Notes on Reality by Aleister Crowley

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The about scanned images from GW archives typed seem to be an obscure essay on reality. Add to it the information in the Little Essays toward truth  – trance of sorrow referenced in the notes and you have something that can occupy an afternoon if you want to ponder it deeply.
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Seth says

Seth says
do you know if those have been previously published?

Si says

Mark de LA says
They are referenced in York’s microfilm list (*) on google, not sure if they are anywhere in printed other than the carbon copy I have probably typed by Gregory. There are lots of essays by Einstein & Tagore by the same title, through google on the nature of reality 

Seth says
What source was Gregory typeing from?

Mark de LA says
don’t know – york & GW corresponded & York sent xeroxes etc stuff from the Warburg (London) to GW occasionally. Have several of AC’s diaries. Nothing worth publishing. In England & who knows where else there is an assumed copyright for AC material.

Seth says
you should ask philip … afterall he works at  a publishing house with interest in such documents.

#OnFacebook → here and seeAlso group philip

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Won’t do that. Don’t trust him.

Seth says

Si says
Oh I agree with that. Perhaps the one thing I got out of reading #provenance was, “never trust a book dealer”. null

Seth says
lol what is there to trust, one seeks, one finds, one buys, on sells.  #nbd 

Si says
You have a very simplistic view of the depths that drama can go to in the human spirit!

Mark de LA says
Well there is the thingy of selling copies of first editions as first editions. null

Seth says
well yes i do simplify somtimes … #ThanksForNoticing null ...  take out an unnecessary step or two … maybe go for the #directexperience null

Si says
Yes you do … quite Meh.  

Seth says
and please no unsubstantuated #inunendo or malicious #gossip here as Philip has been notified.  … and any other unecessary #unkind steps that me thinks should be eliminated in this context.

Si says
I guess I better read this document before the verses with it in them deconstruct.

You have no idea what you have done seth!

Seth says
i think i do.

Si says
No, you don’t. If you have truly notified Phillip, (not just pretended to with your name tag here … which I would remove asap if I were you) … then you have just endangered an entire quadrant of the verses.

Seth says
null … i pretty much know all of that and more.  and as you can see, i doubt  mark will cooperate.  so as usual whatever multivers that was possible will die as usual.  like i said, #nbd 

but it makes for a interesting story to read. 

#btw i have yet to read the documents myself except for the first half of the first page … and that was pretty stright forward.  who knows what is deeper untill one reads it. 

Mark de LA says
I have #noidea what some of you folks’ banter means.  There is nothing that deep in the 6 pages beyond AC’s LL point of view – interesting, but ….. he comes from the point of view of unity (the trance of sorrow is about disunion & other things) . Since LL was written on peyote , one wonders what this was written on. 
#enjoy null

Mark de LA says
#WTF Notes on Reality by Aleister Crowley (comment 61374) ? @nathan 

Mark de LA says  – Einstein & Tagore chime in! null

Mark de LA says
Message similar to the Eagles’ Hotel California

Mark de LA says
Then too are the #mathereality & #multiverse & #simulationReality models on the subject of #reality 

Si says
You know mark, any distinction can be split and/or paired with other distinctions to create a new distinction. That is the nature of created reality.

So … you can continue to create maps … and then come back another day and extend those maps … and do it again after you have gained more experience … and then, do it again.


You can find the simplest model that, when focused upon any distinction, allows modeling, understanding, and predicting it … #hmmm, now I wonder what that simplest model might be? null

Si says
… oh yea, #LOA … that is exactly what the #LOA model does!  

Seth says
i think #LOA is just #oneSide of a coin.  … and i will bet that the #reality coin is quite #multidimensional.

ps:  i am not even going to bet … i am going to stick my neck out and just state … #reality is #multidimensional and can not be #understood by looking at it from just a one dimension #LOA rule.

Si says
#LOA is not one dimension. It is an understanding of a basic foundation block upon which all happenings are built. The physical equivalent is gravity … the one force in a verse that all instances in the verse are subject to, even if minutely … every known instance of anything is affected by gravity. So too, every known happening is understandable in it’s #LOA terms … and that is enough to predict and tweak and change anything … just the #LOA terms. Other terms are possible, in fact one can create distinctions to any level desired, but the #LOA ones are enough to effectively work with any happening.

