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Seth says
that is not #PeterRalston

Si says
It is. Just a different version. I rather like this one!


Seth says
i think a different person

Si says
It’s the #PR I like. Please leave it. Thanks!  

Seth says
it is not the person people have been refering to with the name #PR 

Si says
Now that IS your opinion. Take a walk around the verses for a bit and see if you still have that opinion.  

How something feels is very very important. Way more important than the lines in a face.

Si says
One way of understanding this is … the version of #PR that Mark often associates with, holds in his vibrational representation, is not always, or perhaps even often, the version I come in contact with. This photo more represents the version I know and love.  

Seth says
well ask mark if that is the same person … he knows him personally.   i’m pretty sure that when he used “PR”  he was not talking about the photographer. 

but #IDoNotKnow maybe this person is leading two entirely different lives.

Si says
Everyone is leading many lives. This is also not the photographer, but someone he did photograph. You can compare the nose and head shape and many things and see how this would easily be the same person. In this verse, did that picture get taken of the same man? Does it matter? Is not what matters the finding of a peaceful place of excited energy about somone?

Seth says
you are just introducing confusion into our language here. 

Si says
Not at all Seth. I am introducing evolution. It is a leading edge concept I just learned, right now, to finally be my own. My teachers have been pushing this, but I didn’t quite get it, until this moment of experience. Now I really get it!

And the beauty is that since I moved this version to my own group, others can push their own versions, and we can have #GlossaryWars about which version is the most vibrationally correct and the strongest vibration will actually win … true to life … true to #LOA. This is both fun AND demonstrative … and I love how #SeriTD is helping to make #ThinkingDomain’s truly represent reality space too!

Mark de LA says
There is a Peter Ralston who is famous for being a photographer ? ( I think) AND there is a Peter Ralston who runs Cheng Hsin .  null 

Si says
Yes. Not dissing you in any way mark … I am simply evolving on my own journey … and loving how #ThinkingDomain’s support that so well!  null

Mark de LA says
Equating actual people because of the same name ?  For me that is just #munging for #ConfusionSake 
Enjoy the #juice or the #KoolAid ( Jim Jones ) – I’ll not be drinking any.

Seth says

Seth says
i think #SeriTD needs to find a way to scope the tags better … people should not be able to redefine and reinterpert other people’s words underneath them.   oh sure we can use the same sign for different things.  but then those need to be scoped to the different contexts of usage.  

otherwise she is allowing us to corrupt our own language … making deeper communicaiton harder and harder …. wong direction, #SeriTD. 

Si says
It is group scoped for that reason seth. In a group it can be defined as those in the group desire. And currently there is no global final word because I knew that it would be abused by the  if it existed. Right now, global scope is simply the strongest vibration (in this case person willing to republish the most often) wins the #GlossaryWars for that item. That is true to nature and reality. No one person should have the final ends all say of how something is to be defined … at a truly cooperative #td.  

Seth says
null i would prefer if people did not use the glossary to try to define terms their way when they know others here might not agree.  Use your own groups for that.  Everybody is freed to define #ego in their own group … it should not be defined for everybody here at fastblogit … and then fought over.  

That definitely is not the kind of game that i want to play here at fastblogit.  Other thinking.live domains are free to do whatever.

Mark de LA says

Si says
Nope. It is delicious fun to do this kind of thing. I am sure Winnie would agree!

You old farts can shuv that where you want … and see who has the stronger vibration on this issue. null

Seth says
a game that tends to just become #RWG is not a game that i personally want to play here at #fbi. 

the worst game move you ever made was buring your lie into the definition of  #PR in the #glossary here.  
notwistanding that you must have thought it was cute.

Si says
… the #PR thing is cute. Your sense of humor is in the gutter sir. Lighten up and live a little and don’t get your rainbow panties in a twist about what other people do. Let them manage their verses and you manage yours and just play in the common spaces between where you want.

It’s a buffet and you can choose which dishes to partake in. You don’t have to run the cooks and the kitchen.

Seth says

your #PR lie was #obnoxous !
it still stinks.

Si says
Yea, well first off, it is not a #LIE ← look under the definition.

