Clarifying how hashtag’s are defined

Seth says ...

Clarifying how #hashtag’s are defined

1)  Global Definition:   Generally the mouseover windows attaches to last definition that was defined in whatever group. 

2)  Group Overide:  The last thought in the group which owns the thought will overide the Global Definition.  This applies whatever the though appears  … tag rooms, conversation rooms, or rivers.

3)  Glossary Overide:  The last thought in group glossary will overide the Global Definition for any thought which does not have a group overide.  The glossary is a close group, only those people with the password can make definitions there.

4)   A dispute is settled in favor of who legitimately used a term the most.   The   will make and enforce the final determination which is referred to as


  1. doc
  2. hashtags
  3. mouseover definitions
  4. hashtag
  5. WizardAction4


Si says
Yes, that is fine. The only thing of all of that not in the software is the actual override according to the use count, because it is more complicated than I want to deal with right now and we can easily do it manually in the glossary by simply looking at the counts and publishing the one with the highest.

When the game system has more bones then the count part can be delegated to #SeriTD to manage as part of the gaming system. Until then, the wizard simply keeps people honest to the rules by managing any disputes by publishing the winner in the glossary.

Si says
Getting a little heddy there in your rules aren’t you? Reads like something out of a mid 20th century rule book … not much like 2016 zero-authority-policy casual rule lingo. null

Seth says
well propose a better wording.  However,  this is almost a legal procedure here.  The words must be precise.

Si says
#LOL, even that thought “this is almost a legal procedure here” is very 20th century  Just saying. I don’t really care of course … I just like to be on the leading edge of everything, including thoughts and lingo. Today the trend is to de-legalize terminology … has been for about the last 5 to 10 years. You see it sifting into the mainstream more and more and see virtually no legalese on progressive sites.

Seth says
well i would love to word it simpler and clearer, yet leaving out no important point.  perhaps some day i will figure out how.

Si says

Seth says

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