Mark de LA says
Too much of a #mungiary for me to do much with from here. 

Mark de LA says
I guess the at sign thingy is not so automatic nathan with re-edits

Seth says
the other side of attraction is repulsion … of gravity is explosion … of togetherness is growth.  any  #SingleStory becomes inadequate “to effectively work with any happening”.  

Si says
Nope. As has been said here many times now, that is not the kind of attraction that #LOA is … just like that is not the kind of attraction gravity is. I’m not going to rewrite all of that again though.

#LOA, just like gravity, affects ALL happenings and is a basic building element of all happenings and does not have an observable happening opposite. There is no Law of Repulsion. You get what matches your thoughts … no thought pushes something away, ever. Thoughts only attract … just like gravity.

Seth says
fact is i can feel both happening … strange that you apparently only feel the one.

Si says
You have just “created” a distinction for that. Like I said at the start, one can continue to “create” distinctions to infinity. The map in this thought is a good example of that process having gone on for a long time. And one can go the other direction and distill down to concepts that model all … #LOA is one of those.

Si says
… and I can say with quite assurance, that anytime you have experienced “pushing away” something in your thoughts, that if the elements of thought were broken down in that experience, you would discover that the cumulative result is always … attraction.  

Seth says
i have no doubt that like attracting like is a powerful elemental spirit.  it is not the only one.  #growth and differentiation by unlikeness is another just as very powerful.  #MeThinks a verse based upon the one without the other will not long #survive.  it is not #sustainable.  play it out in your mind … simulate it … you will see ...

Mark de LA says

Seth says

Si says
Your talking about apples and oranges. I am not saying “there is only the force of attraction in experience”. I am saying that, like to gravity, all thinking experiences can be modelled in terms of like vibrations attracting, the basic quantum element of happening. On top of that, you can build all manner of actual experiences, including #growth and everything else.

Seth says
and i am disagreeing and saying that “all thinking experiences can NOT be modeled just in terms of like vibrations attracting”.  …. er, just the ones that you are currently focused upon.

Si says
LOL … well I have been at this for about 10 years now … and no experience of any kind, once understood and broken down into it’s quantum experience elements, has not modelled quite well in pure #LOA attraction. Your kind of speaking from an impulsive theory there … I am speaking from a vast amount of actual application.

But sure, take some exact example.  

Seth says
i can provide lots of examples of #growth experience not involving just #attraction … but not now …  i'm recording product descriptions now ... … #OMG i just did null

Mark de LA says
Just for fun – further expansion or explosion of the term #mungiary & its co-conspiratory #CoMungiary 
the suffix from etymology :  – similar to apiary except different. Maybe a zoo for a species of sorts – linguistically speaking. 
We know #munge from the urban dictionary here.  A less sexually depraved meaning is to jam a bunch of stuff together  artificially that may not otherwise fit together at all. the suffix just takes munge & creates a place for it in the discourse called a #mungiary

Si says
As I said above, #growth is a kind of experience we create on top of #LOA, yes. Break down it’s elements in thought, and one discovers good old #LOA shoring up the basic foundation upon which the higher order #growth patterns appear.

Seth says
and i just got another one ringing on my phone right now.

Si says

Si says
Nothing like some good old #LOA focused thought to get the phone ringing!  Works every time, as long as you don’t throw in some unintentional opposite attraction.  
SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality ?

Mark de LA says
#growth – good or bad? Who knows? #WhoKnows consider #cancer for a moment & I’ll #getbacktoyou later. null

Mark de LA says
Also consider #attraction & compression #blackholes & the #NuclearPower or #NuclearWeapons null

Seth says
#lol only in this case, nathan,  it was not the kind of phone call that i was attracting … which is why it was a case in point … although it was a call portending the possibility of #growth … just needs to be on another side of this #OneWaySteet   . 

#btw , just #KeepingItReal i did not answer the phone, so he called denise and she claified that i was attracting elsewhere. 

strange thought that you expected that is was an example of #LOA … when in fact it was an example of the opposite.

Mark de LA says
#growth also requires the #manurePile as well as the rose plant null – one can decay & produce more.

