Hello there ...

Hi mark … Hi nathan …  welcome to the second day of #FallEquinox  …

#OMG … i wanna see that again ...

super super kewl null null

mark do you know what i am talking about? … seeAlso thought 21642 re null


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Seth says
woopse, my #DesktopStreme aka #river did not update … i thought we had live streams

Si says
Not everything. A bit more each day.  

Seth says

Seth says
well the #river seems live … super super kewl null null

Si says
Thought boides may be live in the river, and perhaps title changes, but I know that about changes and cross correlation to news items is not live.

Seth says
nathan, why do some thoughts get their comments expanded in the river and some do not … last time i looked it did not seem to be dependant on the flag in the thought itself.

Seth says

Seth says
eg this thought … it is not marked “hide comments” yet the comments in the river are suppressed.

and they are also suppressed in group test

Si says
Comments are automatically hidden when there are more than 5 comments on a thought. You signed off on this feature about 2 months ago with a like. Wherever it is now … in some comment somewhere.

This prevents spamming the river and group front rooms with zillions of comments.

Seth says
yeah ok … so that is good and that is bad

Si says
Nothing that makes the river more usable for everyone else is bad. The river is not your personal desktop even if you want to hammer and scruntch and saw and conive it to pretend to be.

Think about a real desktop, not the river, then we can get somewhere.  

Seth says
well the river is where i can think with others … i did not say it was just for me … but it IS where i can think with others … or it used to be. 

if i want to think by myself i can go go group seth and then it is all just me. … or if i want to think about technical aspects of thinkin domains i can go to group fbi and think with others there … right there in that particular nexus.

Si says
You can’t think with others in the river, you can only gamble with them. The river is just a big crap shoot, a speak-easy gambling casino … even if it doesn’t seem that way at the moment, that is only an artifice of that there are only 3 people here.

A “real desktop” would allow you to actually hang out with others in a chummy place, like a coffee shop, not a casino.  A real desktop would be reliable, no matter how many people were here. It would give you what you think the river is giving you now (but is only teasing you), and much more as well, like a stack of your current work in progress.

Seth says
#hroseshit nathan, yuou are not listening to me

Seth says
if people are gambeling or gossiping in some room, let them do that in that room.   we make of thise verses just what we do … note the #birdie … and that includes the whole domain … er, or does it?

Si says
If there were even only 20 active people here at a time, what is on top of the river would go by so fast it would be useless to you as a desktop, especially with live updates. It would just be a blur and you would be back here in a heartbeat saying “I can’t use the river anymore, it is just blinking thoughts”.

Seth says

Si says
Gambling being a colloquial reference to the fact that the river is like a spinning roulette wheel, or wheel of fortune. It is just spinning so slowly right now that you think it is mostly stationary. Every new person here will increase the rate of spin until it is just a blur of new thoughts … and your thoughts, your desktop use, will be gambled away.

Seth says
okay so then looks like a person needs a way to subscibe  whole actve thoughts into a space and call that her personal desktop.   for me that used to be the river … and currently i  still can use it that way.  

i am saying that currently the river works  far more that way for me just because it has the whole active thoughts in.   much more than the new news or notification streme … it not even close.

Si says
“Currently” … okay. But the river needs to take a different development path than how you are currently using it as a desktop, and the idea of a desktop that is useful to individuals needs to be developed. They will have quite different features and needs. This is the time and place for them to diverge, not to try and make them the same thing which will never work out down the road and will just be lost effort.

Seth says

Seth says
ok, but for my own thinking now, i need a personal desktop … and the river you talk about needs more people to even exist.

Si says
A “desktop room” that has whole active thoughts. Okay not a problem. Can be part of the design, though a mini desktop in the news would still be far quicker and mecurial and useful to someone like a (Gemini*3)² person.  I have no problem at all differentiating the current news and focusing where I want and the ability to jump around quickly, every few seconds, between all the things I am involved in, is fantastic. A “desktop room” would slow me down massivly. 

Si says
Well, I don’t put effort into new software that is based on an anomlie … the assumption is that there will be more people and all development should be twoard that end. If this is all always going to be just your and Mark’s personal blogisphere, then I will put my time elsewhere … maybe back on floodles.

Seth says
that people could #ThinkTogether  in #ThinkingDomains is not an  #anomaly   … rather it is a #possibility that i thought we were manifesting into a #happening in our #CommonReality ←  #NoteTheBirdie 

Si says
… and IMHO this is also more like how the younger generations relate to things. I think they would love to see this site designed like a game-console where they could jump around and tweak and split and multi-task just like they do in console games now. That would attract them. Big old cumbersom rooms with lumbering thoughts and minimalist controls would bore them to death.

Si says
No one said anything about that. I responded to “and the river you talk about needs more people to even exist.” … as always, the last thing you typed.

99.9% of the time my response is to your last sentence or concept.

Seth says

Seth says
ok so if that is true, that this rambeling gossiping gambeling river that will exist when more people are here … upon which i agree … must needs be attracted by what we want to be … eg a place where people can think together. 

does that #HangsTogetherWell ?

so which comes first, the chicken or the egg … you tell me.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21645

Si says
I think a good thinking place, like a coffee shop, is a good thing. I don’t think now is the time to map out what that will do to the river. I know that the river has it’s own thing in mind, maybe more like Twitter, maybe more like Marks multi-demensional navigation. Whatever the river becomes, it will be a highly useful public vortex where current news is sampled … and that will be the opposite kind of place where people hang out with co-collaborators. The river only teases that it is like that now. It is not. Even it’s very name “river” is not.

Seth says
it would be nice if you would #ListenToMe when i am talking rather than just #ThinkYourOwnThoughts in contradiction and then blame them on some inanimate #possibilities in some #UnManifested #verse.  null

Si says
Or, just think me that way and then you will have that experience. You never need to get me to do anything different to change your experience.  You only ever need to think differently yourself.

Seth says
well it does match my experience.

Si says
Yes, your experience has momentum and a balance of forces. Some 3rd force needs to come in to make the change, tip the balance, that’s all. See the stuff on 3 forces from last week.  

Seth says
but tip the balance in which direction … do you not think that direction is #relative to you as you talk of it?

and when i use “you” i mean you and not my image of you. 

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