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I exercised my right to return my thought ( #CenterOfConsciousness ) to the deep pool of thoughts & expose an opportunity to check out whether you folks were just responding to your own already-always mental jargon & #HashMinds . If anything I said surfaces in an actual thought here independent of my words I will return the original idea from the draft/private status – otherwise there is no loss for me since I already had the ideas in the first place & you folks had your own; synergy being barely apparent & otherwiseness seemed to prevail. 



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Si says
Each person is an other and has valuable ideas being the already-always person they, of course, always are. That’s what I say.  

Mark de LA says
Lets see if this makes any sense to me. 
  • other – means other than what? 
  • is that other in @Seth ‘s sense of otherness?
  • the already-always person in the sense I use it usually means the selfie with no real sense of true-self in it – still bundled with beliefs, anchors of others, shoulds, woulds & coulds & a bunch of stories of IS . 

Si says
Just take it literally in the context here. The context here is “what other people are doing to your thought #CenterOfConsciousness”. You set up that context in this thought.

So “others” would have to be those other people you are talking about. It can’t simply be anything else. It sure cant be what you would mean by “other” in your private #MindPalace. It is simple to communicate when you accept the existing context and speak in terms of it taking things in their simplest and most literal form and writing in the same.

It is very difficult to communicate when you require everyone to know some secret structure, even when that structure is a common one from years ago … it’s still secret today for those who communicate today.

Do away with structure. Use context and literal meaning of current lingo instead. It works!

Mark de LA says

Each person is an other …. 

? I have no secret structure.  You folks with your #hashturds are building a secret structure though. null

Si says
#hashtag’s create a highly public and highly visible structure. Their whole point is to extend the conversation, and provide easy access to #OnTheFly definitions and context, for everyone. #hashtag’s are what allow instant and constantly varying structure and all still works quite well. Using #hashtag’s are what make brick and mortar structure obsolete and unnecessary. They replace it with something better, more hyper-sensitive, and more contextual in-the-moment.

The communication structure you rely on mark, is secret because it is hidden by time. It is in your mind, because you grew up with it. It is not in the minds of all others today … especially those who grow up using the internet as their communication model and guide … and myself, because I have intentionally forgotten that which is not current … dumped it as obsolete.

Seth says

Seth says

Seth says
i remember 3 things that emerged in the dialogue you provoked with your interesting thought, #CenterOfConsciousness.  One i added to my own thought “I am a variable”,  one was about #Government vs #OrganicOrder, and the other one you discussed with  nathan above.
the toothless foodie mixing something up with you

Mark de LA says
#innuendo of N’s secret structure ruins any interest I have on the subject. If any secret structure exists it is LOA – somebody had to channel that one into public consciousness.  null THere is no way to get back to the epiphany I had this am.

Si says
LOL … you do have an excitingly large base of limitations you argue for mark … and get to keep ... and flaunt. They are your own personal “selfie expression base”, that which you project as your self image, to us. Just because you don’t take self pictures with your phone like the rest of us, you have your own verson, of the selfie.  

Seth says
actually mark, i bet you can get back to that  #epiphany.  maybe something scared it away.

Mark de LA says
Nate continues rolling along with his #horseshit #gooship – I think there’s a song for that:

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Actually seth a shorter route to the epiphany is simply PR ‘s 2nd contemplation question: (after answering who am I ?)

What is another?

& then grocking that & wondering, coming from the answer, how could a we transform some part of an idea into reality (in the domains I mentioned before & others) .. i.e. what can one do with it besides watch a movie like “I AM” & pretend we found a birdie to play with. 

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Then too the whole idea is encapsulated with the (private thought) – a point of view or notion which frees the consciousness from needing to reside in individuals.  The question after grocking that is what to do, if doing be done, with any of it. null 
Another question after that is how does one detect another consciousness?

Seth says

Si says
Apparently something emerged today! Must be time to return it huh?   

Seth says

Mark de LA says
#IDK lots of graffiti – folks #overthere , #whereyouare don’t seem to even grasp what graffiti is or ego comments are. In the  #LowPricedMeatComputer thoughts are never lost since they aren’t in there in the first place but are just trails left in the cloud chambers of minds. If you have anything worthy of the name Centers of Consciousness bring them up separately as one of your own items; that way I can’t hide them. 

Seth says
it is interesting to try out  your …

In the  #LowPricedMeatComputer thoughts are never lost since they aren’t in there in the first place but are just trails left in the cloud chambers of minds.

on the mind that gets represented inside of #FastBlogIt.   It seems to me that it totally matches everyting that you said about the #LowPricedMeatComputer null

Si says
#graffiti is very well understood. Mouse over the tag #graffiti to see a clear definition that works well in the virtual world as well as the brick and mortar world.

Like seth says, there are different kinds of #Ego comments, and lots of them are the ones that mould the clay … gotta have them to get anywhere outside one’s own #MindSpace.  

Si says

Si says
I love this! Thanks mark. #kudos!

Seth says

Mark de LA says
#overhere you don’t grok it! null

Seth says
null well, me i can’t #grok #overthere in any case.

But i am still curious, what specifically do you think i do not #grok  #overhere ??  ← me truly being curious.

Mark de LA says
The #overhere & #overthere are mirrors or where an edge might be drawn 

Seth says
wel yes an #edge indeed null

a “mirror” … i do not think so … at least not in my case.  others can speak for themselves.

Mark de LA says
A nice & lovely example of synergy from the field of music null

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