his name here unless you do put his name-tag in the thought.  

Seth says
#btw i am almost always aware of what i have thought … so that having to sort through my own thoughts in a notification stream is to obscure what i am looking for.   now when i am thinking in the river, which i do so love to do, i love that my own thought appear there in their sequence with others.

Si says
At first I added “your own” thoughts to the news because you seth specifically requested it … now, however, I use the top of the news as my desktop and easy way to get back to all the parallel things I am working on that others have not commented on yet. They are all right there easy to get to.

… so I will have to think about that. Perhaps it is time for a true “workspace” stack/feature.
SeriTD and โ€“ facilitating your changes to your reality ?

Seth says
yeah but what if the thought itself does not really include the other person’s awareness (or not) of same.   #SeriTD is forcing me to change the actual content of my thoughts to satisfy her own inability.

Seth says
i requeste the option like it was in the old 2.0 news … not that it always was there.

Si says
That is not the way I think about it. I see that she gives deliberate control of who is wrenched here to the thought author only … and makes them make it very clear and obvious to everyone who has been invited, or kidnapped, here. It is very deliberate and clear this way.

Seth says
apparently we have discovered a place where her “wrenching” does not work for all circumstances for everybody.  looks like we need a notification stream that does not force attention, but rather just notifies …. in a way more easily ignored.

Si says
Yes, well lots of good ideas are percolating in about how to improve the news. It needs better showing/organizing of “new thoughts”, and may be able to actually work as a desktop with the right display format and features, and other ideas too like an optional sidebar news. It will likely change soon.  

Si says

Seth says
what is this “work as a desktop” ?

Seth says

Si says
I told you. I use the top of the news as my desktop right now. All the stuff I have just created is right there easy to access. Right now, because my stuff is in the news, the news is literally a stack of my latest stuff. A very nice desktop.

Would be interesting to continue that ability in a more deliberate way in the next news version.

Seth says
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