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Seth says
not sure why this ended up in group td even though it gave me a forbidden 403 error when i clicked publish.   but the cartoon maker still kind of works.

Mark de LA says
nullOne wonders why in a positive only universe one needs one of these around. null

Si says

Seth says
because it names a behavior that people do.   people get itches … people get headaches …. stomach aches … and people get #aug’s …. we need to be able to talk about these things. 

Mark de LA says
I noticed in the AM contemplation that there are no really negative things existing. For example there are no “apple black holes” that only suck up apples that could be called negative apples.  I say black holes are imaginary since nobody has actually witnessed one just used strange mathematics to calculate that their other calculations about mass etc have been wrong & their theories about a singularity don’t work – all imaginary.

Too bad this one attracted the #AlreadyAlwaysListening of the LOA pile of monads. Monadism – a philosophical way of thinking – can’t quite get to the point of the spiritual world as unity of being but think in terms of individuals all running around in their own individual worlds. See (*) for further enlightenment (or not) .

Si says
Exactly and absolutely true! There are no negative things. That is exactly what I have been saying … and is why the Law of Attraction is called The Law of Attraction. Like things only attract … there is no anti-attraction – nothing is negative.  Good thinking!

In this case of the #aug … it is not an anti-something, not a negative. It’s just a something. The only question is, do you want what it represents? If so, put it in your thoughts more, then it will be more likely.  And if you don’t want it, you can’t push it away because it is not something negative you can push against. Instead, think about something else you would rather have. That’s all. Nothing is negative … there are only things in the buffet … pick the things you want, not the ones you don’t want … vote with your thoughts.

Seth says
it is a demonstrable fact that some things attract each other and some things repel each other.   For example two positively charged particles will repel each other,  yet a negative charge will attract a positive charge.  Depending on their nature a man will be attracted to a woman, yet two men may repel each other.  #growth itself requires spirits moving away from each other … as well as banding together for mutual support. 

Me, i am repelled by useless RWG transactions …. when i see that is what they are i will go the other way, or ignore.   Yet i am attracted to conversations where people are trying to understand each other … whether they are agreeing or seeing from the same viewpont or not.    I am an agreement junkey … that is what attracts me … that is what i have chosen to do. 

Theroritically we might tune our consciousness to only be aware of positive attractive spirits such that an aug would never be experienced.  It was #LarryDodson who pointed out to me that such a consciousness could only survive if it were isolated with like minded spirits.  Which #MeThinks is why we have monasteries and cults.  Within those isolated consciousness the zero point between positive and negative can be set wherever and need not be grounded to a larger #culture or #identitygroups or even the larger free flowing  #gaia or #humaity itself.

Si says
seth. How many times must we go over this? You are back talking about forces. Yes, there are forces and forces have vectors, a vector is what makes a force a force and forces can be applied to anything and they can interact with each other according to their vectors (call forces apples).

We are talking here about vibration and coherence (call them oranges). There are no negative vibrations. Think about it like notes. There are no negative notes. Notes can harmonize or not, and which ones you choose to put in your composition are dependant on what you desire the effect to be. You may want to lull your audience into bliss, or you may want to stir up their passions and even anger … and you would choose your notes accordingly but there are no negative notes and no notes repel each other, ever … however, harmonizing notes will sync up … will become coherent … thus they are said to attract … and dis-harmonizing notes will never do that … they don’t attract … and they don’t push away … they just are.

Thoughts and concepts, and even things, are particular patterns of vibration … thus they work like notes, not forces. They are oranges, not apples. One did not fall on Newton’s head!

#ThisIsGood #LOA #ThingsAttract #MarkThis 

Seth says
nathan your story forgets about relativity.  Notes can be negative relative to other notes.  In fact if two vibration are  identical, yet 180 degrees out of phase, they will quite cancel each other out … see Active Noise Control.   I find your  #metaphor of human interaction quite #incoherent .   it does not #match with my experience.

Si says
You are incoherent, that is all. You desire to be. It’s right there when you are ready.

Si says
Meaning that you are coming at this with a stance, a posture, an attitude, and one pre-conceived notion from your past as well that keeps certain doors closed for you no matter what is said. This all makes you #incoherent … unable to match phase with what I am saying.

Seth says
well thanks for exemplifying what i just described.  

Your ...
“You are incoherent, that is all. You desire to be. It’s right there when you are ready.”

 is almost a perfect mirror of my …
“I find your  #metaphor of human interaction quite #incoherent .   it does not #match with my experience.”

Yet relative to yourelf and 180 degrees out of phase with me.

Seth says
and now you #MakeShitUp about me to server your own insides.   … again because your #Ego in particular is only relative to itself and is assuming that your vibration is right and thefrore mine must be wrong if it does not match yours.

Si says
Boy, now you are up on your #HighHorsey!

Who got up on the #WrongSideOfTheBed this morning?

Seth says
just being honest as usual.   look back and see who got up on their #HighHorsey first in this thread.

Seth says
this thought got  erroniously created  in group td, whatever that group is.  

that happened because it was constructed by the old cartoon maker.  

i moved it to my own group which is more appropriate.

Si says
You constantly balked at it being called group author, so now it is called group td. It is group 0, the group that is not a group, the place that is not a place. When you are there you are not. It is to a #ThinkingDomain group as 0 is to a number. It is the absences of one.

Seth says

Seth says
maybe it shoudl be named to connote that it is not a place where a thought should exist. 

Si says
Well … I am not even sure where that place is. Once, while coding, I happened upon the word author and changed it to td, but now the term td is lost in a plethora of search results in the source. It is very difficult to find that which does not exist! If I ever can, then I would simply like to make it go away … but alas, it has not.

Seth says

Seth says

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