Fo Hammer – the act of making something private that was public so that you can reciprocate with commenters for not playing by your rules, and validating your idea of how things should be done, said, thought about, commented on, etc.

A sword in The Lord of the Rings forged in the First Age by the High Elves of the hidden city Gondolin. 

The art of making war with those who will not acknowledge you as you desire to be acknowledged.


  1. FauxPeople
  2. FoHammer
  3. TuQuoque


Mark de LA says
#FauxPeople is people calling & labeling others #FoHammer as in a #TuQuoque

Si says
Okay. So then define that. Just put #FauxPeople in the title of a new thought, preferably in your space, and fill in the thought. That’s all there is to it.

Seth says

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