I banished evil!

I literally wiped out predominate \#evil from my personal tag cloud simply by editing all the comments where I had personally used evil as a #hashtag. Since the cloud is only sensitive to my own uses of tags … evil has been banished from my personal verse! null


  1. whateveryousay
  2. whateverstory
  3. selfie
  4. juice
  5. SameAsItEverWas
  6. clueless
  7. me
  8. stuff
  9. IDK
  10. IDC
  11. TuQuoque
  12. NiceExample
  13. suck
  14. yet
  15. webp
  16. hashtag
  17. shy
  18. TagCloud
  19. Trump
  20. ParentChild
  21. mirror
  22. ItIsTheLaw
  23. SethPredicts
  24. hmmm
  25. outsides
  26. FF
  27. chrome
  28. ResidentEvil
  29. btw
  30. ClickToVerify
  31. MotherFuckin
  32. rte
  33. gossip
  34. gooship
  35. exactly
  36. think
  37. Phew
  38. OMG
  39. kudos
  40. unicode
  41. GW
  42. ever
  43. YourFather
  44. Father
  45. ageism
  46. evil
  47. KeepUpWithTheNow


Seth says

Seth says
it seems mark is #shy … he shows not his personal #TagCloud … is that like #Trump not releasing his taxes ?

Si says

Si says
mark, (who is not actually named here until he subscribes) is slowly realizing that he needs to revise himself, not only just in his personal tag cloud, but in his thoughts … they coincide … he still doesn’t believe it, but it is Law.  

Seth says
however, because that is a #ParentChild transaction,  #SethPredicts  he will #mirror same.  also #ItIsTheLaw 

Si says
His current thought model is all about the #ParentChild relationship, because it was so strong in his upbringing, it is the primary lens through which he views his relationship between self and others … especially where things must be taken on faith or authority.

Hence, it is where all must begin … one can only start from where they are.  

… and this is one of the first things he needs revising … his ever present #ParentChild point of view … which comes across as his extreme sensitivity to it, because it is so often part of his thoughts. 

Seth says
#hmmm … well it sure seems that way when we view it from #outsides

Si says
I know my shit dude! null


Seth says
⬆︎picture shows broken in #FF … but displays correctly in #chrome  … #webp 

Wizard says

Si says
How bout now?

Seth says
fixed null

Si says
It was a bogus image format that chrome AI accepted anyway. I screen scraped it in chrome and saved it as a proper image so now FF can play too!

Seth says

Si says
p.s. seth, you can now escape a #hashtag by putting a \ before the # like \#this and then it won’t become #ResidentEvil. null

Use that mainly when you want to talk about a #hashtag but not invoke it.

And please, remember that escape, always in any laguage, is a backslash, not a forward slash. Thanks!

Seth says

Seth says
#btw when i do that with a regular word i just use quotes
eg →  don’t use the word “evil” if you don’t want to invoke evil.  

that is actual standard English usage … i could document if you doubt.

Si says
Okay, good point, now “#evil” is not \#evil either, though I refuse to use it as an actual tag here. null

Seth says

however you just did … #ClickToVerify


Si says
Yes, I know. It’s the #MotherFuckin fancy quote character getting it’s own selfie. I am looking it up now.

Seth says

Si says
Quotes ain’t simple here anymore ever since we allowed fancy quotes in the #rte … jeez!

Seth says
maybe they are not worth the complexity

Mark de LA says
Mostly #gossip & #gooship ← gossip which smells like shit! null

Si says
Yes mark, this is #exactly how you would see it … 100% predictable by the model.  

Seth says
mark,  #gooship is empty … i expected your coin to be spelled \#goShit instead

Si says
Okay, took some doing, but I #think that “#evil” is now banished even when quoted!

#Phew! It is really hard to banish quoted \#evil! 

Seth says

Seth says
#OMG you did it … #kudos … and i really do mean “#kudos”

Si says
p.s. seth, we can’t do away with fancy quotes. Even if we disallowed them from being generated in our editor, they could still come from other sources into our stuff. We are not an island of our own private characters … have to play in the global #unicode pool.

Besides, I like them (and all the other unicode like and ← and – too!)

Seth says

Si says
Hey mark, you are #exactly as your Father made you!

All hail #GW … he was never wrong, #ever.  

Mark de LA says
It  I banished evil! (comment 61915) will obtain meaning as the course of this item (probably) continues. 
Apparently  I banished evil! (comment 61924) is a great example of gossip which smells like shit. I could talk about nathan ‘s biological father, but may leave that for another moment.  

