Direct Experience - Sequence of Encounter

The Sequence of Encounter
6: 27     Our experience occurs for us as a process, one that seemingly unfolds automatically and at light speed. Let’s break this down a bit: Direct Experience -> Perception -> Interpretation -> Meaning -> Effect -> Reaction
6: 28     If we start with what is at this point only the notion of direct experience, we have the possibility of being directly conscious of what is. This is like “being one” with what’s there, so there is no process or separation involved. Don’t equate that with enlightenment for the moment and just work to grasp this as a new distinction in what we call experience. We may not have any consciousness of this starting point, but it gives us a place to begin. From here, consciousness separates from “direct” and moves into process and the sequence unfolds.

Ralston, Peter. Pursuing Consciousness: The Book of Enlightenment and Transformation (Kindle Locations 1798-1807). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 

More clues. null


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Seth says
Yes when it is broken down like that we can see how #indirect experience in fact is.  To make it #direct remove steps.  So combine Perception+Interpertation+Meaning … combine effect+reaction … the more separate steps we combine the more direct the experience becomes.  

#btw don’t need to start with #perception … can start with #meaning … can, with a bit of #combine’ing #BeIng { #meaning → #effect } which could be called #direct #do’ing … but then you never liked #bozometry #DidYa null

Mark de LA says
Yep you have turned your mind, your things into a #mungiary of confusion wherefore it might have become crisp.  thumbs upThanks. 

Seth says
but you can not know that because you can not experience in my internal mind and can know nothing of any alleged “confusion” there,  therefore your sentence is false. null

Try writing true sentences, it is good for the digestion ← trust me on that.

Mark de LA says
The reason you can’t have a direct experience  shows up here behind your psychology & your #already-always whipping out of the LIE word – AC mentions it; maybe GW ? ( & so does PR) – you have to destroy your Ego – that which makes you separate & creates #otherness . As long as you say you are different so as to protect your Ego & what you say (also part of your ego) – indeed the veil across the threshold itself , in RS/GW terms,  you don’t have to face the guardian.  #Whoopie
#selfies need to be unique! Protect them at all costs. There can’t be absolute truth for a #selfie otherwise you could not be different from others. 

Seth says
#IDoNotKnow about your “destroy your Ego” which seems to me to be a vague description of something unclear … but have you noticed that “I am a variable” ?

Mark de LA says
#moreOfThesameshit #sos

Seth says
#btw in the #schrodingersCat thought experiment, if someone outside of the box writes a sentence, “the cat is dead now” or “the cat is alive now”, knowing only the information given,  could either of those sentences be true?  Me, i say they could not be true. 

Mark de LA says
I say #SchrodingersCat is just imagination such as #AngelsDancingOnHeadOfpin

Seth says
but such #ThoughtExperiment’s sometimes provide the characteristics for mathematical descriptions which can #PredictEvents … i believe this is the case here.  one could maybe find out by looking up some of the derivations of quantum mechanical theories, #IDoNotKnow for sure. 

see also some of the #ThoughExperiments related to thermo dynamics … i am pretty sure you may find a case in point there. 

#ThoughExperiments is a fine tool in our thinking toolbox … strange though #aug’ing it is not in the toolbox. 

Mark de LA says
Anything you want to imagine dear bro. null
As a matter of course Einstein invented his relativity mostly from imagination while riding on a train. Too bad he couldn’t have revved up the train to go the speed of light. 

Seth says
please note one result of using thinking tools correctly is #PredictingEvents … sans that, yes thinking could all be relegated to #aug’ing it into “imagination” … er, “dear bro” null

Mark de LA says
back to your already-always #auggie #oogy-oogie dancing. null (dear bro) null

Seth says
i think Einstein “invented his relativity theory” by watching relative motion on a train, …

… AND intentionally making the unexpected assumption  that “the speed of light is the fastest speed in this universe”. 

The rest of it followed by mathmatics.

Mark de LA says
Yep I read one of his first books on the subject. Lots of non-sequiturs.  Later he had to invent “special relativity” & then …. ?  The assumption that the fastest speed in the universe is light is amusing.  Why not infinite & mere manifestations around for measuring are harmonics in an infinite pool – or anything else?
null (maybe light has no speed at all)

Seth says
Why is the assumption “amusing”, if when you assume it you can more accurately #PredictEvents ?  I do not get the #joke or see the #hurmor … rather i only see innovative practical thinking. 

Mark de LA says
I’ll give you a #WooWoo null for “predicting” .. 
Science & Logic would probably call it #demonstrating 

Seth says

Seth says
those #matches  make the #Distinction between what is #imagination and what #happens 

Mark de LA says
#NullPointerException on “those” . null

Seth says

i first learned about #matches while sitting with #GW while he did his #ProjectiveGeometry and drawing lines and points and watching how some points matched others so very exactly.  Now i notice how those #mattches #happen in my life’s experiences all the time … the ones that happen with otherness i particularly #love.  

Mark de LA says
null I learned about #matches when #GW lit the fire in the gas heaters for us to get warm. 
Projective geometry calls it a meet, join, conicidence  or something else depending upon what you point at. The index in my modern projective geometry book by Lawrence Edwards does not have “match” in it. 

Seth says
doesn’t matter what it is called … #coincidence would probably be a better word than #matches.   anyway apparently you know to what i was pointing such that it is not just in the context of #ProjectiveGeometry.

Seth says

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Perhaps – I guessed in the absence of precision English or chasing a bunch of #HashPuppies down a #RabbitHole – 
#OTOH your stuff is not convergent on the topic of this thought which is about the #SequenceOfEncounter & #directexperience – null The former, especially in the context of the whole chapter in #PursuingConsciousness leads to the latter the more #consciousness one applies to the task. 
#PS your projective geometry construction is nice!  – looks a bit like the construction for Desargue’s Theorem –  challenge is applying it to your #mungeiary of #MungePuppies null

Seth says
#hmmm … strangely enough i had thought that …

my stuff was convergent on the topic of this thought which is about the #SequenceOfEncounter & #directexperience –  The former, especially in the context of  #PursuingConsciousness leading to  more #consciousness


Mark de LA says

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