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  1. MeThinks
  2. evolution
  3. grow
  4. diversity
  5. love
  6. racism
  7. war
  8. terrorism
  9. tolerance
  10. inquiry
  11. WhoKnows
  12. IdentityGroups
  13. loath
  14. monotonic
  15. streamOfconsciousnessRants
  16. opinion
  17. BetterTruth
  18. MeltingPot
  19. SweetSour
  20. Gastrique
  21. FYI
  22. fuck
  23. contradict
  24. FreeAssociating
  25. KneeJerking
  26. AlreadyAlwaysListening
  27. LOA
  28. representation
  29. publicly
  30. AgreementLoop
  31. thingy
  32. thing
  33. PileOfWords
  34. represent
  35. truth
  36. experience
  37. human
  38. honest
  39. hmmm
  40. gossip
  41. goodstuff
  42. agree
  43. UsVsThem
  44. cooperation
  45. already-always
  46. HellYes
  47. WellThatISnotSoClear-
  48. huh
  49. grok
  50. identity
  51. RWG
  52. gooship
  53. ViolentAggrement
  54. ViolentAgreement
  55. Egoo
  56. Goosip
  57. goo
  58. juice
  59. BellyBelly
  60. bullying
  61. bully
  62. AcceptAndMoveOn
  63. cum
  64. TurdInPunchBowl
  65. lLghtside
  66. flushit
  67. flush
  68. MakeShitUp


Seth says
well maybe, #MeThinks …

we separate into “us and them”  and our various   #IdentityGroups
… or we become a #monotonic whole and #evolution would end and we would no longer #grow.  

i do not “fear and #loath” #diversity,
… rather for it i have #love and  #tolerance null.  

#diversity does not cause the pain of #racism, #war, #terrorism and political wrangling. 

what does?  …  #inquiry   … #WhoKnows

Mark de LA says
Must be another of your  #streamOfconsciousnessRants ~ maybe watch the through the wormhole item mentioned above maybe not – & learn what this thought is all about. null

Mark de LA says
After reading your #StreamOfConsciousnessRants for the 3rd time, I determined that nothing of your buzzwords were within the subject I was discussing. Try to focus next time. 

Seth says
my #opinion #contradict’ed your thought because i think a broader perspective gives us a #BetterTruth. 

When we move our ego boundary out to include all of humanity,  we should include the idea that every one of us will not think and feel and be the same way.  That does not deny RS’s #MeltingPot … it just combines it with how things melt together yet then separate and grow … the situation is not stationary, but rather is always changing. 

I look at combining and separating like the blending of sweet and sour … when together they make something that is not sweet and yet is not sour … it is #SweetSour or in other terms a #Gastrique (seeAlso gastrique).

Mark de LA says
What is RS’s melting pot? Never heard of it. Here is something from the eLib that could take hours to disentangle & argue about #FYI
This is the credo of the Critique of World Conception to which Bruno Bauer confesses. This “critique” does not believe in thoughts and ideas but in thinking alone. “Only now has man been discovered,” announces Bauer triumphantly, for now man is bound by nothing except his thinking. It is not human to surrender to a non-human element, but to work everything out in the melting pot of thinking. Man is not to be the afterimage of another being, but above all, he is to be “a human being,” and he can become human only through his thinking. The thinking man is the true man. Nothing external, neither religion nor right, neither state nor law, etc., can make him into a human being, but only his thinking. The weakness of a thinking that strives to reach the self-consciousness but cannot do so is demonstrated in Bauer.



Mark de LA says

Declaring something true does not make it true – only demonstration works for me. 
- M.R.

#BetterTruth is just blowing bubbles:

Seth says

Seth says
my reference to RS’s #MeltingPot was that he talked about how the races of man will eventually blend together and make one. 

Mark de LA says
I’m not sure that was RS’s idea.  The elib chase for it here: http://wn.rsarchive.org/search=mode?query=race&mode=context  is RS ideas on race. The melting pot – that was more of a GW idea from the obvious fact that people get together from wherever of all races & #fuck. Given enough time, if the human race survives, other distinctions will happen. Evolution also has separation where some go their own way as well; even eugenics fails without separation.

Mark de LA says

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Your opinion was just a member of your #StreamOfconsciousnessRants – please watch  the episode pointed out & you will get the point.  #FreeAssociating is just #KneeJerking .
Werner Erhard coined the phrase #AlreadyAlwaysListening 

The sum total of my opinions, interpretations, ascribed meanings, certainties, positions, beliefs, concepts, and what I already know to betrue  constitute my already always listening. When a situation, event, circumstance, or person shows up, my listening, like a station on my car radio, is preset. It’s already welded in boilerplate and bolted onto concrete. I already know  how things will go from then on. 

via linkhere -XOR

Seth says
when you think to yourself privately, do you not think one way, and then think another way even about the same thing … and then see which way of thinking about it feels better?   What is the difference between that and what i am doing here on your thought?  … except that it is not just you thinking privately to yourself,  rather it is us thinking here together.

