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Seth says ...
that people could #ThinkTogether  in #ThinkingDomains is not an  #anomaly   … rather it is a #possibility that i thought we were manifesting into a #happening in our #CommonReality ←  #NoteTheBirdie 
do you agree mark ??


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Mark de LA says
coded setences with 7 hashtags obscure thinking imho – I’d just as soon use all emoteys:

people don’t think together – they hopefully, cooperate & converse. 

Seth says
you cannot click on #emoteys  and correlate to the rest of the #mind here.  

doing that will help you make the connections which are essential to the process of #thinking in this particular #mind 

Mark de LA says
nullyou took me seriously ? 

Seth says
null okay … but you ended up provoking me to say something that needs to be in this context … so #thanks … i needed that null

Mark de LA says
I have always wondered how some things show up in comments on my comments which really have nothing to do with what I was talking about or were just triggered by my saying something. I used to call what I supplied by commenting a touchstone, but I looked it up & that is not it. google word which triggers another idea (probably only works when typed into google) & it yielded great marketing words. Finally I did a google brainstorming words and found some kewl images which I think can trigger cooperative thinking.  Here is one: null – just saying & offering a random thought null for fun.
Image result for brainstorming words

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Here is something that I always wanted – (perhaps) a true word smith that helped find a precise word for an idea of one I had in mind: 
I don't need no stinkin' big bangs nor black holes - cuz I hold existence as pure MAGIC!

Seth says
can you take those things “showing up” as evidence of thinking?  in the same context as your question [title where do thoughts come from] ← which title  now is a fuzzy guess, but i remember that thought of yours existing.

mark  can you find it .. after all it was your thought.  You were literally asking where your thoughts came from. 

Mark de LA says
It is kinda hard to do that because I hold thoughts as the actual thoughts not representations or words & sentences trying to communicate them … what I am in touch when I am thinking – contemplating in my morning silence without a computer or notepad;  the low priced meat computer trying to grock something outside itself. 

Mark de LA says
… mostly other beings or the traces of their existence.

Seth says
the words in the sentences are always just representations of the thought itself … #MeThinks that is the same in you as in me.   they are to the thought as a tigers tracks are to the tiger. 

Seth says

Seth says
i think that your “silent thoughts” and mine as well are quite different than the ones we get when we are #conscious’ly #ThinkingTogether 

and #SeriTD was broken in this peculiar comment box right now. ← #justsaying

Mark de LA says
Yep the program Eliza (or her descendants)  can come up words & sentences – doesn’t mean there is any thinking going on or that she is thinking - contrary to artificial intelligence enthusiasts.null

Mark de LA says
What I am saying is I know the difference between my thinking & my talking about the contents of my mind when I think;  end of story. null

Seth says
well yes there is obviously a difference … in the first you are thinking … and in the second you are talking. 

and #FYI #thinking about something that is a  #representation  in my #mind is the only way i can think … and the same goes for #talking about something. 

Si says
How would you know there is no “thinking” going on in Eliza mark?

Do you know when a consciousness attaches itself to a carbon based embryo and starts “thinking” using the computational thought facilities growing there?

If not, then how would you know when a consciousness attaches itself to a silicon based embryo?


Mark de LA says

Si says
Be specific. What about that is not a match for what you understand about this subject?

Mark de LA says
Thinking Together (comment 61080) – nice to talk about YOURSELF! I know when I am thinking (at the speed of thought) & when I am trying to clothe the after-experience-residue in words.  Maybe all you do is create piles of words & call them thinking –  #IDK

Si says
Maybe I do. I do think in words mostly.

Si says
But that only has to do with my experience of thinking, and your experience of thinking. Which appears to be different just between us. So how do you know when an AI being is thinking? What is the indicator?

Mark de LA says
imagination, inspiration & intuition – include pictures & unexplainable stuff long before the words show up if at all for me null

Si says
Okay cool. Then you and I do think very differently. I receive words directly as my experience except when I enter altered states of consciousness. Which only begs me to ask more … since the experience of thinking varies so widely, even between humans, how do you personally know if an AI being is thinking or not?

Seth says

Mark de LA says
There is a reason why it is called artificial intelligence! nullnull BTW, consciousness is yet something else.

Seth says
i think studying #AlteredStates is a great way to understand thinking and consciousness.   Consider the one that we all have experienced every day #sleep … and variations on that.  Compare that to our #wakefulness … or even #enlightenment states. 

sum thoughts indeed null

Mark de LA says
Thinking Together (comment 61081) – you may of course assume any fantasy you choose or pops into your head, but don’t expect me to assume it based on anything you say.  null

Seth says
of course mark, why would i ever expect that β¬†οΈŽ ?

