#MakeShitUp #MakeShitWork #MakeItHappen #MakeShitHappen

Making it up
makes it work, and
makes it so!  


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Seth says
nathan do you actually believe that this is a better representation for this frequent human  behavire that the video that mark posted here.  I watched that video and i think she nailed it.  Don’t your?

Si says
I think her video represents what Mark brought forward this for, yes. If you have read all my comments for the last 2 months on this, then you know that I am proposing that #MakeShitUp is actually a good thing and it is a good time to redefine it and I like how this image of the child is a good representation of that. I said all this before we had glossary terms. It was actually one of the things that I created glossary terms for, so that I could put this image that I love in the context I have been seeing it in.

Seth says
so you mean like making up a face for Peter Ralston the karate master ?

Si says
I didn’t make up a face. I chose a face that best represents what I feel, best represents my understanding and authentic outlook as an other … a “not you”.

Mark de LA says
It’s just an internet meme, dudes – more (***null

Si says
I #MakeShitUp to live it. That is why I prefer the #MakeShitUp kid meme … it nicely represents that.

The video with the cool gril only emphasized the making shit up about things in your own head aspect.  And this Kermit meme only emphasizes the attention aspect.

The shit I make up is my reality … much much more than these!

Mark de LA says
& yet it is all #shit anyway. null

Seth says

Si says
Well, it seems that is the way you #spin it mark. A good part of the things you talk about has some relationship or connotation to shit. That’s your thing. Mine is #LOA … that’s what everything I talk about is related to!  The shit I only notice briefly, once or twice a day.  

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Noticing of course that your #LOA is #shit

Si says
Well, again, that is the way you #spin it … I live it instead of #spin’ing it.   

Seth says
okay #GotIt nathan.

the video in http://www.fastblogit.com/thought/21847   precisely described the negative aspects of concocting stories …

i had forgotten that your imigination is, apparently, tied more tangibly to your deeds. 

Mark de LA says
Everyone or everybody pretty much believes their own #shit ! Some I suppose like to put out #shit that they don’t believe; not to be confused with lying which is intentional #bs.

Si says

Si says

Si says
#AsYouWish ← mouse over this please

Mark de LA says
It is amazing what kind of conversations & how many opinions there exist over the subject of #shitnullnull

Si says
Here or in general? Here it would be because of you as I said, and how it is your primary focus in most conversations.  It’s a cold day in the shadow of Mt. Lasson that you can’t work #shit into a conversation in one way or another.  

Seth says
 it still is not a good idea to #MakeShitUp about other’s insides … or at least #imho.  

whereas it is a good idea to #MakeItHappen by making things up in your own mind. 

so it seems to me that we have two separate memes here

… maybe we should associate them with two different signs.

bundling a negative with a positive will just get us into confusion.

Mark de LA says

Si says
#IDK. The kid #meme was originally mark’s offering. I fell in love with it, and the term make-shit-up, and evoluted it. But it is still the same term. Not sure how you can Geminize a term. You can combine terms easily, but splitting them somehow contextually is not a well known idea … and just bastardizing a bunch of alternate spellings doesn’t appeal to me.

Seth says

Seth says
i would not Geminize it … yep way too complicated.  

Rather i am proposing 2 entirely separate hashtags.

Seth says
#KeepingItReal when you #MakeShitUp especially negative shit about me, then http://www.fastblogit.com/thought/21847 is what i would be refering to … and not the positive aspects of when you use your imagination to manifest amazing things.

Mark de LA says
XOR just plain #gossip null

Si says
Oh, I don’t #MakeShitUp about you seth, that is just a #fantasy you have running in your own mind. Just #KeepingItReal.  

Seth says
yep #gossip is pretty much identical to http://www.fastblogit.com/thought/21847 … though me, i personally can distinguish. 

Seth says
well it sure sounds like you do over here nathan … you were doing it this morning. 

in fact you did it right there in your comment, #MakeShitUp #MakeShitWork #MakeItHappen #MakeShitHappen (comment 63056),  denying it #LOL 

Si says

Seth says
our system is working well … so it looks like when you use this term in your contexts your experession rings true …

but when others like me and mark use it elsewhere we get what we are expressing instead. 

  #kudos to #SeriTD null

Si says
Now that’s how to #MakeShitUp and #MakeShitWork the right way if you ask me!

Si says
Please see #MakeShitUp (comment 65409) on the other #MakeShitUp for the campaign to restore this glossary term to it’s rightful prominence. Thank you!

Sincerely, yours truly.  

Seth says
Count me in your “campaign” … but there are lots of very interesting ways to spell this meaning that do dont conflict with prior usage.   It is much easier to make up a new spelling then we won’t need to deal  with the confusion of our words suddenly being interpreted differently than they were intended. 

Si says
Not really. The icon behind my epiphany, the one that spurred the whole journey to understand these distinctions, and the one that was the genesis to the creation of the whole system behind glossary terms, is the below image. And the spelling on it is quite burned in … photoshop not withstanding as it would not be true to the process to attempt to photoshop new words onto the image or find the blank. This is the icon that started it all. This is the Prime Origin. This is the true progenitor and it deserves recognition.

Seth says
wierd … a child could take that image and put in a new spelling of the hashtag … your reasons are transpareltly self serving.

but there is an alternative.   write a program that would change all the old usages … mark would have to agree … then it is fine with me that we use that icon to mean “creatively make up things” with whatever spelling of the hashtag is appropriate or rings true.  It is a very kewl icon … but not one that i personally want to obsess upon it’s spelling.

Si says
A utility already exists that can change the old usages of the #MakeShitUp hashtag. That is a piece of cake. I would only need to identify my uses that match my term here and update them afterward … #NBD. Same for mentograhpy tags. Don’t see a need to change free text that is not tags … for those contextually stand alone … are not hyper conversations.

Seth says

Seth says
fine with me … i would like to hear mark’s thoughts first.

Si says

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