Second off, it hurts no one and has affected no one. Whatever stink you are getting from it is all in your own head. You have some self righteous idea or belief you are harboring that makes it seem obnoxious to you. It is not. It is playful and fun … was harmlessly created without any intent to deceive anyone … and served a good purpose in the development of features too.

There is no down side that IS SO. The down side you are experiencing is coming entirely from your own #ego ← correct use of this term.  

Seth says
sure it effected everyone here using that hashtag.  and if you do not consciously realize that the face of the photographer was not the face of the philosopher, then you are even more confused than i thought you were. you really do not know when you are being subjective and when you are #informing the world … and visa versa: you do not realize when the world is informing you.

Si says
That you think anything here at FBI is “informing the word” is the joke, on you I guess. No one will ever see that except you and Mark. And both of you knew the face was different before I did. So no #LIE was ever committed. I know you know and thus I know that I am not deceiving you, and you know that I am not trying to deceive you. There is nothing of a lie involved at all. It’s just a big fun joke that gets your panties in a twist. The same kind Winnie used to play on you all the time.

… it gets your goat.  


Seth says
omg, that is beside the point … and i even include you and mark in the world … so it is irrelivant in any case.

i really cannot follow the rest of your confusion above … does not make any sense …
especially the #VooDoo at the end null

Si says
I am quite sure you know what the term “Get your goat” and “Tieing your Goat Out” means.

I learned about it from my Mom, as I am sure you did too … because I watch her often do it to you … though you probably never really appreciated it’s humorous quality. null

Seth says
yeah i got that part laughing

the part i don’t get is that apparently you did not realize or did not care that me and mark were referring to the philosopher Peter Ralston with the term “PR” and you totally fucked that up for us.  And now you still think that kind of behavior is cute.  This is a social thing that apparently your philosophy permits you not to own.

Si says
#LOL … of course I knew that. And of course you knew I knew that. Go over all the original dialog. There is no doubt about that to anyone.

… as to who “fucked up” anything for “you” … look to your own #ego for that. Nothing is fucked up out here at all. Just you (and maybe Mark) getting ridden by your own #Ego’s as if something was fucked up without any real validation for it anywhere. Typical Tolle “pain body” reactions.

Seth says
well if one can do no wrong … can not wrong others …
does not #own the effect that have on the world,
then that is a great way to rationalize (#think) the wrong away.

Fact is that we all are responsible for the language by using it to #connect and #match things up with each other.
Any corruption of the language is an offense and a decaying of the language itself. 
It is #propaganda.
The games here should not be just to practice adversarial propaganda.
if you are into that … go think in a different domain … the internet is full of such.

Si says
#lol … you are so full of #Ego shit.

Apparently you and Mark are “the world” … and apparently your and Mark’s #Ego’s have been doing some real harm to each of you of some kind. Nothing happening out here but a picture … pictures don’t do harm … and no one has been deceived. Decay is just the sword your ego is blandishing to get it’s self appointed righteous way.

I’m just having fun and laughing at you for the absurdity of your own self created delima, AND HOW SERIOUS YOU ARE ABOUT IT! #LOL 

Seth says


and you,
are so
 self centered,
and confused
as to be a fool.

Si says
Well Seth, thanks for the excellent demonstration of the #ego graphic. You have clearly shown how an #Ego can ride a human to any end without restraint.  

Seth says
your welcome for the reflection of yourself null

Seth says
your welcome for the reflection of your self null

Si says
#LOL … I love how you manifested a reflection (duplicate) of your own self … that is classic!

#LOA at it’s best.  

Wizard says
it shoud be allowed that this thought could be moved out of the glossary by the wizzard.
yet it has no such gadget.

without that ability, the wizzard cannot curate this dictionary.

Si says
That is not how the wizard curates his dictionary. The wizard does it by re-publishing the thought that wins, by the rules the wizard posted, since the latest published is used.

The wizard can always supersede by publishing his own (of course, if the wizard breaks his own rules, God will intervine)  

It is not the wizards place to be moving the thoughts of others around by whim. Wizards do not have that power … as not they should … or they would be abusing it right now.