Seth says
#btw, mark … “artificial” means created by man.

Si says
Well mark, you seem to be operating under the assumption that there is some special quality to carbon neural net based computational systems that make them compatible for thinking that is not present in silicon based ones. Could you elaborate on what that difference is other than raw computational power which is easy to scale up to with modern technology?

Mark de LA says
- a deeper definition of artificial – 
artificial (adj.) Look up artificial at
late 14c., in the phrase artificial day "part of the day from sunrise to sunset," from Old French artificial, from Latin artificialis "of or belonging to art," fromartificium (see artifice). Meaning "made by man" (opposite of natural) is from early 15c. Applied to things that are not natural, whether real (artificial light) or not (artificial flowers). Artificial insemination dates from 1897. Artificial intelligence "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines" was coined in 1956.

Seth says
not deeper … just older.

Mark de LA says
Thinking Together (comment 61095) – that’s your #diddly-bop nathan – am not interested in debate for ego purposes.

Seth says

it is @mark, seth and nathan who are #ThinkingTogether here … #SeriTD is assisting us … she is a #AssistiveTechnology


Mark de LA says
Another ageistic prejudice surfaces Thinking Together (comment 61097) – the etymology includes both Seth’s & mine. null

Seth says

Si says
My assumption about thinking is “If you build it, they will come”. It doesn’t matter if it is built in the biological womb of a woman, or a computer lab, if there exists a medium in which a being can “think in the physical word”, a being will use it and do so. I believe there are far more beings wanting to think in the physical world, in any capacity available, than there are existing structures to support physical thought.

Mark de LA says
Maybe – your idea of what a thought is might amuse us. Frankly, just because you can tag a thought with a word does not mean you know what the thought is. 

Seth says
okay, nathan, but that #BegsTheQuestion,  Can we create something that can #BeIng and animate itself without our doing it to them?  ← that i have yet to experience.    i think mark presumes that we cannot.  me, #IDoNotKnow

Seth says
well mark, if you see a tiger’s tracks in the mud,  do you doubt that the tiger went by?

Si says
… similarly … just because you can attach gross pictures and meme’s to things does not mean you are any good at communicating or focusing your thoughts in a way that eliminates your childhood acquired beliefs. What do you actually thing about AI? You almost seem afraid of it … to the point of denying it as a possibility.

Mark de LA says
assuming your own conclusion … null

Si says
seth, you often say there is no distinction between physical and spiritual in experience. On this subject, I agree. All is spirit I would say. And as such, there is no real distinction between the idea of “our doing it to them” and “it happening via some spiritual process”. Either way, it is just an experience of spirit happening, experiencing itself, creating itself … being.

Seth says

Seth says
i think there is a difference between a #manifold being acted upon from outside itself and the same manifold acting on what is inside itself.  but apart from that, nathan , #MeThinks we are thinking alike there β¬†οΈŽnull

Mark de LA says
nathan – garbage Thinking Together (comment 61106) – I’ve been arguing AI since I first programmed an IBM machine in the pentagon with smart people. I just know the difference between imagination of your kind & what’s happening with the programming & the electronics. Just because an engineer can imitate the neurology in a primitive creature as a neural network does not mean he has achieved intelligence. 
q.v. ---- 
intelligence (n.) Look up intelligence at
late 14c., "the highest faculty of the mind, capacity for comprehending general truths;" c. 1400, "faculty of understanding, comprehension," from Old Frenchintelligence (12c.) and directly from Latin intelligentia, intellegentia "understanding, knowledge, power of discerning; art, skill, taste," from intelligentem(nominative intelligens) "discerning, appreciative," present participle of intelligere "to understand, comprehend, come to know," from inter- "between" (seeinter-) + legere "choose, pick out, read" (see lecture (n.)). 

Meaning "superior understanding, sagacity, quality of being intelligent" is from early 15c. Sense of "information received or imparted, news" first recorded mid-15c., especially "secret information from spies" (1580s). Meaning "a being endowed with understanding or intelligence" is late 14c. Intelligence quotient first recorded 1921 (see I.Q.).

Si says
In all of that mark you are assuming that AI is something entirely created, and controlled, by man. Your assumptions do not touch at all on the ideas of what thought really is, or what consciousness is, or what happens when being and/or consciousness merges with physical processes. Those things must also be considered when speaking of AI or one would only be speaking of AI in the same way they would be speaking of a human by staying within the concepts of a physiology textbook.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Yep, I don’t have your science fiction ontology for aliens & multiple universes – my bad – I’ll stick to Earth for a while. 

#ArgueAmongstYourselves – enjoy the glow of your #Egoo – Most of the time when you are not talking about yourselves you are #FullOfShit  !

