My First Motor

I played with this as a kid and for the first time i noticed how a motor works.

It still works to this day null


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Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Little known is the fact that he made one of his own after the same model that did work but not as smooth.  I think it bit the dust long ago. The only things that survived are some of the logins he built a la 3348 & 3324


Seth says

Seth says
i seem to remember his discovery around that time that if you run the current through a coil you get a shock, but if you run it direct from a battery, you do not.

Mark de LA says
He had a coil from a car starter which he liked to shock the kids with. It made a spark gap. Once hooked it up so that if you put your hands in a thing of water you got a shock. null

Seth says

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