Wizard says
but like i said, your rules don’t always work … when sombody is corrupting the dictionary, the wizzard must be able to overide the stastical numbers.   The most reasonable definition of Peter Ralston is already in the glossary … all other such glossary terms allow me access to move the definitions out of the dictionary if the stastics are not working … but you must have done something pecurlar on this one such that i cannot move it out of this group which i curate.

Si says
That is never how it worked. YOU don’t MOVE THINGS. Never your power unless it is your stuff.

What you can do is republish another term. But I warn you … you did write the rules on this, and if you break them, God will intervene and you may even have some penance to get your existing powers back. 

Wizard says
well i beg to differ.   i have moved several absurb definitions out of the dictionary.  i am a member of this group and should be able to do whatever theirin. 

Si says
As you well know, any author (though thought settings) can prevent other authors, even in the same group, from changing that thought. That is business as usual.

It is not your right to go around moving other peoples stuff. You are being a fucking asshole. Stay in your own business. The exclusive edit feature did not exist yet when some of these terms were created. You are not being an honorable game master.

Wizard says
in general that is the case.  but in the case of the glossary an author should not be able to impose their definition on others here by locking their definition in the glossary.

Wizard says
also in general people should not be defining their hastags in the glossary … they should defing them in their own groups.   only if there are multiple definitions being used in the domain should the glossary be used to establish the default.   that is the way we designed this to work. 

Si says
Far as I know, only you and Mark and I are members of the glossary. Stop being an asshole and be honorable to what we already decided and you wrote the rules for. Or I will strongly consider shutting you out of the glossary.

Wizard says
well that is not the kind of transaction that i expect or will honor from you.

imposing your will on me will never work.

even you know that.

i suggest you get a good nights sleep and screw you head back on your body.

And this is the way i remember us designing the system. 
The wzzard judicates where the stastics did not work. 
Go look it up.
This is not the kind of thing that i forget.

Si says
The wizard judicated where the full statistical model was not yet implemented. Go look it up yourself. It was never for the wizard to be God, Judge, and Jury. It was only for the wizard to keep things honorable when #SeriTD was not up to the task programatically.

Really, go look it up.

Wizard says
well maybe that is what you though i agreed to. 
but it was not what i agreed to.
and is not what i will agree to.

A webmaster needs a practical way to maintain the integrity of the language being used. 
And in particular i need it because those are the words that i think within here at fastblogit.

I don’t know what you are honestly trying to do here … but it is not working with me.

Wizard says
it is not a matter of the wizzard imposing his will …
it is a matter of the wizzard being able to solve conflicts … where the stastics did not work.
that is why this only becomes needed if there is a conflict on the default
and that is the reason that people should best define terms in their own group.

Si says
I know you agreed to this. It is in black and white, right here.

#WizardAction4 aka #WizardAction4

It does not say anything about the wizard getting “to decide” what is valid content. It only says that the wizard will determine “who legitimately used a term the most” and enforce that if necessary.

Si says

#WizardAction4 aka #WizardAction4

It does not say anything about the wizard getting “to decide” what is valid content. It only says that the wizard will determine “who legitimately used a term the most” and enforce that if necessary.

Wizard says
well when i wrote, “The Wizard will make and enforce the final determination”, it was my intent that the Wizzard would in fact make the determination where the stastics were not working.  I remember that consideration specifically. 

Wizard says
actually it does … see Clarifying how hashtag’s are defined

4)   A dispute is settled in favor of who legitimately used a term the most.   The   will make and enforce the final determination which is referred to as #WizardAction4.

The wizzard will make the final determination.

When i write stuff like that i usually am very intentional and mean everything i say.

Si says
I am sorry seth. That is clear english. It says the wizard will make the final determination. Determination of what? Determination of “who legitimately used the term the most” … nothing else is specified to determine. It does not talk about content at all. This is basic english and I am sure any english major or lawyer would agree with my interpretation.

I signed off on this #WizardAction4 and for that reason. It is clearly worded that “who used the term most” wins it all in bold even … and that the wizard will make that determination if the software does not do it fairly.

Wizard says
well i wrote that and i remember specifically what i intende that to mean. 

there are times when the numbers do not give the legitimate edge.  this is such a case.  i did not intend it to be just a matter of the wizzard counting and then whatever the count was he would have to abide by.

