Sharing our meanings

well we obviously need a way to determine who’s meaning  of a term is shared globally.  it should not be just who updated the term last.  That is a forumua for the unstable meanings being projected and confusion. 

i propose that it be voted on when there is a dispute.  the people who used the term to most get votes in proportion to their usage. 

Here is the criteria that has been agreed upon …

the person(s) with the most authentic, legitimate uses of a term should be able to define its global meaning.

Here is where the current rules are hurting →  “Example of a misassociation


  1. glossary terms
  2. PR
  3. LOA
  4. hashTurd
  5. yourjoyologist
  6. hashtag
  7. ringTrue
  8. SeriTD
  9. PeterRalston
  10. PileOfWords
  11. btw
  12. ai
  13. KeepingItReal
  14. representation
  15. agreeing


Si says
Okay. So then why the big deal this morning in chat? I have used the term #PR way more than anyone else according to the database. I have talked about him a lot lately … been at the for front of my mind. This latest development of seeking an image of him and immediately finding one that actually represents how I would picture him is just the tail end of all my thoughts and writing about #PR. The quick vibrational trail that led me to the image is actually a good #LOA storey too!

So then, by this proposal, I should have the Glossary Term, right?  

Seth says
well you are being very legalistic here and unhuman.  Mark and i have been using that abbreviation PR  to refer to Peter Ralston for years here.  You started using it recently after the glossary was implemented.  But if you want that kind of legalistic thinking to dictitate what happens, ok, count all usages, not just the ones since implementation.   We are not machines … we are human beings … and this is our language that we are talking about building. 

Seth says
your image of #PR is fine within groups of people who want that to be his face.  but it should not be imposed on the rest of us sharing this common language.

Mark de LA says
I guess one would have to create a rotary selection for each use of a #HashTurd for each use in a comment or item so that the use preferred by an author of some sentence somewhere can specify which meaning should pop up when moused over. In the end I suspect that the author of a sentence like the one exiting my fingers right now should be able to select the meaning I want for say the #hashTurd #yourjoyologist .

Si says
If you have specific needs yes, you can always define the #hashtag’s you use in your sentences within the group you are writing in and fully control the meanings.

The discussion is about global meanings that you share with others. People can disagree about a meaning and clearly one person’s judgment should not be the always forever meaning for everyone. And, it should be such that the person with the strongest vested interest (vibration) can #ringTrue.

Mark de LA says
for some cryptic meaning of the words “strongest vested interest (vibration) 
#RingTrue already having been munged

Seth says
so to be clear, you are #agreeing on that proposal?

Si says
As I wrote back to you on it yes. I would like to add that time used should be important so that someone can’t just go spend a whole hour writing #PR around the space and win it. It should be something like a daily average where all uses in one day count as one or such otherwise it just favors those with more free time on their hands.

Seth says

Seth says

Seth says
#SeriTD can not measure such a thing as “the person with the strongest vested interest (vibration)”.  So we cannot use that.  

Rather it shoud be like my proposal above and like how you agreed below … or have i misunderstood?

Si says
Let’s be clear. We still may need to work out what legitimate means. But the definition should be that the person with the most authentic, legitimate uses of a term should be able to define it.

I won’t go out and spam #PR all over the place. It is quite true that I have already been authentically using it the most for the last 2 months and will keep doing so the same as I have been. You guys can do the same. Significant deviation from what you have been writing on the subject will be under scrutiny. Is it legitimate or just spam?

Seth says
whatever algorithm that measures the honest usages in the most practical way is fine with me.   Note we do not even need if unless there is a dispute.  

Si says

Seth says
i agree …

the person(s) with the most authentic, legitimate uses of a term should be able to define its global meaning.

Si says

Si says
So, for the time being because it is true … my #PR is the one, right? We can still do this fairly as humans until the software can support it. And perhaps, I can easily expose those counts somewhere in the mean time as well.

Seth says
I really do not care about your #PR … i probably will never use it again .. rather i will use a term like #PeterRalston because that is whom i will be referring to and not to the things in your mind that are face shifted. 

Si says
My term already had #PeterRalston on it from the beginning you know.

