Example of a misassociation

I have on my Kindle a book written by #PR. 

Who’s face is not the one in the glossary at the moment. 

That is not the face of the person who wrote the book that i have on my Kindle.

Nor the face of the man of that biography. 
#hmmm let us see if nathan has also face shifted #PeterRalston ??  ← ok  he has.  So i will make up another term for this philosopher.


  1. peter ralston
  2. misassociation
  3. PR
  4. birdie
  5. FairWitness
  6. RingsTrue
  7. agreeing
  8. hmmm
  9. PeterRalston
  10. SignSwitching
  11. imho
  12. SeriTD
  13. TrueUp
  14. bybbye
  15. WillyNilly
  16. kewl
  17. kudos
  18. misrepresented
  19. hashTurd
  20. steamer
  21. RWGwar
  22. ProxyHashtagWar
  23. CanWeAllJustGetAlong


Si says
Your very use of the word “misassociation” is in error. That is your perspective. Not mine. You should not be speaking for others. What is that, a #birdie?

Seth says
But note this is my group. Not a common group.  And certainly not your group.   

Anyway since there is a dispute on the facts, then we must either find a #FairWitness or vote on it. 

Or find some other way to share these same signs.

Seth says
But no i do not speak in error.   That face is not Peters.  To associate that face to Peter is a “misassociation”.   And yes, obviously everything i say must necessarily be said from my perspective. 

Si says
So then define #PR in your group, which is where 90% of your uses are anyway. Then you get to have an image of him that #RingsTrue for you.  

When your out and about writing in the global space, you get to share perspective with every “other” out there … and so you should. You shouldn’t be the one who decides just because you have a thingy about what people should look like. The global community decides.

Si says

Si says
Exactly! Stop assuming your perspective “is the right one” just because you feel righteous about it please. I am not saying mine is right … but for sure yours, which is all you, is not right for everyone. Mine is just mine, I own that … and my glossary term is nicely in “my own group”.

Seth says
wow … we are going over and over the same shit, nathan.

we need a way to define the global meaning that works for everybody in shared groups.

sombody can not just come along and redefine it the way you have.   think about what you are proposeing.   the way you have it now somebody can just go in their group … let say some ass hole … and redefine all of our terms.   that can not be. 

Si says
You proposed that it is by vote and by most used. That’s good. Though the software for that is not ready, it can be done in the spirit of it.

My term is most used and I up vote mine.  

Seth says
so back to areeing on what happens … how about my proposal?

Si says

Si says
For sure. Mine is currently, and has been for a while (and that should play into it too), most used and I vote on mine to be used.

Seth says

Fact is when i used “PR” or “#PR” or pr or #PeterRalston or peter ralston prior to this last #SignSwitching i was refering to the person with this face and not the  person in nathan’s mind with an entirely different face. 

#imho the #RingsTrue of those sentences should be preserved the most practical way that #SeriTD can within this perdicament of multiple people using words to make their sentences ring true and using the same terms to do it.

Mark de LA says
Some people actually copyright their faces & use of them especially actors & famous people.  Of course the NSA & google already has ours somewhere on file. null

Si says
Your making too big a deal of this seth. #RingsTrue should not be a crystal that can be shattered by a simple tapping, but rather a droplet that can fit any container and surround any other concept. To use #RingsTrue to crystallize the things you #TrueUp is living in a glass house you are filling with glass objects.  

Seth says

Seth says
yeah obviously i don’t do that.  i can still read everyting that i ever #TrueUp’d re #pr and it still ring just as true or even ring differently because i have changed.  you did not change any of that.  if i happened to mouse over and see the face in your mind, i would just remember that you are tripping … #lol 

Mark de LA says

Seth says
the point is how somebody else interprets my words … or even how i myself would interpert them after i totally forgot everything about why i wrote them.  what happens when a person has to go by the spelling and look of the signs themselves.

Mark de LA says
What are you saying about what point about ??? – did your train go #bybbye ?

Seth says
no #bybbye train here … i am just clarifiying what i said as the first comment in the train in the light of what nathan said in response.

we are talking here about the persistence of the meaning in this multi facited changing mind.  it should not be thrown to the #WillyNilly  scrambeling of strangers with whom we do not have a firm human connection.  and, #imho, we should form firm human connections between those participating such that common meanings can not be shifted when somebody enters a different multiverse which is not accessable to all involved. 

anyway i think we have a plan to get past this.  so this is water over the dam.

Si says

Look in the piggy bank and ye shall find, a treasure of collected coins, yours and mine.

Yea, it’s a little hard to get the mouse there. Got ideas? I don’t want clutter and on the bottom was worse cause you overshot too easily and the popover went away.
 #SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality ?

Seth says

Seth says
re #PR ...

very #kewl … #kudos my fine lady … sorry for having #misrepresented your image last night, #SeriTD.

Seth says
i can find it with the mouse just fine … even with my flakey eyesight.

Si says

Mark de LA says
Keep my name off your false picture of Peter Ralston as I have been abbreviating for years with his initials (PR) as a shortcut to typing his full name. null 

Seth says
null mark finally wakes up and hears what is happening around him.

Mark de LA says
I’ve been watching it all along.  Have been pondering how to turn the name NathanSBawden into a #hashTurd where the “S” stands tor something like #steamer  ; of course that might start an #RWGwar on our names & be unproductive.  So far we can have a #ProxyHashtagWar

Seth says
its no biggie … does Peter have a middle name or some alternative short handel?  We can use that … of negoiaate with nathan for the coin. 

This is basisically the social process of building a language assisted by #SeriTD.  As such games go between us people … it is best to play for a good feeling and maximum sharing matches all around … or at least #imho. 

Si says

Mark de LA says
I prefer to use fbi as digital memory – y’all enjoy the games.
If the hashtags make it harder to find things like the search has been in transition then enjoy the juice.

Seth says
you also communicate with others here, …. do you not?

Si says
Yes. I love how many good feeling to everyone glossary terms there are already. That’s what I see.

Si says
Not much, unless, are insults actually communication?

Seth says

Seth says
me too null

Mark de LA says
The middle initial of the owner of this pseudonym is beginning to define himself. null

Si says
Yes, there is that insult I was fishing for! Insulticus sayshitimus will bite at anything!  

Seth says
Come on now #CanWeAllJustGetAlong 

Si says
Biting at my bait is getting along, isn’t it? null

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