Consensual Reality

Today in Play Church we explored one of the up-coming around again concepts populating the vast, but unreported, undercurrents of our culture.

Consensual reality for any group of people describes the limitations of what can and can not be true.  It also describes the range of explanations of reality that are acceptable to a people and excludes those which aren’t.

~ Bearsky

You may participate with us by simply asking, “What in your reality today have you consented to?” and “What thoughts are you regularly having that are supporting it, or supporting something you would not consent to?”.  



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Seth says

Seth says

I thought it was interesting how the forum you quoted from is looking for a better forum …

Beliefnet’s Community has always been a place to both express your thoughts, feelings and ideas as well as a place to connect with others who share your interests and, especially, your faith and beliefs. Since the Community’s launch over 10 years ago, there have been a lot of changes in the digital world, including the emergence of social media platforms as the most popular method for connecting with one another online. As a result of this mass migration toward public-facing social media channels like Facebook, members are now looking to additional channels to grow and express themselves. In addition, Beliefnet is also growing and evolving and we plan to launch an upgraded version of our website in the near future. As we plan for this update, we’ve been faced with making some difficult decisions regarding content to roll over to the new site. It is for these reasons that we announce the closing of the Beliefnet Community effective October 31, 2015.

important announcement

Si says

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