Mark de LA says
Note that commenting on a particular comment out of the nesting makes the sentences weird & fucks with the context.

Seth says
i’ve noticed that  ⬆︎  too … so what i do is refer back to the comment somehow … or fork the comment and comment on the fork. 

Mark de LA says
As in the above the reference goes to the title & conversations here wander all over the place frustrating the notion of context. null

Si says
Oh, this is not about #YourFather mark, this is entirely about you and how you are what your #Father made you … and not much else, #yet.  

Si says
Well geez guys. Like that shifting around of comments happens everywhere … it’s the norm on FB. It’s just a part of modern dialog and 99.99% of the time you can figure it out with a quick glance up the page. I mean, didn’t peoples need for structured dialog go out in about the 1940’s? People nowdays multitask in far more taxing ways than just this simple old shifty comment thing. Context intertwined with shifting context is pretty much the social norm today … even in live conversations. When is the last time either of you had a lengthy live conversation with a teen? How many shifting contexts were there during that conversation? If not at least 3 or 4, you best check their ID and see if they really are under 20. It’s a genetic improvement.

Mark de LA says
Maybe nathan ‘s suffering from a voluntary form of Stockholm syndrome null He seems to have an #ageism strain of thinking: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ageism & also some of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigo_children beliefs .

Mark de LA says
I think someday nathan’s biological father should see what he made out of Nathan. null 
 I banished evil! (comment 61933) 

Then too whatever banishing the word is mere censorship & the thingy itself http://tinyurl.com/pujj86u maybe not. 


Si says

Si says
I simply have #KeepUpWithTheNow’ism. Everything is generated from the now anyway. All things, all times, all memory, all story elements. Being here and now is fine. So is living elsewhere, but I choose now … and expect others to be able to converse in nowism’s.  

Mark de LA says
#whateveryousay & #whateverstory is good for you keeps the #selfie #juice happy – null

Si says
Thinking everyone should communicate with you in dialog structures in common 50+ years ago is just as much #selfie #juice. I don’t deny having a self preference. You seem to think that your self preferences are not of your self, but of some big static society that you are dragging along with you as time moves. They are simply of “your self”. Get over yourself and be what you are, I say. Know what you are and what you like … and act and say from that place, own it. Your structure is no less selfie in any way than mine … you just pretend it is not. You don’t own it.

Mark de LA says
#SameAsItEverWas – mostly #clueless 

Si says
That didn’t say anything mark. It just puts down #me. I don’t generally put you down … not until you bullishly push down on me so hard there is nothing left to do. I tell you what I know, in full, with explanations and cross references to all that I understand. I give you the benefit of the doubt when I don’t fully know something, and am authentic in what I relate to you. I own it all and come to you as fully as I am in all my communication.

Mark de LA says
You may be accurate when you talk about yourself or not.  When you talk about me with your #stuff it is mostly bullshit as always. You just think you know. You may fancy yourself as Self-appointed guru or something. #IDK  & #IDC . 

Si says
I am me and I know what I know. You are you and you know what you know. I don’t pretend. I don’t pretend that I don’t know something when I do, and I don’t pretend to know what you know. I just say what I know. That is not appointing myself as anything other than just plain old me. I am.

Imagine if all the politicians and media people you are so fond of thinking about did what I do? What would you talk about? But then, what kind of a cool world would it be? Think about it.  

Mark de LA says
#SameAsItEverWas – mostly #clueless  – just talk about yourself!  I like group politics mostly for the amusement – fine for the domain – even Aristotle wrote about it – but then he had some Ethos on such in the cradle of that time of Socrates & Plato etc.  

Si says
mark, you say “When you talk about me with your \#stuff”.

Don’t you realize that you only talk about me with “your stuff”? Why do you think it is any different? Even when you just send your negative shit on things I say, about you or not, it is still you talking about me and what I do with “your stuff”.

You speak from your viewpoint. From the base of beliefs you were taught, by your Father and others, as you grew up, and as you later changed as a man. You can’t do anything else. It’s “your stuff”. You just don’t seem to realize that. So what if my stuff is different. It’s mine. Yours is yours. I don’t mind if you state “your stuff” … but I do mind when you go around bashing and censoring everything else as if “your stuff” was “the right stuff” and all else is evil.

Mark de LA says
#TuQuoque null #NiceExample 

Mark de LA says
Emotion to clear the #suck on this page:

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