Seth says
Yep i will have to make up a different term.

Si says
LOL … well exactly, that IS how language evolves on the street.  

Seth says
why not take “#PeterRalston” off of “#PR” that way there would be less confusion and I would not need to make up a new name for the man. 

Si says
Because as I have said, for the the face I chose IS the entity I know. I could do it just to make things nicy-nicy between you and I if I wanted to … but it would not solve anything in general … and really, I do like the way he looks … it really is him instead of the other ones.   

Mark de LA says

Si says
Also besides (says  ), this really is a good example to drive the gaming system. It has to be “driven” or it won’t go anywhere … other needs of reality tend to back burner it and it needs to be up and running for #SeriTD to shine her personality through.

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 21856

Seth says
whatever.   Typically i talk about him to mark in his group.   But i do like to write sentences that #RingTrue when i read them back and i cannot do that with sombody else’s face on him.  So i will find a way when it comes up.  No biggie … don’t forget … i am a human being … i don’t really have problems with using language to express myself.  i know how to write it … and i know how to read it. 

Seth says

Si says
Okay. And you and Mark can simply put versions you like in your groups. There are not that many groups you guys talk in, politics and a few others … and this whole space is not really your own even though it has always felt like it was just your and Marks for the last 11 years.  

Seth says

Mark de LA says
We had a wiki before that. Got hacked a lot. Original doc – especially for the group unhackthebrain evolved out of the wiki. 

Mark de LA says
& before that there was CyberMind(™) which evolved out of a note taker & Seth’s genius long before d’N was involved. nullnull

Si says

Si says
Yep. Real language is the language people actually use every day, on the street, in the office, sitting in front of the TV, at dinner and with their kids. Not what is in a dictionary or a wiki … which are only snapshots of individual opinions in a frozen moment … i.e. just words.

That is why I favor a system that identifies real, authentic, use of language and let’s that be the norm. Long term, when it can be supported, I would even like to see things like contextual analyzation and matching up of terms. Context is king for communication! said tat.

Mark de LA says
You have no way to express context without words or don’t use any words at all & just point somewhere with your fingers.  Actually I would prefer that you just point (or take pictures) & not use any words at all given that they usually end up in a #PileOfWords 

Si says
Sure. Each word can be a whole context of how the word is authentically used … and those are then combined to create the multiverse context of the current conversation. Much like how #hashtag’s are now becoming such multi-dimensional conversations.

Then every conversation can be the zero point focus of all of it’s multi-dimensional meaning, in that moment.  

Mark de LA says
Πpile illustration – kudosthumbs up 

Seth says

Seth says
#btw context can be define simply as the statements (representations) within some given scope as seen and interpreted by some person.  They are the actual collection of statements themselves.   I believe that is the way most #ai processes use context. 

Now the context in a mind beholding those statements … well that is usually quite private to that mind … and can not really be defined in a way that a computer can process it.  Can it?

Mark de LA says
Without any words at all seth – kewl !null

Seth says
well some things are difficult to express without words or other media representations … some are so tied with the language that they cannot even possibley be expressed or re-thunk. 

#KeepingItReal when i was a little kid … and i mean about 6 or 7 … i went through this whole question of whether i should say my thoughts to myself in words … or try to leave them in their uncoded state.  I think i even tried to ask sombody that, probably Virgin or even GW.  But i don’t remember any guidance there.  Anyway i noticed myself that if i wanted to revisit the thoughts or remember them, i had to say them in words, or they would flee quite from my awareness.  I think i made the right choice.  If i can say the thought to grab it, i will. 

Mark de LA says
I found out that I could do it without words, but it is tricky without them – mostly I can form pictures & use my imagination & symbols.

Seth says

Seth says
yep any #representation works … don’t need to be words.   deeds work too. 

Si says
Personally I find thinking in movie quotes, and scenes from movies, much more effective, and quicker too.  i.e. just create audio-visual tags of the concepts you want to think in.

Si says
I guess that is also why I get confused when I drop obvious movie quotes and you guys space out on me … like “ikran” or “as you wish” or “to the winch wench” or  “presentation!” etc.

Seth says
i didnt see any of those movies #LOL 

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 21857

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