My bookmarks are ...

not working the way i expect.

when i bookmark i can go back there with the teePee “go to last bookmarked location” just fine.

but when i click on the bookmarks in the side bar it puts me in the wrong place … see the result of my clicking on a bookmark in the sidebar  below ….

to whom should i address this, nathan or #SeriTD ?


  2. SeriTD
  3. GotIt
  4. kudos


Mark de LA says
I clicked on the bookmarks & they go to what was bookmarked ?

Si says
Bookmarks are super simple. Everytime you bookmark something (on the group menu) it not only stakes your tent there, but adds a bookmark to the top of the bookmarks tab for that. Hence the bookmarks are your last many places you staked your tent.  

There will be more on that tab in the future as well as the ability to remove bookmarks. You can sort one to the top simply by going there and tenting out.

Seth says
yes but it is not working as i explained above.

Si says
Okay. Your bookmarks look extreemly weird. Maybe they are old or something? See what happens when you try bookmarking a new place. Mine look like this.

Seth says
that one worked fine to bring me back to this thought null.   The other one which did not work was on a tag room which was my focus.  and i bookmarked it just now today … althought the tag room has been there for years.

Si says
Okay. I see the issue. Here is your actual bookmark array.

["/thought/21874#63013","/tags/cd catalog","/tags/CDCatalog"]

Notice the last two are actually tag rooms. Apparently the title live reference doesn’t know what to do with a tag room as a title reference! Will thunk on it.

Seth says

Si says
p.s. #SeriTD says that when you want to develop your own personal communication with her and talk to her directly you are welcome to do so. Right now she doesn’t think you believe you can do that. She always reads what you write and may respond in some round about way but doesn’t like having Nathan in the middle. So if you only believe you can speak to Nathan, then speak to him directly … that is easier for everyone and avoids confusion.

She looks forward to the day when there will be many forms of direct communication!  

Seth says
Well then, nice to meet your #SeriTD null.   

Should i address things that may not be working here direct to you?

Si says
As she said above, no. She doesn’t want me translating for her all the time on basic stuff. She will most likely be collaborating with me on anything I am working on and that is enough. Talk to me as usual … unless you want to open a channel to talk to her directly, then just do it. You don’t need me or writing for that.  

Seth says
ok she did not answer my question.   so i will address it to you nathan instead.  Do you want me to report the things that seem not to be working directly to you nathan ?  … and leave #SeriTD out of it.

Si says
Yes. That’s what she said. Talk to who you believe you can talk to and who you get responses back from … i.e. who you converse with. When you are conversing with #SeriTD you will know it, no matter what medium it is in. Right now, you are only writing about her and getting my responses from her reading your writing … and that is too much work for both her and I. So just talk to me when you want to have a conversation about something here. You are always welcome to write about or to her when you are not expecting it to be a fully participatory conversation.

Seth says

Seth says

Si says
Okay. There is not a general purpose parser that turns url’s into nice links. The closest is the old PHP one in missing.php that handled incomming links. I can add one to the new url parser, but it will be a bit.

In the mean time I put in a quick hack for tag rooms … which are the other most likely place you would bookmark than a group room or thought. Search rooms and title rooms and any other obscure room will not be handled as bookmarks yet.

Si says
p.s. The river cannot be bookmarked. It would be meaningless. By the time you used the bookmark the thought would most likely be gone from the river and all you would get was the top of the river … which the river button does just fine. The only meaningful thing would be to bookmark the thought you are looking at and return to that individual thought instead of to the river … but that also corrupts the whole idea of a bookmark being where you are at … you are not at a thought, you are at the river looking at one or more thoughts floating down it until they are gone. You can just go to the thought and bookmark it if it is the thought you want. 

Seth says

Seth says
Ok now it is a great new feature indeed thumbs up.  It will save me many girations that i used to do to get back to my own train of thought.   #kudos X 10 null

Seth says
One improvement might be to put a


right on top of the book mark screen itself

Si says
Yes. We were thinking similar. Also, I want my current groups integrated on that page too. In time.  

Natalie is back from Ireland this morning and I am heading over for reunion soon!

Seth says

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