Wow! Words have meanings to others too!

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Seth says
If people use the word “natural” to imply more than just “not made by man”, then that is exactly what it starts to mean.  Please see “There is no intrinsic meaning in signs.” for more discussion. The meme above is implying that language works in a way that it does not.

eg ...
Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on our troubles
Will be out of sight

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Make the Yuletide gay
From now on our troubles
Will be miles away,

Seth says
mark, did you get what i was trying to say about the creative use of language … about molding it to express what we are thinking about … rather than holding the language as fixed  … like a scaffolding that we can only crawl upon …. and if we crawl off the ledges that are already constructed,  we are considered out of bounds ?

Mark de LA says
Like a child who imitates a word when it sees emotion projected by others & circumstances & hears sounds & is either attracted or repulsed learns to make sounds & language & begins to use it – evolution keeps nothing as static. Good Luck with your vision. thumbs up

Seth says
well i was talking about creating something new, … or a new combination of old things …. rather than imitating something coming in from the outside. 

and just in passing, your judgement of that is #OT to me … not even part of the discussion.  express those only for your own “good luck” … they distract me … and turn me off.  i always try to ignore them if they are not too much in my face

Mark de LA says
I have #noidea what #OT is or means. Imitation is a natural process from adults to children developing language . (p.s. no Ego here not calling you a child) . Here new words & unusual usages not in any dictionary have to have some way of spreading to become a language. Some can do it by force of personality or fame & maybe #Twitter – #IDK – something has to become tzu between us on the #thingy-in-question for the memes or ideas etc to want to spread. 

Mark de LA says
Good Luck implies good will, but a difference in this case.  Like some here I can be friendly even though I do not agree & am not agreed with. It is however a 2-way street.  Your holding stuff I say as #OT ignores your own #OT on mine & often ends up in long dual monologues going nowhere. Perhaps a #TuQuoque but necessary to point out.

Seth says
ok now you know what #OT means to me with a mouse-over.  #kudos → nathan

Absolutely!  Imitation is definitely part of how we learn to use language.

And also definitely … for  a new concepts to become part of our culture and be understood, they  must spread … they must catch on … they must sync with others. 

I don’t think that force is normally in the picture … but sometimes it is,  eg the #propaganda  of   Goebbel’s Germany of the Third Reich.  

But i am reaching here beyond that common knowledge.   People should be encouraged to change their language to conceive the new things that emerge in them and need to be expressed.   They should not be discouraged and derided and called off bounds.   If their new concepts catch on and sync with others, they will be used …. if not, well too bad,  that is the way the ball bounces.   Don’t you agree?

Si says

Mark de LA says
You, seth probably would not have invented your hashtag #OT had you not been frustrated with what the hashtag points to .  Mine on yours & yours on mine. It is good to point it out one way or another.  Most of what I write on my own posts even is responded to with contradictions by you folks & your own #OT material.  I can go with your #aug as an #UG & ignore it or go into a spiral in it. Just saying ….

Si says
Though this particular comment is a contradiction, most all of my responses on your posts ARE NOT CONTRADICTIONS at all. They are simply my way of looking at things and I always endeavor to add value, and new points of view and almost never contradict anything new you write. What I contradict is your shitting on what I write. If you can hold it in instead of spurting it out on my stuff, you will see that I add lots of value and new ideas and am a great contributor to your stuff with lots of both energy and synergy.   

Seth says
but you make this so personal … you to me … or me to you.   For me it is not like that.  For me it is usually about the matter at hand.  doesโ€™t really matter who expressed it … or is trying to express it. 

so if i contradict, i am contradicting the matter that was expressed … and not you for expressing it. 

if i can’t figure out what you are expressing … i try to teas it out the best that i can. 

then, #shucks, if i do understand it,  #HellYes i will try to stand on it and go beyond.  that is me … love it or lump it. 

Si says

Seth says

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
I usually throw away knee-jerk polar-mismatches as a waste of time, though ← good. null

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