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Seth says
#OMG   #great !!!   null

i think we frequently don’t realized how #indirect  our experience is, and just how much of  it i comes into our #BeIng  just like a #RubeGoldberg devise .   To make things more #DirectExperience, just eliminate as many intermediate steps as you can.  The same goes for writing and thinking. 

Mark de LA says
& how much you think you have direct in your hands & don’t ! null

Seth says
#IDoNotKnow  how to quantify it.

Mark de LA says
Kewl – sentences full of #hashturds er, #HashTugs er, #HashPuppies are hard to count – however similar in congruence tzu to rube’s apparatuses! null 

Mark de LA says
fokjiufun null

Seth says
just read and write #hashtag’s like the actual words that they are.   and if you want to delve deeper into their meaning within some mind, eg this one that we are running on here, just click on them … and you can even go out into the larger internet mind and see to what they are associated there.

#IDoNotKnow why they seem such werird turdy things to you. 

Mark de LA says
Well you like to make up weird words or redefine old words to your own meanings so it might not seem so strange.  Someone objected to the blue emoteys we had for breaking up the flow of a sentence – I have to stop & think what you are meaning with them myself – enjoy the koi. #weirurds
Image result

Seth says
like i said, just read #hashtag’s like regular words or phrases … many of them are phrases, eg “i do not know”.   I really am not making up many totally new words, just using the old ones to talk from my mind to yours … which is what we have always been doing anyway.

Mark de LA says
Like I said, you like to make up weird words or redefine old words to your own meanings so it might not seem so strange.  Someone objected to the blue emoteys we had for breaking up the flow of a sentence – I have to stop & think what you are meaning with them myself – enjoy the koi. #weirurds null

Seth says
well you might want to consider coming on board here about these #hashtag’s  because they may well become a integral part of this #mind.

Mark de LA says
XOR kyngwenfooksayshuanming null

Seth says
the thing is a English man will not know that that means.  Note most #hashtag’s are regular  #English words or phrases with their regular English meanings.  … er, at least that is mostly how i have been using them.  When you make up words like you have above, “weirurds”, then yes, nobody is going to know what you mean … especially if that is the only time your used that peculiar sign.

Mark de LA says
OK zung – anyway it breaks the flow of a sentence a lot more than a semicolon ;

Seth says
well yes it may take just a bit of retraining the eye … but it did not take me long at all …

Mark de LA says
We’ll see what real consumers think of it some day. null

Seth says
#IDoNotKnow it may well be #WhyTheyCome   read as →  “I do not know it may well be why they come”.

Mark de LA says
I’ll wait till there are more than 3 permanent subscribers.

Seth says
… and if you are really listening for what a writing means to an author here, you can click on their #hashtag’s  and see how they used those same signs the same way other places.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
知道為什麼不 null

Seth says
i have no idea what you said, mark

Mark de LA says
Go chase it in google translate

Seth says
what “don’t know why” about? … still #IDoNotKnow

#btw (← means a slight change of topic) i think there is a relationship between my #IDoNotKnow and #PR’s #BookOfNotKnowing #OnAmazon → here.   ← do you think so too?

Mark de LA says
Show you how good google translate is (or not).
which was my answer to your I Think this May be how SeriTD Does it (comment 61226) – see how easy it is to have a conversation here when each comment is not nested?

Mark de LA says
BTW – the topic of my item was basically a joke about a 300 step rube goldberg apparatus . null

Seth says

Seth says
yes #iKnow null

Mark de LA says

Seth says
i still think:   #RubeGoldberg illustrates an important aspect of  #indirect and #DirectExperience

Mark de LA says
indirect maybe, direct ? how so?

Seth says
the less the indirect the more the direct.  

eliminate steps to make things more direct. 

maybe too simple.

Mark de LA says
You can’t illustrate a direct experience! Guess again!  PR goes even further & says such is neither direct nor an experience but the phrase is the best he can come up with. (during a contemplation intensive) 

Mark de LA says
#αργότερα null

Seth says
i was not illustrating a direct experience.  

i meant that #RubeGoldberg illustrates how to go from indirect exterience to direct experience.  You eliminate intemediate steps.  I am talking here about the relationship between direct and indirect. 

Now if PR is not using direct to mean whit it usually means in English, well yes okay …  PR’s “direct experiences” then could have noting to do with regular experiences which are usually quite indirect.

My feeling about that is that it is not my thing to have an experience that is not an experience and still refer to it as an experience.  Sorry, this homey don’t play that kind of confusing game. 

Mark de LA says
Well, #ignorance may keep you from having a “direct experience” of who you really are – who knows? Maybe #sorry is all you can muster!  “Sorry, this homey don’t play that kind of confusing game” is your #attitude . 

Seth says
#yep that #attitude is related to #IDoNotKnow

Mark de LA says
Re-read your #attitude – it’s not one that will lead anywhere else.

Seth says
#yep #iknow

Mark de LA says
#PrideAndIgnorance on display, eh?

Seth says
no #Pride lots of #IDoNotKnow null

ps … well maybe #pride too if that is how #Freedom feels null

Mark de LA says
Lots of #Whatever as well. #MakeShitUp & cultivate a #Qualia of  having said something important & then enjoy the rest of the day.

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