Seth says

Si says
It was not an example of the opposite seth, that is the point. No matter what, we could break down all your thoughts and discover the thread of attraction. It is always there.  

Of course I can’t know all of that from over here and just reacted to your excitement like if it was an order etc.

All I see happening here in this conversation is that, even with all the talking about #LOA I have done for so long, you don’t personally have a good understanding of how to break down thought elements in the #LOA model. Everything you are disagreeing with is simply breaking things down in other ways than #LOA specifies, and mostly, in big other chunks that are part of the blocks built on #LOA, not the #LOA elements.

Seth says
well fact is i did not attract #jimbo’s call … that was all just him. 

but quite consistently you will find some way to rationalize that i did. 

#LOA is great … but thinking that it is the only tool in our tool shed is grave error.  our verses are actually bigger than that. 

Seth says

distinguishing is great … combining is just as great … we do both … back and forth … we breath in … we breath out … the tide comes in … the tide goes out … vibrations … if it always just came in we would get drowned null

Mark de LA says
Yep, synthesis & analysis – methods of science (sometimes) – it is when the output/results are like #CognitiveDissonance that it more closely resembles the #UrbanDictionaryDef or perhaps choking in the metaphor of swimming.

Si says
Just depends on what you want to talk about. #LOA can be used to explain anything, just like gravity can all the way down to subatomic interactions. But the #LOA version of the conversation is not always the conversation that is the most interesting in any particular moment.  

Si says
I have great respect and use for Science. I just call it what it is and that way get even more use out of it than I would if I only thought it was uncovering things already there.  Misunderstanding, even a great tool, dulls it’s use.

Si says
I really don’t know why you say things like “well fact is i did not attract #jimbo’s call … that was all just him.” in respect to #LOA. That statement just means you don’t break down the vibrational components. It’s like, when you talk about #LOA, you use a hammer for everything. #LOA is much finer grained than you take it to be when you talk about it.

It would be like saying “gravity did not cause #jimbo to trip and fall, it was just him” … but in fact, gravity was totally involved if #jimbo tripped and fell. In the same way, #LOA IS TOTALLY INVOLVED in the call … you are simply not looking at exactly how.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
well i know exactly how attraction was involved in #jimbo’s call … but i am  talking of #timing here.  it is in the timing that #growth is involved in this case.   we cannot talk of #vibrations without also talking about timing … er about #coincidence.  if we had been in sync as to timing, then i would have taken his call.

Mark de LA says
Somewhere in one of the reality papers & in AC & GW is described the notion that the words in the sentence & the letters in the words don’t necessarily cause each other just as #coincidence in the things that happen in one’s life may be a word or a sentence or not. If you think they do maybe bone up on them & go to Vegas & get yourselves some #FuckYouMoney . null

Seth says
yet, strangely enough null : the #timing of #jimbo’s call was perfect for us to use as an example of #growth vs #LOA … thing is that might be growth of our understanding … and not his growth of his #enterprise … see the difference? … see why we don’t time cars to run in opposite directions along the same one lane highway?

Seth says
and this might be another example of #LOA , #IDoNotKnow but Step #7 of Producing the Practical print catalog (fall 2016) suddenly stopped working with no apparent reason … why? …. er, well i am over here in thought 21670 instead … #GoFigure null … but #OMG #OMG the tension with denise … #vibrations of #growth and #contraction and #focus happening as we speak null

ps: figured it out, i was #ftp’ing the revisions to last years directory null … good thing that nathan didnt resond before i could … #TimeingIsKing 

Si says
What I see is that you are mixing potatoes, apples, carrots, beets, green beans, and sauerkraut all together and calling the resultant soup #LOA.  None of those is #LOA. #LOA is the water. The thing that is in common inside all of those. The thing that makes it all a soup. The thing that harmonizes all of those together as one, or makes them clash. The thing without which the soup would not exist. In everything you cook, water plays some important part in making the dish the great dish it is, even if small in amount, it is always there somehow, always important. #LOA is like the water.

Seth says
the water is not just #LOA … it is #LOA and #growth … and lots of other good stuff too.  you in peculiar  are just focused on that one aspect of the water.  that is the way it looks over here.

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