The kind of thing that the Michelson-Morley experiment proved did not exist.


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Si says
LOL … the experiment did not at all prove that un #aether does not exists. It only proved that it does not affect things according to the assumptions their experiment was constructed upon. There is still plenty of other evidence that an #aether does exist. #methink’s your definition should be about what it is thought to be, not what it has been shown not to be.  

Seth says
yes it proved that the #aether could not be detected to exists writhing the assumptions of the experiement.   you are #quibbeling . 

in a way the #aether would be like your afeared #universe which you keep saying does not exist.  it would have standardized velocity relative to that universe … rather than relative to the observers.

Si says
… or it travels relative to the observer … or lots of other things. Tesla even had a version of the #aether which seems plausible. I have been all over this subject back in my Nuclear Engineering days. The M M experiment was just one dead end, that’s all. Even your “guy”, the physics dude what’s his name – the one who never wants to talk to me again? Has his own version. You should be talking to him. I read up on quite a few of his papers. 

Seth says
i don’t remember #EricReiter challenging the #TheoryOfRelativity, if memory serves me he only had experimental evidence that bore on #quantum theory.

MM does not prove Relativity, but it is consistent with it.  Had MM discovered the #aether then #Einstein could not have assumed that the speed of light was the fastest velocity in the universe and nothing could change locations faster.  The way i conceptualize it is that the speed of light is the #aether.  Or that some #thing is cranking the universe at the speed of light … too bad, can’t go faster than the thing is being cranked null

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