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Mark de LA says

Seth says
mark, if you like this word to mean this person, then help me keep it so.   Do you know how to do that?

Mark de LA says
I suppose you have to keep re-posting it of get a new programmer.

Seth says
We just need to make it the last thought posted with that title.

Mark de LA says

null perhaps a context

Seth says
well that appears to be be game we are playing right now.

Seth says
nathan i do not see the value in this on upmans game the way it is going. 

Si says
Well, the value to me is that it is very important to me that the representation of #PR that I believe to best represent him and the word he spreads, in all the verses I have access to, is the one I post.

But I am sure we can find ways to game it for other kinds of value too. In this case, the value to me is sufficient.

Si says
You see, the image I selected rectified a great many conflicts about #PR. Even way back when I first read his book, the picture of him on it did not seem right. And even now, when I see a picture of #PR, it just doesn’t seem like him. Together with this is the fact that about half the things Mark rephrases that #PR supposedly said don’t #ringTrue. But when I read his words directly in context, they always do #ringTrue.

The image you have seems to look like the version of #PR that Mark represents to me. It looks like “that guy”, whereas the image I have looks like the #PR I am familiar with … the one who writes the true words that I read. 

I know you think there is only one #PR … but I know that is not true at all. There are literally billions of versions of #PR in the multiverses and I have contact with many of them vibrationally, and possibly even directly when I quantum jump, than the one Mark represents. This image is the one that matches the overall vibration I feel from #PR.   

Si says
This is where I am at in my #RingsTrue journey. I am learning about vibrational representation and how to stay true to what I feel no matter what the circumstances say. The circumstances are only one interpretation, and they may not be the one that is true for me … and by going to my truth, the circumstances will swerve and match that … it is always so.  

Seth says
the thing is, the representation that you have selected is not of the person who has spoken those words  in any multiverse that the rest of us have experienced … it is only so in a “multivers” in your imigination.  you can not share that kind of a multiverse with us.  … except perhaps by the force that you are using … which will not work for very long.

Si says
It is still my true verse. I don’t share any other with you … and only Mark has a direct experience. That is how we all should be living, according to our truth. If you and I were present with #PR, we would naturally resolve the physical circumstances, or simply would not be able to be present with him and each other, circumstances would prevent that. 

Seth says
well you are not sharing that one with me either.  so your statement “I don’t share any other with you” #RingsFalse over here.  Rather you appear to be trying to focce your representation of #PR on me when you know it does not match in my experience.  mark could probably talk clearer about this because i believe he has seen the man who spoke those words personally. 

Si says
Why should your representation be the one? I agree that if I am speaking to Mark, I would speak accordingly. For me, the vibrational representation is more alive, more true, than pixels. You have nothing I don’t have. Why should your nothing be of more value than my nothing?

Circumstances will shift to the higher state of being. This is always the case.

Si says
Case in point. Right now one man absolutely believes that the Holocaust did not happen. You have heard of it? His vibration is very strong. He has already shifted the state of being of many other people. In a trial happening in Europe, the prosecution has not even been able to factually prove it did happen.

This is a circumstance all have shared for the last 80 years … it is now in the process of changing for all people. This is a real example of “global” circumstances changing to match the state of being of the strongest vibration. It happens all the time locally, between individuals.

Seth says
sharing a #reality should be voluntary on the part of all those who are #share’ing .   it should be a act of freedom to assent to a particular reality or not.  shareing a reality is not something that can be done by imposing your terms on others.  it is only sharing if you can get them to #agree to share those terms freely and volentarilay.

Si says
Yes, exactly.

Si says
I could program something to automatically restore mine … but I simply won’t. That would be forcing you to my #reality. I have nothing you don’t have. When I place my true #PR first, it is by the same means you do and will remain that way. You have nothing I don’t have … this is all quite fare and honest … equality of desire and truth.

Seth says
that is not the point.   you do not have my #agreement to make #PR’s face globally somthing that we have not been reffering to when we use the word.  i doubt that you have mark’s either … but maybe he prefers what he has been refering to when he mentoned Peter Ralston to be some stupid unrelated meme. 

#SeriTD should encourage us to play a  game the consequences of which are our volentary #agreement’s … not our encourage us to fight over our #disagreeing.   #WrongDirection girl!

Mark de LA says
#truth should be fun.

Seth says

Si says
And you do not have my #agreement to put up a representation of #PR that does not #ringTrue to me.

It would be interesting what kinds of game elements could work into this situation, I agree. But your assumption that you should be the one to decide based on your interpretation of your reality is quite ludicrous. 

Si says

Si says
… and I love that it is!  

Seth says
well i did not say we should have one person dictate.   i am up for a good process to arrive at a global meaning for terms.  #HellYes.  But what you got going now is just a never ending disagreeing loop.  That will not work.

Si says
Sure it will work. One way or another it will work. There will always come along a 3rd force (remember Ouspenski?) to tip the balance … even if that force is boredom … and if not, things will remain in balance, that too is a working out.  

Everything works. You simply have an assumption about your being righteous here and have your panties in a twist about not getting your righteous way … and equate that feeling to something not working, that’s all.

Seth says
nope not working for me … find different rules for the game that will provide for a path to actual sharing common terms.  … or not, be a stubborn ass hole and see how that plays out in our common reality.

