mark has an interesting point seth. #hashtag conversations are sometimes too complex to follow and #grok … some are just too big. So what if a #hashtag could have a glossary definition?

How would these appear? How about a medium size popover when you mouse over the #hashtag? Yea, let’s go with that!  

How would you make a definition? Maybe you could put the #hashtag in the title of a thought to make that thought the definition? Yea, let’s go with that!  

What could be in the definition? Well, anything you could put in a thought I would expect … but since it all has to show up in a popover box … probably not too much I would think.  

Where would you put the definition? Well anywhere you want I suppose … but a group glossary would be nice for domain wide terms wouldn’t it?

What if multiple people define the same tag? Well, any definition in the same group as the thought being viewed is in should have precedence. Beyond that, I guess the one defined most recently should win. Yea, let’s go with that! … and yay ~ #GlossaryWars!
SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality ?


  1. glossary
  2. terms
  3. dictionary
  4. grok
  5. hashtag
  6. GlossaryWars
  7. WOW
  8. GoodIdea
  9. emoteys
  10. WhoKnows
  11. IDoNotKnow
  12. hmmm
  13. GlossaryTerms
  14. nerd
  15. PS
  16. happy
  17. btw
  18. justsaying
  19. shucks
  20. WeirdIfTrue
  21. NotSoWeird
  22. false
  23. WhyWar
  24. WhyNotGame
  25. MaybeMaybeNotPossible
  26. WhoCares
  27. MaybeMaybeNotPossibleWhoknows
  28. SeriTD
  29. maligning
  30. bully
  31. ShitAss
  32. SelfReferential
  33. TuQuoque
  34. NWord
  35. racist
  36. racecard
  37. PoliticalCorrectness
  38. grade-school
  39. IDK
  40. BlackLivesMatter
  41. SpeakForYourself
  42. SomePeople
  43. mungiary
  44. brainjuice
  45. whySoDown
  46. excited
  47. war
  48. WarOn
  49. PeaceOnIt
  50. evolve
  51. OMG
  52. DontDOThat
  53. UndeniableTruthNbr32768
  54. empty
  55. MakeShitUp


Seth says
#WOW … another great leap !!!

Si says

Si says
p.s. seth, the group glossary password is the usual one, like for group fbi etc. So you can put your general FBI terms there.  

Seth says

Seth says
#GoodIdea .  it’s just a convention that terms go there … but they work globally anywhere they are … right?

Si says
Yes they do. Term in same group wins first, then term with latest date. #GlossaryWars!

Seth says
i’m thinking that  #hashtag’s are going to be much better than #emoteys … more impact … more expressive … much easier to use and to define.  #WhoKnows we might even want to depreciate emoteys.  #IDoNotKnow

Si says
I may someday allow the wizard to set a group (i.e. the glossary group) to be 2nd priority between same group and latest date … but I don’t feel like that right now … and it would allow the wizard to kill the wars … which have not yet begun!


Si says
I like emoty’s … why would anyone want to cut such a nice already there feature?

Besides, the public feeds on them … would be so lost without them!

Seth says

Seth says
i think that people will just use #hashtag’s in preference and naturally want to express themselves in them.  especially graphic ones.   i know i will. 

#hmmm … are short sounds possible?  #WhoKnows

Si says
Well, we shall see won’t we, because I sure don’t think that. I think most people will use #emoteys most of the time, and a few people will play with #GlossaryTerms and go nuts with them. #emoteys are just plain easier and simpler and do all that is needed most of the time.

Seth says
might not be wars at all … more like eveybody trying to express themselves in their own unique way … finding the expressions that most reflect themselves … coining new ones … we will see … #IDoNotKnow

Si says
Well, won’t it be a war simply because the last person to define something wins it globally … until someone else goes back and re-publishes their term and get’s it back globally … and the war has begun!

Seth says
well it is actually faster to type a  #WOW than to pop up the emoty box and chose one of those.  … and you get more bang for you buck.

Si says
I rarely do that … the in page ones are what I use most … and have often thought of simply adding the rest “in page” … once my fingers have the muscle memory of typing a symbol inline, nothing is easier and they express always, not just when moused over.

Seth says
#LOL that’s because your a #nerd 

Si says
#PS … different subject, but have you noticed news personalization lately? That’s been there a while now. #wow! 