Mark de LA says
I don’t think I do that.  Thinking for me is not like finding the thought that feels the best. I would call that feeling.  If I did I probably would never get out of thinking about pussy. null

Si says
Declaring something is true “does not make it true”. Believing something is true, without a conflicting belief, does make it true.

Declaring can be a good start. It can get you pointed on the path to believing. At some point you may realize this is all true to such a degree that declaring something causes you to fully believe it as well, and thus you skip all the usual in-between steps to creating a solid belief. Then, you are a very high level wizard.   

Seth says
okay, so how do you select which thought about a thing to publish?

Mark de LA says
Something I want to express is something I want to express – I don’t reach into a bag and look for something to express check out it’s feeling etc. Duh?

Seth says
… and you can add to that an observation that “Representing something changes my awareness of it

seeAlso #representation

Si says

Mark de LA says
null Declaring that to be true is declaring what you said to be true is …. doesn’t make it true either!
              though … null

Si says
It does for me. Do you want it to be true? If so, it is a short journey via #LOA for you.

Mark de LA says
BTW, truth is beyond Ethos too! 

In rhetoric, ethos is one of the three artistic proofs (pistis, πίστις) or modes of persuasion (other principles being logos and pathos) discussed by Aristotle in ’Rhetoric’ as a component of argument. Speakers must establish ethos from the start. This can involve "moral competence" only; Aristotle however broadens the concept to include expertise and knowledge.[7][8] Ethos is limited, in his view, by what the speaker says. Others however contend that a speaker’s ethos extends to and is shaped by the overall moral character and history of the speaker—that is, what people think of his or her character before the speech is even begun (cf Isocrates).

Seth says
When you express something, as you refer to above, (especially #publicly), does your awareness of it change?

Mark de LA says
null Caught in an #AgreementLoop null – so was the third reich .
I require demonstration based on you folks past Ethos. null

Mark de LA says
Why should it? I don’t buy into your representation #thingy .  My words to express may change as I ponder & clothe it in words – focus is amazing for what it selects both in dreams & reality & the material world. 

Seth says

Seth says
i think when you say,  your “words to express may change as you ponder & clothe it in words” is talking about a very similar aspect of the #thing i am talking about when i talk about my search for a #BetterTruth.   i am just #inquiry’ing how you select from the changes … how do you know which #PileOfWords better #represent’s the #thing ?

Mark de LA says
Perhaps study the sequence of encounter a bit from PR – it is a bit more complex than fits here. 
The Sequence of Encounter 6: 27 Our experience occurs for us as a process, one that seemingly unfolds automatically and at light speed. Let’s break this down a bit: Direct Experience -> Perception -> Interpretation -> Meaning -> Effect -> Reaction 6: 28 If we start with what is at this point only the notion of direct experience, we have the possibility of being directly conscious of what is. This is like “being one” with what’s there, so there is no process or separation involved. Don’t equate that with enlightenment for the moment and just work to grasp this as a new distinction in what we call experience. We may not have any consciousness of this starting point, but it gives us a place to begin. From here, consciousness separates from “direct” and moves into process and the sequence unfolds.

Ralston, Peter. Pursuing Consciousness: The Book of Enlightenment and Transformation (Kindle Locations 1798-1807). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 
Perhaps you can identify all these things & notice the gaps you speed bye on your way to opinions etc.
Perhaps not.  null

Seth says
seems to me that you are representing #truth to be something beyond a human experience. 

yet you are a #human. 

How can you #honest’ly talk about something that is beyond your #experience?

Si says
I agree about mark. In all his accounting’s of truth, he indicates that truth is something beyond human experience. One knows something is true by higher authority. He doesn’t seem to have a way to know something is true within normal human experience.

Seth says
#hmmm ⬆︎

Mark de LA says
None of that makes any sense – especially independent of one complete sentence without links elsewhere.  Truth is what’s so. 

Mark de LA says
#gossip d’N

Si says
Okay. That’s from the Prosperos. “Truth is that which is so”.

Then, how does one know what is so? Who informs you of it?

Mark de LA says
You folks are so not getting what is in the body of this thought.  Perhaps there is being unconcealed the reason you folks are so confused & would rather talk about something else.  Focus is missing except within yourselves.

Watch the already always listening thingy running around inside yourselves about yourselves! #goodstuff !

Seth says
Well could you express precisely what thought is the body of this thought?   I thought that i could actually think it myself, and when i did i responded honestly as above.  without a clearer expression from you, currently i can do no better.

Mark de LA says
I didn’t get that from the Prosperos. I did not read it except perhaps in Barbara Cubed.  Nobody informs me of it. Illative force of truth comes from examination & demonstration of what is under focus. I say I was born with it. 

Si says
Then is each person born with their own truth?

Mark de LA says
That seems silly. What’s so is in the World. 

Mark de LA says
There are varying degrees of consciousness among persons.