Seth says
and … it must be said … that forcing another to accept your terms is no fun at all. 

Si says
??? How do you figure you are righteous such that you can call me an ass hole? The way I figure, that is the first shit slung. Before that, we are simply working out our own truths. Your truth has no more place than mine. You have been around Mark too much perhaps.

Si says
#WTF? How do you figure that your force is righteous and my doing what seems right to me is not? #WTF seth. You have really sunk into the gutter now.

Having the image of #PR that I identify with up is very important to me. It has resolved many things. Right now, it is worth it to play the game and keep it up … I like seeing it when I mouse over #PR. But I am not going down into the gutter with you. You can wallow down there on your own.

Seth says
well for one thing i do not figure that my force is righteous and you doing what seems right too you is not” … wheever you got that notion was some kind of erroneous thinking because i do not so figure.

And all of my sentences that i wrote in various group are going to be suddenly false or at least confused if you continue to redefine the words that i have used underneath my usages.  It is also very important to me that does not happen.  It directly impacts on my ability to write true sentences and read them back and hear them #RingsTrue.

Obviously we need #SeriTD to revise the rules so that both of our needs will tend to get met. 


Si says
I don’t see the problem. An image is just an image, and the features of mine are very close … would be what Mark’s #PR could easily look like a bit older. It’s all good. Your sweating something that will never matter for the sake of a truth that will never obtain.

If you have a good idea of what #SeriTD could consider, I am all ears … she is not an arbitrator if you have not noticed … not her thing. If your idea is simply to let you choose and that’s that … well, that is not fair reality is it?

Seth says
… there is also the matter of the correct Biography that is on mine and not on yours.  it is not just the image.  yours is factually incorrect … it might match what you want him to look like … but it does not match what the person who said those words actually does looks like.   any #FairWitness could attest to that.

Si says
Okay, no problem. The biography is good.  

Seth says
a better rule where there is a dispute, is for the people who have actually used the word to vote in proportion to how many usages.  That would also be very stable … and not shuttle back and  forth in a silly game.  It would also reflect the way language works … in that people using words fix their meaning exactly in proportion to how frequently they are used.

Si says
Interesting idea … thunking it.  

Si says
I guess you mean that the person who has used a #hashtag more often would be given preference in a global collision? Not sure how to make that practical software wise as the current precedence is based on a simple SQL sort, which is very fast … but it’s on the table for thunking.  

Seth says
doesn’t need to be that complicated.  the people who actually used the words would get the number of votes correspoinding to their number of usages.   then when they like  the thought in question … the winning thought by votes gets locked on the top of the glossary for its global reach.

Si says
I don’t quite get the relationship between number of users by specific people and votes by liking?

Seth says
well a person can only like a thought once … but on these hashtag thoughts the weight of their like gets proportioned to the number of times they used the hashtag.  … tally up the votes and the thought with the highest weighted-likes carries the day.

Si says
Okay. So the like is an opting-in to being considered for winning and winning means having the most uses of a tag in your own comments or thoughts?

Seth says
yes i think so.   the like is the most obvious and easy way to vote.   so peope determing the meaning by how often they use the word.   that is the way language actually does work.

Seth says
and strangely enough, putting the number of usages by person on a hashtag thought would be good information to have in any case.

Si says
Okay. Interesting gaming ideas. Seem like a good start. We are willing to look into what the system requirements would be.   

Si says
Why do you keep republishing this thought seth?

By the rules, you don’t have the right to do that. I have the clear lead.

Si says

Are you trying to get kicked out of the Glossary for rule breaking?

#GlossaryWars are wars within the rules. Not random chaos.

Mark de LA says
#SoTheFuckWhat just don’t use the #HashTurds – let them die of neglect & their own accord seth.  I don’t mind typing in Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin  if I need to. null

Si says

Si says
… your turtle butt is showing!

Si says
p.s. seth is always lost in things #GetYourGoat. He doesn’t know how to relate to them. My brother Larry didn’t either, and he’s also a Goat. I think it is a goat thing. They take this stuff personally.  

p.p.s My mom told me how she was always getting his goat as a kid, teasing him relentlessly, and he never got it once.   

p.p.p.s #LightenUp #EnjoyLife … and above all, don’t take communication so seriously … no one else does.  

Seth says
#hashtags are uttimately useful … they intentionally thread thoughs together … here and to places on the web … especially where people use them with integrity.  They are language … they are us creating our language as we think.  they are not something that i intent to “let die”. 

Now this particular one, #PR,  is no biggie … we can easily let it die … killed by #nathan . 

Si says
#nathan agrees. Except the “let die” part. Well see. Someday #nathan can hold a vote and see what people really think. I bet even #PR himself would be more amused than not. I doubt he is a goat.  

Si says
p.s. seth. The above is pretty much identical to what you said at the end of the last #PR glossary wars last fall. Then, a week or so ago was it? (you made this post 4 days ago, but there was another before that where you regurgatated your distress at the #PR tag). You brought it back up again, starting a whole new round of battles (and one very exciting day!).

How long do you think it will be before you bring it up next time and kick off another series?

Just marking this moment so we will know for sure.  


Seth says
i have no idea what you are talkiing about in #PR #PeterRalston (comment 76926).   my stand on your #PR abuse has been consistent. and in a way i don’t even care. 

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