People around here have tunnel vision! null

Si says
I’ll bet you not. Finger muscle memory is a standard upgrade in modern webbers. They remember and type emoty symbols as easily as they type a word. I watch them chatting that way all the time. Many I know use literally hundreds of #emoteys in Facebook and Google chat without breaking pace as they type … and they are not #nerd’s, just socialites.

Seth says

Seth says
i had not noticed … but yes it is great #happy

Si says
#LOL … I often get the odd idea that you and mark only focus on one thing at a time. Weird!  

Seth says
nope, we just focus on different things that you are focusing upon. 

#btw when did news personalizations happen ? … i seem to remember my posts showing up in the news yesterday and these #hashtag’s were so hot this morning when i came on that they were all i could focus upon.  #justsaying 

Seth says
and #shucks now i got to go back to dinking pictures in print catalog

Mark de LA says
  • #WeirdIfTrue , #NotSoWeird if #false –
  • #WhyWar #WhyNotGame 
  • #MaybeMaybeNotPossible #WhoKnows #WhoCares 
  • #MaybeMaybeNotPossibleWhoknows 

Si says
Well, the personalize button has been there a while, but I did switch the default yesterday afternoon sometime to “not your stuff” just to see if anyone would notice yet … still nope.  

Mark de LA says

Seth says
yep that is what did it #happy

Seth says

Si says
#SeriTD says we war for the same reason you bully … it stimulates evolution!

I just would not want to be a bully.

But I love to war! #GlossaryWars!

Seth says
#IDoNotKnow   #WhoKnows

Mark de LA says
#maligning someone as a #bully identifies oneself as a #ShitAss ! Such is commutative in that maligning someone as a #ShitAss does the same & is #SelfReferential  

Si says
Still stuck on the #bully thing huh?

Mark de LA says
#TuQuoque ← nice example with above null

Mark de LA says
#bully swims in the same pool as the #NWord & calling someone a #racist or playing the #racecard 
It is #PoliticalCorrectness stuck in censorship & prejudging conversations & debates by memes. The topic #bully is now quite popular in #grade-school 

Si says
#wow, who would have thought one could focus so intently on this … to the exclusion of all excitement!

Mark de LA says
… & something lawyers troll for to make $ & M$M throws in to articles  – #IDK maybe #BlackLivesMatter is pushing it – #WhoKnows #WhoCares

Mark de LA says
#SpeakForYourself nathan null

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
#SomePeople prefer a #mungiary rather than exerting the #brainjuice to focus. null

Seth says
#whySoDown today mark … are you not #excited about the new #hashtag definitions that show up with a mouseover ?

see #happy announcement, “Announcing Ability to Better Express Ourselvesnull

Mark de LA says
Well, these days the word #war has been consigned to the #mungiary – there are:
  • wars on drugs
  • wars on women
  • wars on men
  • wars on ignorance  …. etc.
See also #WarOn in the wikipedia
#PeaceOnIt null

Si says
Ahhh, but nothing quite like #GlossaryWars!

Seth says
a expression war … who can express themselves the best … me, i like it #happy 

Seth says
what is more … it will #evolve … #OMG it will #evolve 

Seth says

Mark de LA says
I turned around to pick a scrap off the floor just after I farted, knowing that yesterday I ate beans & roasted garlic for lunch & dinner.
#DontDOThat (or #UndeniableTruthNbr32768 )
nullImage result for stinky fart meme

Mark de LA says
thought 21748 is #empty null

Si says
Yes, I was testing some modifications to fork. I deleted the fork, but forgot to delete the forking. Thanks.

Si says
By the way mark and seth. The pluralizer does not run on glossary terms the way it does for tag rooms. This is by design. A miss-hit in a tag room is not a big deal and is desirable since you are wanting a shotgun effect there in most cases. A miss-hit on a glossary term, however, could cause mis-communication and mis-understanding.

Hence, you can explicitly pluralize your own glossary terms by putting all the tags for that term in the title … and they don’t even have to be variations on the same word, you can put any related label you wish.

#btw, you can see what alternate terms were looked up and/or pluralized in a tag room by mousing over the tag room header at the front. The tooltip will show all the variations automatically chosen … which for some rooms, can be quite a few! Check them out sometime.

Seth says

Mark de LA says

Si says
For instance, on #MakeShitUp.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
#DontDoThat has only one & still does stuff. 

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