Fear of Contradiction

The distinction here is that which might be uncovered with deep analysis of the #psi-chiatric kind.To #knowthyself  is one kind of #shit or #thingy. To not know thyself & insist that thou art not otherwise than your smuggest ideals is a bit to far & generates the titled fear. 


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Mark de LA says
#goodstart here: https://www.sciencechannelgo.com/through-the-wormhole-with-morgan-freeman/what-makes-a-terrorist/

Mark de LA says
#LOA ? If my mind encounters a contradiction does my good stuff go away?

Si says
Nothing goes away. Everything is always there. All things exist at once. There never need be fear of abandonment in #LOA. What you experience of all that is there is simply what you think most about. It is never more complicated than that. Doesn’t mean anything comes, or goes away. It is only a matter of what your vibrational attention matches you with in that moment … that is your experience.

Mark de LA says
Yep, even #death – for the nowbies #death must be a surprise or denied null

Si says
Death is not necessary if that is what you mean. Death is simply placing your attention elsewhere and letting go of the beliefs that create your physical experience. That is all it is. If you believe in Death as part of your experience, then you will experience it. It is a very common belief.

Now as to how long you live, that is another story. If most people evolved their beliefs sufficiently to have no belief about death, they would choose it anyway, after a time. For death is a really handy way to clean your harddrive, so to speak, and install a new, clean, up to date, operating system (set of beliefs).   

Mark de LA says
#munged #death away – denied it? #WhoKnows #WhoCares ?  #samosamo

Seth says
Re …

To not know thyself & insist that thou art not otherwise than your smuggest ideals is a bit to far & generates the Fear of Contradiction


(1) Well as i #knowthyself i tend to “[title love what i do]” even as that #RingsTrue to my #SmuggestIdeals.  Were i to insist otherwise #MeThinks i would feel the #RingsFalse of Contradiction … an #aug to avoid indeed!

So yes, #IAgree null

Si says
Nope. Not at all. Previously #death is barely defined. Just some unspecified thing that happens to you and your body where the body stops interacting.

Now, #death is well defined. It is specifically a shift in your attention away from physical happenings coupled with a letting go of the beliefs that create your physical experience. So now, you can do it or not, if you adjust your beliefs accordingly.

The way #death was defined before was the actual #munge. #LOA de-munges death to be a specific act of thought and state of being – well understood in relationship to the rest of experience.

Mark de LA says
#PileOfWords &/or #PileofHashTurds 

Seth says
yet they #RingsTrue over here null

and, strangely enough, express to me the exact same #thing as your sentence which i quoted. 
the toothless foodie mixing something up with you

Si says
This time I agree. Creating a new conversation out of these conversations, as seth has done here, doesn’t seem to create a useful conversation for me.

Si says
Far as I can tell seth, your hash conversation does not address the one thing I hold most outside case in mark’s statement. i.e. “smuggest ideals”.

Mark de LA says
If one nets it down you folkis like to declare your “truths” as if that’s the end of the discussion & it matters not about others contradictions & disagreements.  #RingsTrue – might be just be the sound of bats in the belfry 
#WhoKnows / #WhoCares ?

Seth says
to me that one sentence  seemed the essence of what mark was expressing. 

the rest of his thought, #afaict, just introduced some #hashtag associations to the topic … interesting as those associations were, they said nothing in and of themselves.

Seth says
#MeThinks we all have our #SmuggestIdeals … are they not part of what we #love about ourselves?

Si says
Part of that is quite true. “It matters not about contradictions & disagreements”. That is true about all contradictions and disagreements in all cases everywhere. They “matter not” … i.e. they not only are not important, they have no business creating matter.

As Bashar says “Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters”.

I am highly interested in what you find productive and interesting and exciting mark. And I have no real interest in what you find contradictory and disagree with … those things are your own balls and chains to be bound with. I do not wish to carry or be bound by yours.

Mark de LA says
Nor I → yours !null
Had a perfectly great day at the Hawaiian Festival in Sacramento yesterday without you chiming in with your #LOAisms . Except when I tried to log in from there with my bro’s iphone. null

Si says
Your talking about different things. What you call my #LOAisms are not disagreements or contradictions. They are statements about things from my point of view and they are always productive, interesting (to me) and exciting (to me). Those kinds of things are exactly what I want to hear from you … not what contradicts your ideas or ideals or what you disagree with.

This particular comment is a disagreement, yes. But that is the context you set up so is the only way it is possible to respond. I don’t respond with disagreements or contradictions in the normal flow of my commenting.

Mark de LA says
I defined #LOAism exactly as I coined it to represent & you just illustrated the point perfectly! 
Great call! nullnullnull

Seth says
i think if one associates #LOA to one of nathan’s #SmuggestIdeals then the ensuing dialogue here between messers mark and nathan is explained by mark’s “thesis statement”  or my encoding of it (1) heading this thread. null

Mark de LA says
XOR something else in the non-binary world of existence.  ‪#‎meaningsformmentalities‬ null

Seth says
#MeThinks  mark you go #RubberDuckerSuckerFucker here with those kind of comments

Mark de LA says
#TuQuoque enjoy the #Egoo & the #juice 

Mark de LA says

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