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Si says
You see. Changing this image is using your privilege to having the password to this group to edit my thought. That is a very different thing than creating your own thought, in any group, and making it be as you wish it to be. Whomever did this is simply bullying my grace in sharing this space. It is very different than my posting of my representation of #PR in my own group.

Seth says
i do not see how that makes a bit of difference … sure the circumstances are different … but it is the very same social transaction that took place.  your rationalizations notwistanding.

Si says
One bit of difference it makes is intentionally breaking #ThreeLaws #3. Another difference it makes is that it could have caused this person to loose an important image (one of the reasons for law #3 in the first place #btw).  It also is a bully punch to the person who created this thought … just going in and fucking it up is really crude.

If we are nice people and not bullies, we don’t intentionally change others stuff without their permission. That’s why the system allows there to be multiple copies and it only wins by publish date. Whomever did this could simply have created a new thought right here in this group and published it and gotten the same result without being such an a-hole.

The point of having passwords to shared space is to get along and play by the rules, not to just trample on things you don’t like. That’s what Mark does. Who knows, maybe Mark did this.

Seth says
i did it

Seth says
and i have the same feeling of being bullied by you changing Peter Ralston’s image to show something that he does not look like. 

Seth says
but i am not going to be fighting you on this one … change it back and i will leave it alone.  maybe you could do the same with #PR 

Si says
I played by the rules. The current rules are clearly stated, and were long before, that the person most willing to republish wins. I talked about the #gallerywar’s and their rules in the very first posting about the new feature. These rules require no deliberate changes to anyone else’s stuff … it’s just play. Deliberately hacking up someone else’s material is quite different. 

Seth says
nathan, we are talking social rules here … rules between you and i … do not loose sight of our humanity with your self serving thinking.

Si says
No. I have stated my very clear reasons about #PR. I am playing by the rules to win what I believe is right and I want. I will change this back … and you can make your own thought for it if you wish … and play by the rules, whatever they are at the moment.

If we have new rules and the person using #PR the most wins the image, I am happy with that as well. Currently Mark has 2 uses, Seth has 9 and I have 35 … that is naturally. I have tended to use #PR a lot because I like him and love making references to him. I would be quite happy to keep up with that lead and probably would have done so just by normal posting.

Seth says
and it dont make any difference anyway … it would have had the same effect had i done it in my group. … sorry it got your panties in a twist of rationalizing.

Si says
Neither I or #SeriTD are upset. Did anything sound upset? I am simply pointing out, and rightfully so, that changing someone else’s work is an entirely different thing that reposing your own work.

Seth says
whatever you are not listening or #cooperating with me and are quite up on your #HighHorsey

i got recording to do … rather than this not fun shit that you are doing.

Si says
I mean come on, right now I am the person useing #PR way more than anyone else, and that was before you came up with the idea. How is that not fair? By your own rules, I should be the one to choose naturally … by natural language use rules. By your own rules mine should be winning and staying right now even before the system backs that up. Just by gentleman’s agreement of what the rules should be.

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