Mark de LA says
The title is good enough Left Wing Right Wing Same Bird – polarity (us vs them) dwarfs the ability to see the principles involved & what cooperation might bring.  Later I expressed it like asif it is the #AlreadyAlwaysListening factor.
Also I posted a link to the movie on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/mark.russell.35728/posts/1299558946730167?pnref=story 

Seth says
well i certainly #agree that #UsVsThem can work against what #cooperation might bring yes

Si says
Okay. But honestly, I am a bit confused. If you were born with your truth, and it’s silly for everyone to be born with truth, where do I get it?

Mark de LA says
The video did switch some of my thinking.  It did leave out some like why choose annihilate your enemy rather than separate. It has been a while since I watched it when it first came out. There may be others.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
I’m tired with this argument – haze of #already-always listening has put too much of a smoke-screen between us. null

Seth says
#HellYes it is better to separate … to differentiate … to #grow than to “annihilate” the other.  null

Mark de LA says
#WellThatISnotSoClear- when the Earth seems to be one #thingy null Maybe you & N should go to Mars (not shown).

Seth says
#huh ?

Mark de LA says
#huh ^^2

Seth says
fact:  … er, what is so → the earth is not just “one #thingy”

i cannot #grok your response in comment “Left Wing Right Wing Same Bird (comment 62598)” above.

Mark de LA says
count’em  … there’s The Earth over there – one of them in this galaxy.  ONE!

Seth says
… yes of course … and how many #identity’s are encompassed by our humanity and the Earth ?

i just do not know what you response means in the context here and in response to what i thought was a #HellYes #grok  between us.

Mark de LA says
I don’t know what you are up to either?   It is better to separate on the Earth can only go so far.  At some point if you folks want to be part of humanity you might ponder cooperation.

Seth says
#HellYes i #love null #cooperation with others.  when that does not happen, i prefer to separate myself from them, rather than attempting to “annihilate” them in some game of #UsVsThem.  

Don’t you #agree ?

Si says
I cooperate with humanity ALL THE TIME. Every day. What I don’t do is do things mark’s unspecified, undefined, just points to something out there that everyone should already know because it is the way things are and have been, way.

Mark de LA says
Well I don’t code it as a binary choice.  Maybe this is all about the omnipresent #RWG 

Mark de LA says
#gooship , eh d’N

Si says
Yes. I agree mark. When you define “how things are” it is #gossip. You won’t actually say … you only point out there and quote from others about it. That would be #gossip, yes.  

And whenever seth or I ask really good questions that might tie down a real answer, you say “not interested” and throw null’s at us.

Seth says
well,  “attempting to annihilate them in some game of #UsVsThem” certainly does sound like “the omnipresent #RWG” indeed null

Seth says

Seth says
i actually think that me and markare in #ViolentAggrement here … and he just can not stand that!

Mark de LA says
#gooship is gossip which smells like shit – emphasis on the goo syllable. Talking about others as if you had some inside information on them but never will in factnull
An Ego produces separation – both good & bad.  Good from the point of view that it gives a subject/object – “divided for the sake of union”  (LL) to the otherwise Nirvana state of the Universe. Bad for that which evolution provides by the same – yet more consciousness.

Mark de LA says
#ViolentAgreement sounds amusing – & – I tend to loose the word/syllable Violent when possible. null

Si says
I think all that Thelimite, Troglidite stuff you were exposed to when you were a kid hard wired your brain for disagreement mark. You simply don’t know how to interact any other way.

Mark de LA says
Left Wing Right Wing Same Bird (comment 62616) more of d’N’s #Egoo & #Goosip – sip & sup the #goo da #juice is #BellyBelly good.

Seth says
my question to you mark is why can’t you #agree when it sure sounds to me that we are saying the same thing … eg “it is great to #cooperation otherwise separate rather than annihilate each other in some #UsVsThem right wrong game” ?   We both said in essence that … did we not?  If not, then what did you say beyond that which i may have missed?

Mark de LA says
Sounds like you are #bullying to me.  I choose things like “a synergy of individuals” & “dynamic cooperation” rather than a binary way you have expressed; more distinction & precision expression less munging & memes .

Seth says
well i have no intention of #bully’ing you.  i am just trying to get to that luscious moment where we agree.  and yes there is nothing binary about it … it is a process involving more and more agreement … more and more matching of experiences. 

Mark de LA says
Drop it I have already clarified it. #AcceptAndMoveOn

Mark de LA says
Drinking the whole punch bowl -AND- munching the turd is not necessary. null

Si says
mark, you have got to be, hands down, the worlds biggest jerk.

Mark de LA says
Jackoffs & Jackasses on your so-called #lLghtside abound in this conversation – enjoy the #goo you deserve it.  Such is why I moved the base thought out of here.  You folks may not have even noticed it yet! Talk amongst yourselves.
null #flushit & #flush

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21828

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 21833

Mark de LA says

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