Si says
Yes. So when the statistics are not working, you get to decide who used the term most. No problem. I trust you to do that. I don’t trust you to be a fair judge of content however, you have proved that you have your own white washed agenda when it comes to content, quite often. I have never agreed to anything that says you have unilateral control over content, and no wizard should. Hence the 3 rules and their beauty and why they work so well and are working even better the more they get programmatically implemented.  

Wizard says
and if we disagree now … then fine.  take out all the glossary logic unitll we can agree.

in general this solution only comes up when people are using the glossary to settle honest conflicts.  that is why people should define their terms in their own gorups.  once in a while there will be an actual conflict on the default.  that people here are trying to get a jump on the default for all groups by defining their terms in the glossary is what is causeing the system not to work.  that along with people trying to sneakly redefine terms that they know are not the intent of the the authors using those terms.

Si says
WTF? 84 to 59 (currently and including the bonus 12 your side) is not a fair lead?

I take it back. I no longer trust you to be able to make a fair determination of who uses a term most. You are not making it based on actual fair use. You are making it based on your own personal idea of who’s emotions are being more upset (or some other unseen phenomena in your own head).

Hereby cancel my support for #WizardAction4 

Wizard says
whatever.   a developer cannot successfuly throw his weight aroud here in my domain. 

go play your game somwhere else.  i no longer want to play that game with you.

Si says
I already took out the extra glossary logic a long time ago because it was controversial and could not make fair vote counts. The glossary logic simply uses the most recently published.

It is currently 84 to 59. I have a fair lead. Even your thick goat skull should be able to grok that.

Si says
Well, I don’t want to play in an arena where the gamemaster changes the rules at his own whim just because he has his panties up his but crack today.

We agreed on fair rules. You did agree and we finalized them and I have been adhering to them even when it has been your and Mark’s clear stupid white washing on other terms, and all has been well. You just got your panties all a twist over time seeing #PR and now you want to strong arm the situation. I don’t go for that kind of behavior with anyone.

You want to play that way? Well that opens the whole field back up … and I have a whole lot of things you and Mark have had your way with, by the agreed upon rules, that will become fair game.

Wizard says
okay i can make that work null

and it works better if we form a consensus that for the most part people define their terms within a group and not in the glossary. 

the glossary is only to settle actual collusions … like does  WH mean “white house” or does it mean “what hour” … that  kind of honest disputes. 

Wizard says
well if you want to quarl and fight, this is not the domain for it.

Si says
How other places run their glossaries is their business. They can choose who is in their glossary group and if the glossary allows thoughts by others or not.

Here, I invented the glossary, and put all of us in it, so that we 3 could have #GlossaryWars. And we are! Today is a great day on the glossary battlefield! Insults and name calling and threats and actual jousts have happened!  

And for that reason, I put ALL new terms I make in the glossary. That is my consensus as creator. As you probably notice, 90% of the glossary terms are mine. You are welcome to catch up! Let the games begin!  

Notice that the term #GlossaryWars pre-dates even the glossary itself. It is almost as prestigious as #TagWars … though the addition of the 3 law logic (and thus private tags) has pretty much killed #TagWars out. It’s a dead game. Just a fond thought in your and Mark’s early FBI days.

Seth says
well obviously that does not work for me for reasons that i have already spoken.

perhaps mediate on the absurdity of your statement, “That is my consensus as creator”,
from a point of view outside of your subjective bubble,
to grasp why it does not work for me.

i truly tire of this kind of interaction with you, nathan … and am off to do something more useful.

Si says
Yea, well I created the glossary so that you and Mark and I could have #GlossaryWars. My baby, so I am (within the agreed upon rules) utilzing it.

The reality is that it is ony you and I and Mark here at FBI. Run the show at thinking.live however you want. You didn’t pay for the glossary, so give me some slack in having fun with it. Not hurting anyone ( except perhaps your own leg attacking you #LOL .. but it’s true. ).

When I leave FBI (and I will someday) you can do as thy wilt … and if FBI by some chance goes viral … I will have a lot more to do than just clean up the glossary. I will have thousands of piles of my own crap to make private all over the fucking place! (so will you) (this comment included)

Seth says
language is, of its nature,  a game of cooperation. 
having #GlossarytWars is a game that, of its nature, degrades the cooperation of language.
it is not a productive, instead it is a #propoganda game.