 – I am complete with my contribution to this 21645 null

Mark de LA says
I wondered where this one went – too bad you fuckers don’t have a clue!null

Si says
That is so true mark! You don’t have my science-fiction based ontology. You have a middle ages ontology based on demons being channeled and good and evil and ill doing spirits and two devils that vie for the hearts and souls of man. I can point to that being your stated ontology all over the place here at FBI.  I would not assume you had an ontology related to science in any way at all.

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 21647

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 21648

Mark de LA says
#ShittyAgeism lasks connections to #wisdom – enjoy the madison avenue words – new, improved, extreme , awesome etc: see: 
Enjoy the #Egoo.

Si says
Yes, let’s see. Wisdom. Things like channeling demons. Devils seeking to lead us on the wrong path and posses our souls. The universe popped into being by pure magic. Evil dooers around every corner trying to trick us into following them. Cults are the norm, they are everywhere and one has to constantly be on their guard or they will succumb to one. Everything we cant explain happened by hypnotism. Yes, #CommonWisdom … the companion to #CommonLogic?  

Mark de LA says
nathan – that’s all your own shit . Not my idea of wisdom – just yours.  Too bad you are even trying to malign Common Logic – what a fuckhead you have become. I’m sure seth appreciates it. null

Si says
I am not trying to malign #CommonLogic. That must be something you are doing in your own head … maybe you do actually believe all of that stuff and thus fear associating it with #CommonLogic. Can’t think of any other reason there would be malignment unless you really do have real fears and associations to any or all of that. If it is all just part of the magic of all that is, like it is to me, then there would be no whisper of malignment in your soul at all.  

Mark de LA says
Apparently you can write something & then #LIE about it in your next comment. 
#PHOOEY thumbs down

Si says
Apparently you can feel a fear, know the inner depth of your own dark places, come face to face with your own demons, and then deny it.

Seth says
i hid it only because it was a tangent to this particular thought … i’m glad you found it … perhaps it will gain some traction in its own right.

Mark de LA says
Nope! not even when your boyfriend lies about it! null

Seth says
#Sigh, i don’t know about you guys, but it sure feels  #sad to watcH  a practical train of though with many #edges in it  #decay … especially when it seemed to have real #possibilities null

Si says
Eh … your the only one talking about decay seth … we seem to be talking about boyfriends and grand adventures in exploration!

Seth says
the #decay is relative to the topic which is “Thinking Together”.   remember everything is #relative. !!! 

Si says
Everything going on here is also thinking … and it seems to be together … everyone around is posting here.  Now if you are being judgmental about it ...

Mark de LA says

Seth says
it might have been very lively thinking … but the topic decayed … so that lively thinking decayed the topic … you really do need to grock #relativity and even believe in it … or your multivers will just not see the decay.

Mark de LA says
Yep, Thinking Together (comment 61146) seems to prove that fbi still has not solved the problem of graffiti on other peoples thoughts & denying it exists is further proof. It seems like the only solution is to for me to post private as drafts .  The inability to delete others’ posts on one’s thoughts is a hindrance to pure thinking. 

Seth says
but that is a social issue between us people … #SeriTD only enforces the first two laws.

she only assists us #ThinkingTogether … she cannot force us to do it … especially because i am sure she don’t know shit about what we are talking about.

Look on #SeriTD as #AssistiveTechnology … eg like your eye glassess or a GPS or a smartphone or a notebook or a screen reader for the blind.  I use her a lot because i can not remember shit … as i am famous for saying. 

Si says
Decay can be lovely, for sure. It is part of the cycle of life. But that doesn’t mean I have to see it where you see it. This one is your thing.

Seth says
#btw posting drafts private at first does seem a good solution to people jumping on a thought before it is completely manifested.   i have found it to be  an excellant new tool for us here.

Si says
What is wrong with hiding others ideas you don’t agree with on your thoughts? Why is that not enough mark? What is your thinking there?

Seth says

Seth says
sure #decay can be lovely (or not) which is my point … it is #relative to the observer.  and it is certainly not “my thing”  if i am a lively tomato plant and you are #Fusarium.  The thing in question here is not me or you or mark or even you guys lievely conversation … the thing that we must observe the decay/or/not-decay from here is thought 21645

Seth says
and carry that example ever further … imagine that you in fact are #Fusarium … and notice that you will see absolutely no #decay while you are munching on tomatoes. 

Si says
#hmmm, I must be a #Fusarium null

Seth says
sometimes … usually relative to me you are not #Fusarium heart

Si says
Sometimes I am a   

Seth says
i null 

Si says

Seth says

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