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The purpose is to understand what an item is and its context. One can read a word, then see the item it symbolizes. Doing it opposite way is meaningless, since for you to see the word you first have to understand what the item is (if you’ve already understood, then why see the word?). On the other hand, a bit vocalization can be helpful (when we think we like to speak in our minds). But thinking by mentally seeing the words and sentences, well, it may be possible in some extent, but it wouldn’t help (since brain’s visual capacity is better spent on mentally seeing the objects and actions themselves while speaking/thinking, not the words instead).



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Si says
Yes. The way Sherlock Holmes uses his Mind Palace in the new movies with Robert Downey Jr. staring as Sherlock (great movies #btw) is but one nice way to use a #MindPalace. In this manner, he constructs a visual representation of every sensory clue he currently is receiving in his mind and plays them out in various scenarios, bounded by the existing clues, until one evolves as the most useful to his outcome, then, he follows that exact template in his physical reality. This is all done internally “in the blink of an eye”. I have used this technique successfully myself. It requires accessing your own “quick mind”, or as Bandler says “uptime”.

My more common use is more how Sherlock (Bennedict Cumberbatch) uses it in the series Sherlock on British TV. In this technique one creatively constructs possible futures and plays them out for the most desirable outcome. This differs in that there is much less emphasis on current sensory input and much more emphasis on using imagination and creativity to evolve and explore landscape and outcomes. The first is based on all possibilities of what now exists … the second generates new possibilities into the Mind Space. Both techniques share the aspect of then next living out what you first experienced, in the multiplicity of many possible outcomes, in your #MindPalace

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