Sorry null, i didn’t realize that when we started this.  But it has slowly dawned upon me.
I don’t want to play a competitive #propoganda game here. 

Maybe you can invent a game that encourages cooperation on the meaning of words instead null.

Si says
Language is not just a game of cooperation. Natural language is as much a game of conflict and disrespect. Many more words are mutated out of conflict and disrespect and personal gain and desire to be unique than out of error, and none out of cooperation. And yet, nearly the entire english language is mutated words. There are very few that are the original roots.

The only exception in natural language I know of is when the people of Spain, several hundred years ago, intentionally slurred their speech in honor of their king who spoke with a lisp (and thus separated the pronunciation Spain Spanish from Mexican Spanish) (true story … been studying Spanish lately). Or … maybe history is only written that way and really the people of Spain were coerced into speaking with a lisp forcefully to respect their king?

Anyhow … language is far from a “lets play nice” thing … it is actually about as “get down and get dirty with it” thing there is … across the full range, from poetry, to street slang … language is both beautiful, and dirty as shit, in every way you can share it. That’s the reality. In real live language, cooperation is always riding right at the extreme edge of necessity, and sometimes beyond … that’s where poetry happens. If cooperation is the norm, it’s a dead language, like Latin.

Seth says
when language succeeds in its purpose, it succeeds by cooperation.

take your head out of your #RWG ass.

Seth says

the problem is when …

i refer to #PR i do not refer to that vibration inside of your subjective bubble. 
rather i refer to the philosopher who actually has this face

So by substituting your internal vibration for the word #PR,
you have made my references false.

Si says
No. I have made your experience colorful, not false. Only you can make it false within your own internal representation of the colors. A picture is just a picture. You represent it how you will. If you have a knee-jerk reaction to a picture and choose to interpret it as a threat, then you can bark at your leg. You don’t have to represent it that way. You have thousands of other ways to represent it than as a threat, or a lie. That’s your choice in your being.

Seth says
fact you have made my references false. 
you may think you have made them more colorful,
but that is just beauty in your own eyes,
which you do not #share with me.

Here is #MtRainier … change what i am pointing to under my finger … and you have made my pointing false.

Si says
No. I would have made the experience of interpreting your finger more interesting. Only the interpreter can interpret false. The interpreter can also interpret curiosity, surprise, confusion, laughter, boredom, and many other things. False is a particular choice … and not a necessary one.

Communication and presentation has never been, and was never intended to be, binary choices.

Seth says
if it is me talking, and pointing, than it is me who determines the intended object being pointed out.

if you want to elaborate that communication, then great,  do so with what you yourself say …
but don’t change what i have said … and certainly not against my will and/or intention.

Seth says

← i associate that face with a person i know
who ended up being an alcoholic.

A thought that your subjective associations with a face would be #shared by others is fraught with a grave error.

Me thinks it is best to use the  #connections obtaining which can actually be  #shared by others.

Si says
You say you can do the #LoaSwim in the same space as me.

And yet, your limited and isolationist ideas about connections, what can be shared, and who sequences time, seem to cause you to be irritated about the simple, basic, things I do in an expanded #LOA environment.

It is you getting irritated about me doing expansive things (things outside your box), not me getting irritated with you. You name call and coerce and say I live in la la land … and basically try and get me to live inside your box any way you can … justifying “your way” as being “the right way” for humans to believe and interact. 

That is beginning to seem irreconcilable to me.

Seth says
Here is a #connection that you should realize … perhaps even reconcile your thinking with.  

i don’t want to play  #propoganda   games with tags at fastblogit. 


I use those tags to connect and retrieve my thoughts.  I use them honestly as a natural  extension of my thinking and language.   Perhaps i am the only one who does , #IDoNotKnow.  Whether you use tags that way or not is your own affair … but the game you are proposing tends to decay that process … it does not expand it like defining hashtags did.   i did not invite you to develop here expecting you to corrupt what i am doing. 

That is the way this particular thingey is connecting your intentions to mine in this context. 

That you will do what you will, as will i … goes even without saying between us null

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