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Si says
Wat the diff homejack?

Mark de LA says
#WTF jackoaf ?

Si says
Well you have plenty of variations in the language you use. They are just all insults mark. I would much rather converse with people who make up a lot of their own language, than with people who mostly insult, and little else.

Mark de LA says
Look in the mirror nathan #TuQuoque – what did YOUfuckingMEAN with the word homejack .  I would rather converse with seth than YOU.

Si says
Homejack is your best bro, your “girlfriend”, your homeie … the guy you like to spend time with and meet the world with. Also, in old lingo, compatriot, buddy, guy friend.

Mark de LA says
Well I looked it up in the urban dictionary & google & nothing showed up for that – perhaps you should make a #hashTurd out of it. The best I could find in google images was & people named jack:
Image result for homejack

Si says
I live #OnTheLeadingEdge … lingo there is not in the the system yet … you learn it by hitting the streets, not sitting in a chair.  

One thing that one should never do if they live out on the leading edge though, is assume something new they hear is “bad” or “a real insult”, like you did. It virtually never will be. People who #MakeShitUp are fully involved with creating their own reality and know all is good … they don’t converse to make others smaller.

Mark de LA says
.. or themselves larger ? null

Si says
Making oneself larger is a good thing.  
One can do that and bring others along … if they are willing.
One never has to “make others smaller”.

Mark de LA says
#hmmm null I wonder if seth knew what you meant by the term Homejack .

Seth says

Seth says

Seth says
i do now.

Mark de LA says
Well if one makes up words & doesn’t define them somewhere (or they are not in the dictionaries) is he really communicating or just trying to flood the zone with his stuff? 

Seth says
strangely enough mark, that is exactly how language started and continues to #grow.  you make up a word and start using it and others discover its meaning by how you used it in context … use it the same way each time … if it is catchy … it will catch on.  ← trust me on that one … or don’t … verify it for yourself … i am confident that you will recognize that is the way it actually works.

Mark de LA says
Yep, your PhD in linguistics shines through your Ethos. Maybe your thesis was on dictionaries by osmosis, eh?

Si says
No mark. I explained this the other day. You take everything “in the current context” and resolve it from there and you also take things literally and in their most positive possible light.

If you do those simple things, you can make up lots of words and communicate just fine. Context is key.

Mark de LA says
Go eat a swampon. null

Si says
Sounds salty … maybe a tampon from a swimmer.  

Seth says
markif you actually ever do study contemporary linguistics and how young children start #babbeling and learning language and their vocabulary #explodes you will find what i have said will #RingTrue even to you.  i did not #MakeShitUp here … rather i read about it first and then saw that is how it works.

Mark de LA says
sorry that’s already a word.  go eat a wofugox. null

Seth says

Mark de LA says
swampon is already in the urban dictionatry.

Mark de LA says
Enjoy the glow of whatever you sew – sea U later .null

Si says
Well 1) I was very close … and 2) it wouldn’t matter what any dictionary said it was, you thought you made it up “in this context” and that was the context I was reading the meaning of the word coming from you in.

… and I basically read the meaning of your word in this context correctly … it doesn’t matter what the symbol was, what matter is that I got the insult and the basic form you were charcterizing it in by your contextual use of that word in that moment.

Mark de LA says
Still in all #jibberish has a meaning already in use outside this #HashTurd – you folks left out munging a word out of a meaning it already has into your own personal usage – also a feature of #MakeShitUp

Seth says
… but of course null… that is what we do … how else are we to infuse our meaning out into the world … or said otherwise how else are we to express ourselves … i refer to  those things so deep in us that are yet to be out there … er, so we just put them there. 

Mark de LA says
#birdies notwithstanding null – eh?

Seth says
yep … as always … and you must know this #RingsTrue … my #birdies are #proposals to the audience to choose for themselves were it be true to them.   opt out just as you will.

Mark de LA says
One good thing about your methodology of ad hoc linguistics is that it makes it easier to ignore & #flushit when it fails to compute . ( #ILikeAFreshBowl ) null

Seth says
just as you will, dear bro

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